The Outer Worlds may be one of the most interesting games released in 2019, with a super interesting story line and seriously fun game play. Like, who doesn’t want to explore space?

However, with every great game there are problems and The Outer Worlds is not immune to having some aspects of the game that can be vastly improved by using mods. These mods can range from simply improving the UI size so its easier to see and interact with, to reshading the entire game to make it more visually appealing, to allowing you to edit the difficulty of the game for a totally different experience.

We’ve compiled a list of over fifteen of our favourite mods for The Outer Worlds and hopefully you’ll find something here that you can dd to your game to change up the experience and have more fun when playing.

1. Better ADA Portrait – Jenna Upgrade

Throughout your time playing The Outer Worlds, you are going to have to interact with ADA a lot, and honestly the original vibe just isn’t the best. The images aren’t that visually appealing so there are a number of mods to change the look of ADA so you can enjoy speaking to them more.

With this particular ADA replacement mod, you get this new character of Jenna who has more of a human look and maybe won’t give you nightmares every night after playing.

2. Bigger UI

As someone who has very bad vision all of the time I appreciate any change to adjust the user interface of a game to make it more accessible. This is a necessary mod for so many players who may be visually impaired and will make it easier for you to see what’s going on as you work through the game.

It is important to note that since this is a mod and not made by the developers this mod can create some visual issues when playing since the UI isn’t meant to be that large, annoying, but something you deal with often when playing with mods.

3. Dev Console Unlock

Any player of The Outer Worlds who is looking to start creating mods for the game is going to definitely want to check out this developer console unlock mod guide. This is an absolute necessity if you want to start creating your own mods and changing up the game settings for yourself.

Thankfully, the creator of this developer console guide went in-depth with explaining exactly how it works and how to download and launch it, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with getting your hands on it if you’re really looking to start modding the game.

4. FPSconfig For Performance Boost

If you’re someone who is trying to run games on a lower end computer, you know the struggle of lag and visual issues because a games FPS is just too high.

This mod is awesome because it is going to allow you to configure the FPS to be lower so that it runs better on laptops and lower end PCs so everyone can have a great time with the game, regardless of device.

5. I’m Not Hurt You’re Hurt

When you’re playing through the game and your player is injured in any way, there will be a blood effect on the edges of the screen that appears each time. This can be a really annoying visual cue that a lot of players are just sick of seeing.

This mod is going to completely remove this effect so you don’t have to keep seeing the blood effect while playing, allowing you to focus more on getting further in the game and improving your health. This is great for players like me because I’m easily distracted and small visual cues like this can really throw me off.

6. Kick Me Vicar

Sometimes you just gotta add something funny to a game so you can have a better time and take it a bit less seriously.

This mod is going to add a white and red kick me sign to the back of anyone who is wearing a vicar vestment which honestly just makes me laugh while playing the game.

7. Minimal HUD

Your heads up display when playing video games can often be extremely overwhelming with too much information being displayed at any given time. This minimal HUD mod is going to go ahead and remove the majority of the things from the display so you can focus on what’s truly important while playing.

This mod will disable everything except for your characters HP bar, the crosshair, your quest location and a few other small essential items for your play through. Using this is great for lower end PCs and people who are just sick of having too many things to look at.

8. Obsidian Reshade

Next up on this list we have the obsidian reshade that will change the look of the game entirely. This reshade is awesome because it will adjust the sharpness and colour of the items in the game, and make the darker items look so much darker and more real. This mod is the best when you’re indoors or around metal objects because those colours are absolutely beautiful!

9. Simple Beauty Reshade

The next mod we have is another reshade because honestly, these reshades are so beautiful and every player is going to enjoy a different vibe for their game. This simple beauty reshade is great and adjusts the sharpness of the image and makes the colours feel so much more vibrant and gorgeous.

10. Skip Startup Splash

With most games there are crazy long intro videos and honestly, who has time for those? There are so many better things to do with that time and you can get into the game so much quicker if there aren’t loading videos. The skip startup splash mod is going to disable those startup splash videos at the beginning of the game allowing you to get right into gameplay!

11. Supernova Patch

Honestly, the supernova patch mod is a must have for me because it allows you to turn on both the ability to save your game anywhere as well as fast travelling anywhere. Being able to save the game anywhere is great for anybody who may have an unstable computer or just wants to make sure the game progress is safe.

In addition to being able to save anywhere and fast travel, the mod will allow you to disable the death of companions so you don’t have to worry about them as well as gives you the ability to force a difficulty up to Supernova which is the harder difficulty level.

12. Terraformed Reshade

The next mod on the list is the terraformed reshade that will totally change the look of the game and make it so much more beautiful. The details in this game are already beautiful but adding a reshade can make you fall even more in love with the look of The Outer Worlds.

If you want to see this mod in action before downloading to see if you like the look of the reshade, watch this video on Youtube to see a side by side comparison of the vanilla game and the terraformed reshade.

13. The Outer Souls – Deprived

If you’re the type of player who wishes to have a more difficult time when playing games, this mod is definitely for you. This deprived mod is going to make the game drastically harder by giving your character the minimum attributes for everything which you will feel in your gameplay.

In addition to those attributes being low, there are so many small things that are changed as well. This includes your health wont gain, your reloading is a lot slower than default, any of your equipment is going to degrade more quickly and so much more. If you’ve played a bunch of the game and need a new challenge, this mod is the one.

14. The Tweaked Outer Worlds

Some of the best mods for games like The Outer Worlds are the simplest and will just make small tweaks to make this game a bit better. The tweaked outer worlds mod is going to change some simple settings and is updated with new fixes.

Some of the things you can see with this mod is disabling depth of field, disables motion blue and mouse smoothing/acceleration as well as increasing some render distance for static meshes.

16. Ultimate New Game Plus Save

The next mod on the list is the ultimate new game plus save mod that will allow you to have a brand new save that has a character who is fully maxed out in every thing you need. This will give you tons of skill and make your character extra strong to allow for easy game play.

This mod is recommended for players who have done at least one play through of the game so they can go in and try things they weren’t able to do before without being worried about not having some skills. You’ll honestly be playing with an overpowered character which can make the game so much fun if you don’t feel like doing tons of work.

17. Wow Maximum Performance Boosts

Every one deserves to play games, regardless of the type of computer they own but sometimes games aren’t able to be run on lower end computers. However, some modders have been able to create wonderful mods that will alter the settings in the game so it runs better on every computer.

This mod has some easy to follow instructions to download and will make your experience playing The Outer Worlds so much better even if you have a high end computer. Seriously a must have mod for the game!

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, 17 mods for The Outer Worlds that will change up the way you play the game, how the game looks, or just make the game easier or harder depending on what you want. Adding mods to the game will allow you to get hours of more entertainment out of a game that you’ve already enjoyed, making the game much more worth it. Happy playing!