Subnautica is a really incredible game that allows you to discover an entire open-world ocean, but not just any ocean, an alien planet’s ocean. What could be better? This game is so much fun and you must go around and try your best to survive. Well, there are parts of subnautica that could be vastly improved and the mods on this list could definitely help make it even better.

1. Accelerated Start

With any game the first few hours of a new save are often really tedious and frustrating since you don’t have any resources or skills to really get the job done. You’ll find yourself struggling to find everything you need and hoping you could just fast forward a bit.

The accelerated start mod is a great choice if you want to speed up the very beginning of your gameplay and make it more fun to start. This mod changes the default settings for your storage, your starting health, your resources and even more.

2. Alien Rifle

In subnautica you can see a nice orange alien gun in a class case that just looks super attractive and a fun item to use, but it isn’t useable and that’s disappointing. The creator of the Alien Rifle Mod thought “damn, that thing looks cool, I wanna shoot stuff with it” and made it useable.

Now if you’re playing in survival mod you’ll be able to scan the alien rifle and unlock the blueprint so you’re able to access the use of this gun for your gameplay.

3. Ancient Sword

Our next mod allows you to have a beautiful ancient sword to use in your gameplay. The description of this mod says “an ancient earth-made blade is always good to have on hand” and I couldn’t agree more. You’ll be able to even build it in the fabricator.

4. Auto Sort Lockers

With most games one of the biggest annoyances is often inventory and inventory sorting and subnautica falls into that as well. The Auto Sort Lockers mod is an incredible answer to many players woes.

With this mod you can dump all of your stuff into a single locker container and the game will automatically sort it all into organized lockers on its own so you can easily access what you need, when you need it.

5. Base Clocks

Our next mod is going to add some new buildable clocks to the habitat builder. There are two clocks where one clock is going to display the current in-game time and the other clock will show whatever time it is on your computer where you are. Just a small addition that makes the game feel nice.

6. Base Light Switch

To go right along with those awesome base clocks you can add to your habitat builder we also have a base light switch that will let you turn the lights on or off which is a fun added detail. The light switch visuals look like a face too, and that’s fun.

7. Better Power Info

Have you ever been annoyed by the lack of information you have about your energy production and consumption in the game? Well then you need Better Power Info so you can see what’s going on at any time in your habitat.

All you need to do during gameplay is to hit P on your keyboard and it will toggle your expanded information view and give you all the knowledge you need.

8. Better Scanner Blips

Scanner blips are pretty important when you’re underwater in the game but the vanilla ones just aren’t working the way some players would like. The Better Scanner Blips mod is awesome because it will make them work better by not only allowing you to resize and recolour them to whatever you like, but making them scale based on how close you are to the target so you can’t get better information.

9. Blueprint Tracker

Your heads up display in subnautica gives you so much information and helps you see so many details you need when playing. The Blueprint Tracker Mod will add a blueprint tracker to your HUD which is a very useful tool.

10. Cheat Manager

There are many players out there who are not a fan of cheating in games, but who cares? Let’s cheat! Using cheats in games can make your gameplay so much more fun and more interesting since you can do things you’d never be able to do before.

The Cheat Manager Mod is wonderful and extremely useful because it adds a simple graphical user interface for you to use to cheat easier by just hitting the F5 key. You’ll be able to cheat things like your day and night speed, switching game mods, spawning things and so much more.

11. Customized Storage

Inventory management is super important in any game that you play, and subnautica’s inventory is a little bit lacklustre and just not enough. The Customized Storage mod gives you the option to actually go ahead and edit the size of any container in the entire game. This not only applies to lockers but can also apply to your player inventory which is incredible.

12. Cyclops Near Field Sonar

Our next mod is the Cyclops Near Field Sonar mod which is a simple change but can really be helpful. This mod is going to take the mini sonar display that you’d normally see in the sea glide and it will bring it to your cyclops. In addition to moving over the display it’ll also change the hologram to be a big more accurate and realistic.

13. Cyclops Nuclear Reactor

There is just so much going on in subnautica and the nuclear reactors are awesome, the cyclops nuclear reactor mod will improve them even more! This mod is going to let you have better upgrades so you can truly maximize output.

With this mod you’re going to get a new buildable nuclear reactor that you can unlock whenever you finally find the blueprint for the vanilla game reactor and this one works so much better. You’ll also have an MK1 and MK2 nuclear enhancer to upgrade these items.

14. Decorations Mod

Have you ever just wanted to add some cute decor items to your habit? Well, the Decorations Mod makes this possible to a level you’d never expect. With this mod you’re going to get over 118 new craftable items that can be added to the habitat builder menu or made on the fabricator.

Some of the items that you can get with this mod include lab equipment, glass containers, eggs, posters, toys and so much more. It will really make your habitat feel so much more cozy.

