If you’re looking to get the perfect early 2000s look for your Sims 4 game, then you need some Y2K Sims 4 CC! This Sims 4 custom content is essential for anyone wanting to create a realistic and authentic Y2K-themed game. With a range of different style options available, you can easily find the perfect match for your Sims. And with all game packs and updates compatible with this CC, you’ll be able to keep your game up-to-date with the latest trends. So what are you waiting for? Give your Sims the early 2000s look they deserve with Y2K Sims 4 CC now!

28 Best Y2K Sims 4 CC

The BRATZ Collection

Sims 4 female promoting Bratz Collection.

The BRATZ Collection is a Sims 4 custom content pack that brings the fashion of the early 2000’s to your game. The collection includes 14 different CAS items, ranging from shirts and skirts to accessories and shoes.

Each item comes with a variety of swatches, so you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your Sim. The textures and meshes are highly detailed, providing a realistic and high quality look for your Sims.

Not Cool – mini collection

Young Sims4 girls posing clothes

“Not Cool” is a mini collection for Y2K Sims 4 CC, featuring three different styles of plaid pants. With this CC, you can be the coolest girl in school, mixing and matching with other items to create a look all your own.

The download is quick and easy, so you’ll be styling in no time.


Sims 4 Characters showing the Simstastar Collection.

This pack includes 12 cc clothing items, each with 25 swatches.
With this collection, you’ll have everything you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Jelly Platform Sandals

Small Collection of Sandals

These fun and fashionable shoes can be worn with or without daisies, and are available in many different colors. They’re also made by a well-known creator in the Sims 4 community, so you can be sure they’re high quality.

Whether you’re dressing up your sims for a night out or just want them to enjoy a casual day at home, these sandals are a great choice.

feels like summer

Summer Clothes introduced by Sims 4 models.

With a range of different clothes and accessories to choose from, you can dress your Sims in the latest trends from the 00s. Whether you’re looking for that Mean Girls look or just want to add some retro style to your Sims, this cc has you covered.

You Can’t Sit With Us Dress

Mini dress worn by Sims 4 model

The You Can’t Sit With Us Dress for Y2K Sims 4 CC is the perfect way to add some y2k flavor to your game. Based on a dress from an iconic y2k music video, this dress is sure to turn heads.

With its fitted bodice and flared skirt, it’s the perfect dress for any sim who wants to make a statement. And best of all, it’s easy to install – simply download and click install.

Sentate X Trillyke 2020

Group of Sims 4 characters modelling  the Sentate X Collection.

Looking for something new to add to your Sims 4 wardrobe? Check out the Sentate X Trillyke 2020 Collection. This collaboration between two creators brings you a range of fashion-forward pieces inspired by 90s and early 2000s style.

Whether your Sim is a typical millennial or just wants to experiment with some retro looks, this collection has something for everyone. Plus, the quality is guaranteed to be top notch – so you can feel good about investing in this CC.

Glitter- @imvikai x greenllamas

Glitter Collection introduced by Sims 4 female models.

Looking to add some y2k vibes to your Sims 4 game? Look no further than the latest CC release from @imvikai and greenllamas.

This pack includes everything you need to get your Sims looking on-trend for the new millennium, including 5 trendy hairstyles, 2 accessory options, 6 tops, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, a skirt, and 2 pairs of shoes.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect y2k look for your Sims.

Rowan Hair

Sims 4 girl having a Rowna hair style.

The year is 2000 and your Sims are ready to party like it’s the end of the world! But what would a Y2K party be without the perfect hairstyle? Rowan Hair is the perfect way to get the popular y2k style for your character.

The bandana can be easily changed to match your outfit, and the hair is easy to use and install. So get ready to party like it’s 1999!


This collection includes three full outfits and hairstyles for each, giving you the perfect way to rock the coolest looks of the era. The pieces are all casual and relaxed, with a focus on comfort and style.

Whether you’re headed to the mall or just hanging out with friends, this collection has everything you need to look your best. So make sure to check it out and add a little bit of nostalgia to your game today!

[Dyoreos] July 2021 CC Pack

Group of young Sims 4 characters celebrating their appearance.

The 2000’s were a time of unique fashion. From low rise jeans to velour tracksuits, there was no shortage of trends to choose from. And now, with the Dyoreos July 2021 CC Pack for Y2K Sims 4 CC, you can add a touch of nostalgia to your game.

This pack includes a variety of clothing inspired by the 2000’s, including low rise jeans, velour tracksuits, and more. With this pack, you’ll be able to express your unique style and stand out from the crowd.

sunbeam set

Sims 4 females wearing crop tops and matching pants.

Sims 4 players can now get the sunbeam set for Y2K Sims 4 CC. This set comes with 5 new base game compatible items, including a top and pants, shoes, and jewelry.

The set also includes 25 matching top and pant swatches, 20 shoe swatches, and 7 jewelry swatches. With this set, players can create a look inspired by Jennifer Lopez’ iconic Y2K style.

Ella Hair

Young girl wearing Ella Hair.

The Ella Hair is a great way to capture the iconic Hillary Duff’s hairstyles. This fun and easy to use hair is available in 24 EA colors and is hat compatible.

Whether you are looking for a new look for your sim or just want to have some fun with your hair, this cc is a great choice.

Planet AxA custom content pack

Collage of young Sims 4 characters wearing cool Sims 4 clothes.

This CC pack includes all the latest fashion from the early 2000s, featuring brands like Britney Spears and Gucci.

Whether you’re looking to roleplay or just create some fun memories, this CC pack is perfect for you.

pretty savage collection

Collage of Sims 4 characters wearing the Pretty Savage Collection.

This collection includes 2000s inspired clothing, hair, and more, all in vibrant and modern designs. Whether your sim is a teen or college-aged student, this collection has something for them.

With its great selection of items, you’re sure to find the perfect look for any occasion. So don’t wait any longer, head over to the Pretty Savage collection and give your sims the makeover they deserve!

Logic Top / BGC / 12 Swatches

Sims 4 woman wearing fashionable top.

Yes, the 2000s were a weird time, but there’s no denying that the fashion was unique and iconic. If you’re looking to recreate those looks in your Sims 4 game, then this Logic Top is a must-have.

The top comes in 12 different swatches, each of which is perfect for channelling those Y2K vibes. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just someone who loves to have fun with friends, this Logic Top is a great way to add some personality to your Sims 4 game

Sour Candy, a 6 item set

Young Sims 4 girls wearing Sour Candy styled clothes.

This set includes the Tiffany dress, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your game. The detailed textures and intricate patterns are sure to make your teen sims look their best.

In addition, the set includes 6 CAS items that are perfect for completing any outfit. Whether your sim is dressing up for a party or just going to school, this set has everything they need to look their best.


Idoru Collection introduced by young Sims 4 female characters.

The SERENITYxARETHA IDORU collection for Y2K Sims 4 CC features three hairstyles, three tops, one skirt, one pair of shorts, one dress, and one necklace.
The hairstyles are inspired by the style of iconic R&B singer Aretha Franklin and include a sleek updo, voluminous curls, and a wool beret.
The tops are designed to be mix-and-matchable with the skirts and shorts and include a cropped tank top, a button-down blouse, and a turtleneck sweater.
The skirt is a high-waisted denim mini skirt, while the shorts are Vintage-inspired paper bag denim shorts.
The dress is a chic off-the-shoulder LBD, and the necklace is a gold chain with a diamond pendant.
With this collection, you can create endless Y2K-inspired looks for your Sims!


Sneakers Collection for Sims 4 characters.

Y2K was a momentous time in fashion history, and now you can bring that sense of style to your Sims with INCHEON SNEAKERS. These CC shoes come in two different designs, one for female Sims and one for male Sims.

Both are stylish and fashionable, with a sleek black look that will go with any outfit. And if you’re looking for something a little more versatile, there’s also a plain black option. Best of all, these shoes are base game compatible, so you can easily install them without any issues.

Reversible Bucket Hat

Sims 4 Family wearing Reversible Bucket Hats.

This 100% swatch recolorable hat comes in 6 colors and 3 styles, so you can customize it to match any outfit. It also fits any age or gender, making it perfect for any sim. Plus, the custom CAS thumbnail means you can easily find it in your game.

Baggy Pants EP / 10 Swatches / BGC

Sims 4 girl wears baggy pants

These new baggy pants are perfect for teen sims who want to stay warm and look stylish. With 10 different swatches to choose from, your sims will be able to find the perfect pair of pants to match their unique style.

Whether they’re hanging out at the skate park or just chilling at home, these pants will keep them looking cool.

Big Bad Fishnets

Samples of fishnet tights for Sims 4 game.

These Big Bad Fishnets are the perfect way to add a unique and stylish touch to your Sim’s look. With five different colors and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your Sim.

And for all you nostalgic folks out there, these fishnets are the perfect way to complete your Sim’s Y2K look.

7k Follower Gift / BGC / 4 Items

sims 4 characters posing with 7k Follower Gift.

Looking for a way to add some extra excitement to your Sims 4 game? Then check out this special 7k Follower Gift pack!

This amazing collection includes four awesome items that will take your Sims back to the good old days of the Sims 2.

With a new top, t-shirt, pants, and Trixie hair, this pack has everything you need to give your Sims a whole new look. But that’s not all! Each of these items has been made with meticulous detail, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible experience.


Butterfly top for sims 4 character.

These amazing Y2K-inspired butterfly strap tank and scrunchie pants are perfect for your Sims 4 CC collection.

With 10 different swatches to choose from, you can create a variety of looks that are perfect for the 2000s aesthetic. The detailed and high-quality textures are sure to impress, and the butterfly straps add a touch of fun and whimsy.

Whether your Sim is rocking a casual look or dressing up for a night out, these pants are sure to make a statement.

Y2K Baby

Sims 4 models wearing Y2K Baby Collection.

The Y2K Baby Pack is a fun new pack that adds eight new CAS items for your sims!

This pack includes detailed textures and tones for a realistic look, as well as some sass to your game. With this pack, you can give your sims the Mean Girls look with some great new hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.

Phrankie Top w/ Acc. Version

Sims 4 girls wearing Phrankie Tops.

Looking for a way to add a touch of 00s nostalgia to your style? You can’t go wrong with the Phrankie Top. This top is made with high quality fabric for a comfortable fit, and features butterflies and camouflage – two key indicators of y2k fashion.

Whether you’re headed to a party or just want to add a little something extra to your everyday look, the Phrankie Top is a great choice.

Spice Skirt / 5 Swatches / BGC

Spice Skirt for sims 4 game.

Introducing the Spice Skirt, a new sims 4 cc piece that adds a touch of nostalgia to your game. Available in five different colors, the skirt is perfect for any sim who wants to channel their inner Y2K fashionista.

The skirt fits most sims body types and comes with a BGC for those who want to add an extra pop of color to their look.

90’s girl next door

Young Sims 4 character promoting 90's girl next door collection.

Y2K fashion is back in a big way, and this pack of Sims 4 CC is the perfect way to add some 2000s style to your game! The pack contains over 35 pieces of clothing, ranging from cardigans and crop tops to denim skirts and track pants.

Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit for your everyday Sim or something a little more glam for a night out, this pack has you covered. And with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your character.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are just a few of the amazing Y2K Sims 4 CC packs that you can find online. With so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect way to add some 2000s nostalgia to your game. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing and see what you