15. Defabricator

Have you ever fabricated an item in subnautica only to realize minutes later that you don’t need it or you made the wrong thing entirely? Thankfully a modder created a perfect Defabricator Mod that allows you to put these items into this machine and turn them back into their components so you can save resources. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

16. Docked Vehicle Storage Access

Our next mod, Docked Vehicle Storage Access, is a simple but really wonderful addition to the game and allows you to have access to your vehicle storage even when the vehicle is docked. You never know when you’re going to need specific items so having access to your inventories is always useful.

Not only do you get storage access, but it also adds a vehicle management terminal that you’d normally see in the cyclops but adds one to the moon pool which is super useful.

17. Easy Craft

Crafting is a vital part of subnautica and having mods for crafting can seriously change your output in the game. This easy craft mod is going to let you automatically craft the ingredients needed for a blueprint but that’s not all! The mod will also go ahead and take any materials you need from your storage in other areas, instead of you needing to have it on your person.

There are a few different modes that this mod operates on allowing you to change your game difficulty with it. You can have it just take ingredients from storage that is inside the base or inside the cyclops, you can have it taking any ingredients that are within 100 meters of the base or cyclops, or you can just go ahead and set it to auto craft to really maximize your output.

18. Fish Overflow Distributor

Breeding fish in the alien containment is super fun in this game but its annoying when it reaches full capacity and you may not notice and the entire process stops immediately. Thankfully, with the fish overflow distributor mod you can have your fish breeding continue without any real effort on your part.

When your alien containment area is at its full capacity the breeding process is going to keep going, but the fish will be automatically distributed to different bio reactors that have room. It won’t stop breeding unless there is no space in your bio reactors or there are no bio reactors to be used in the area. This can really improve your fish output in the game which is seriously game changing!

19. Full Detailed Map

The quality of your map in any game can make or break how well you are going to do. Maps can help you find various resources and get to certain places more quickly. The full detailed map mod is amazing because it is going to show you loot (amazing) and fauna, and different points of interest.

If you’re playing subnautica for the first time you may not want to download a mod like this, because there will definitely be spoilers and it may harm your first attempt at the game.

20. Habitat Control Panel

Our next mod is the habitat control panel mod and this one is awesome because it’ll add a screen to your habitat for you to get more options. This will add both the control panel screen and the ability to customize your habitat names and add a power cell that will let you have another short-lived power source.

Another really small and fun detail is that you can actually colour your habitat on both the inside and outside allowing for more customization and some fun personality to the game.

21. Laser Cannon

If you’re ready to start fighting and having a better time in subnautica, you absolutely need the laser cannon mod. This will allow you to upgrade your seamoth with a laser cannon on the vehicle upgrade console so you can have an even better time fighting in the game.

There are even options in the menu where you can change the colour of your laser cannon’s beam to really customize your game which is extremely fun and adds an extra detail.

22. Lifepod Unleashed

Our next mod is lifepod unleashed which changes how the game works to start. This mod allows your pod to land in a huge variety of locations for a more interesting start to your game. It may end up on land, or in the sea, which is definitely more fun!

When downloading this mod its also recommended by the creator that you have an accelerated start mod and a mod to modify your inventory at the beginning of the game. This is because you may find your pod landing in an area that isn’t the best and you’ll need to abandon your pod pretty immediately.

23. Map

Having access to quality maps can make playing this game so much smoother and more fun for you. This map mod is awesome because it allows you to press the M key on your keyboard to open up a map and really get a feel for where you may be.

This is a better map for just starting out than the full detailed map mod we discussed earlier because it doesn’t tell you nearly as much information so you can discover things on your own.

24. Mini Map

When exploring in subnautica you may find yourself constantly opening maps and trying to figure out where you are and having trouble keeping it all straight in your head. Well, the mini map mod is a great option because it will throw a mini map to your game’s UI all the time so you can see where you are and where you’re going at any time.

It’s so nice to have this but it is important to note that the mod hasn’t been heavily tested and may interfere with other parts of the games UI, so having it can be nice or can be an extreme pain.

25. Moonpool Vehicle Repair

Have you ever wanted to repair your vehicles automatically in the moonpool? Well, with the moonpool vehicle repair mod you’ll be able to do just that! All you need to do is set up your vehicle to dock in your game’s moodpod and it will automatically start repairing it for you.

26. More Quick Slots

It’s never really made sense that there are more tools than quick slots in this game, but with the more quick slots mod you can change it to have up to 12 slots to make your gameplay immensely more fun.

This also adds hot keys for all the new spots so you can easily switch between the different quick slots to get things done quickly. The creator seems to be quick with fixing bugs too, so it’s a great mod!

27. New Biome Map

With the new biome map mod you’ll be able to see a more in-depth and better looking biome sections on your map. This type of mod can really improve your navigation abilities and features some really easily understandable labels for you to make your way around the map swiftly.

The thing about map mods is that they will tell you just about every small detail that you may not want to know. You’ll know about caves, wrecks, and so much more that you’d normally explore slowly.

28. Nitrox – Multiplayer Mod

Games are so much more fun with friends, so of course we’d love a multiplayer mod for subnautica. This mod is still in development so it isn’t entirely fleshed out but it will allow you to have a friend come in and play with you and the game mod is open-source allowing for just about anyone to improve upon it.

The mod has managed to implement a bunch of things like player movement, base building, most furniture interactions, power management and so much more for every player in the save. It really changes how you see the game when you can bring in someone else!

29. Passive Reapers

There are so many annoyingly aggressive creatures in subnautica and sometimes we just want them to be cute and non-threatening. The passive reapers mod will change how reaper leviathans work and turn them into non-aggressive creatures that won’t chase after you or do any damage to your character or to their vehicle.

This doesn’t completely save you from these creatures, if your characters are going right up to the creature’s mouth they will definitely still bite you but they aren’t going to follow you around and try to attack.

30. Performance Booster

Subnautica is an awesome game but that doesn’t mean that the performance can’t be improved. With the performance booster mod you’ll be able to see a doubled frame rate which makes your gameplay so much more fun when things run smoother.

31. Prawn Upgrade Access

A big annoyance when wearing the prawn suit is that you aren’t able to switch between your arms without getting out of the suit. With the prawn upgrade access mod you are able to be inside the prawn suit and press a slot button to open up the upgrades panel and be able to change out parts of the suit without taking it off.

You can even access the prawn storage container while you’re wearing it by pressing the reload button which is helpful as well.

32. Random Creature Size

There are so many fun creatures to interact with in this game but for some reason there aren’t variations in size. The random creature size mod will allow you to set a minimum and maximum size for creatures so you can have a more realistic experience with variations in size for all creatures you encounter.

33. Realistic Recipes and Increased Difficulty

A really important part of gaming is a game’s replay-ability and for many players subnautica doesn’t feel fun to play a second time. This is because there isn’t enough difficulty so adding a mod like realistic recipes and increased difficulty during your second play through can really improve how much fun you have when you pick up the game again.

This mod is going to add more realistic blueprints which will make them so much more difficult to craft causing you to have a harder time and have to be more skilled in the game.

34. Resource Monitor

Keeping track of whatever resources you have in the game is a very annoying task and the vanilla game doesn’t have any options for a resource monitoring system. Thankfully, with the resource monitor mod you’ll be able to add a new item for your base that can show you everything that’s kept in your lockers.

It won’t just show you what you have, but it will show you exactly how many of each item you have making it really easy to make decisions about crafting and organizing. It even has options for a really big screen or a smaller one so you can make it work in your base.

35. Seaglide Map Controls

Whenever you’re frustrated by the map on the seaglide you’ll be begging to have the seaglide map controls mod. This annoying map can get in the way of your view and trying to turn it off can often lead to you messing up your flashlight and turning that off too. With this mod it won’t be a problem anymore!

36. Slot Extender

There are just never enough slots in this game and that can get especially annoying with upgrades slots in the seamoth and prawn suit. The slot extender mod is going to change it up and increase it to 12 upgrade slots in these times.

37. SML Helper

If this list has completely inspired you to create your own mods for subnautica, you’ll probably want to download the SML Helper Mod. This is an incredibly organized library that helps modders in the process by making it extremely easy for you to add items, sprites and more.

Mods like this are a must have for new modders because you can spend less time messing with code and trying to figure out how to make it work and more time making it have more functionality and adding more and more to it.

38. Tech Pistol 2.0

Weapons are a must have in this game if you want to have an easy time fighting creatures and really make progress. Modded weapons are the best because they add configurability and abilities that the game just doesn’t have. The Tech Pistol 2.0 mod is awesome because you can experience a pistol like never before.

To get yourself one of these pistols you’ll need to find the custom fragments that are located in the degassi bases and also in the lost river, once theses are scanned you’ll be able to unlock the recipe and get one for yourself.

39. White Lights

Are you ever wishing you had a different colour of lights when you’re using the seaglide, seamoth or prawn suit in the game? Do you find yourself wishing you had a bright white light so you can really see what’s going on? Well, if this sounds like you the white lights mod is the one you need.

The default with this mod is a bright white light, but not only does this mod allow you to have bright white lights, but you can also go ahead and open the configuration settings and change the colour entries to whatever hues you’d like which can be fun and make the game more unique to your preferences.

40. Wind Turbines

Keeping everything powered up can be a major pain in the game and a great option is, of course, solar panels. But what if we were able to harness the power of the wind? With the wind turbines mod you’ll be able to swap out the regular old solar panels for wind turbines and get more power!

This is a great swap but the wind turbines are a bit more pricey, so beware of the extra cost!

Final Thoughts

These mods are going to make your experience playing subnautica so much better, even though the game is already so well done and so in-depth. Hopefully you found at least one mod on the list that can make your game better. Happy Playing!