There are so many mods for Stardew Valley that can completely change the and make it such a better experience. The characters in this game are really interesting and learning more and more about them is really fun.

Even though the characters are interesting there is still, of course, room for improvement. With these Stardew Valley Sebastian mods you’ll be able to completely change how this character functions and make it more interesting to learn about him.

1. Sebastian Expansion With Post Marriage Events

Our first Stardew Valley Sebastian mod is an expansion on his personality that makes you care so much more about him.

The Sebastian Expansion with Post Marriage Events mod is a great one because it adds so many lines of dialogue and new cutscenes for you to feel like he’s a more well-rounded character.

There are seven post-marriage events for this character and even allows you to have a non-smoking version of Sebastian if you want to install that file if it’s important to you.

There are even dialogue pieces where other villagers may reference your relationship with Sebastian.

2. Sebastian’s Father

If you don’t know a ton about Stardew Valley lore, you may not understand the family dynamics in Sebastian’s home. Robin is Sebastians biological mother and her husband Demetrius is his step father, Maru is his half-sister.

One thing we never learn about really is Sebastian’s father! Who is this mysterious man? Where did he go?

This Sebastian’s Father mod adds some unique events after you get to 7 hearts with the whole family and it will end with you getting to learn more about his father and having an actual storyline for this.

3. Possessive Sebastian Dialogue Expansion

Have you ever wished Sebastian was different? Maybe more possessive over your character and a bit more controlling?

Well, there are modders who wanted to turn him into way more of a bad boy that maybe shouldn’t be the best option for marriage.

With the Possessive Sebastian Dialogue Expansion mod he’s going to be the bad boy of your dreams. It definitely adds some spice without taking it too far like many other mods for this character do.

This mod adds over 200 lines of dialogue both before and after marriage, unique dialogue when giving him a bouquet or mermaid pendant, and his mom will even comment things to you about his behaviour!

5. New Hair and Moto Jacket

According to all of the Sebastian cutscenes we’re supposed to believe that this character has a motorcycle but he just doesn’t look like the type.

The new hair and moto jacket mod is going to change up his look to make him really look like someone who would ride a motorcycle.

This shaves down one side of his hair and makes the other shorter and also gives him an upper earring. It also changes out his boring black sweatshirt for a moto jacket which really makes him look cool.

7. Sebastian Comes Out

There is absolutely no LGBTQ+ representation in Stardew Valley unless your character decides to be in a same-sex relationship and that’s a bit of a bummer.

With the Sebastian Comes Out mod you can actually have him come out as LGBTQ+! With this he’s going to tell your character that he only likes boys and it actually won’t let female characters romance with him anymore.

This adds two new events where you’ll learn more about his identity, two letters that he can send you, and 40+ new lines of dialogue that you’ll get to experience.

8. Doki Doki Dialogue

When you’re trying to romance a character in the game the dialogue can get so repetitive and boring. We really don’t want to have our spouses say the same three things to us over and over.

With the Doki Doki Dialogue mod you’ll get 15 new pieces of dialogue added for Sebastian to make him more fleshed out as a romantic interesting and get him to say super cute things.

He’ll say things like “Huh, no matter how bad of a day I’m having, once I see your face things seems to feel okay again.” and that is so cute!

9. Newly Added Sebastian Cutscene

One of the most fun parts of Stardew Valley is watching all of the cutscenes as you grow relationships and learn more about the characters, but there just aren’t enough!

The Newly Added Sebastian Cutscene mod will add another one which is awesome and will be triggered when you go to Sebastian’s room when you have 8 hearts. This will not replace the in-game cutscene, just add another one for you to enjoy.

Obviously we won’t spoil the cutscene so you can just enjoy what’s happening when you add it to your game!

10. Sebastian, Abigail and Farmer Polyamory

Have you ever wanted to practice polyamory in Stardew Valley? If you do, then you’ll most likely love this next mod that lets you date both Sebastian and Abigail at the same time and adds new events for the group.

The Sebastian, Abigail, and Farmer Polyamory mod is going to let you see heart events that weren’t in the game before when you have eight or ten hearts with these characters.

If you get yourself a polygamy mod you can even get married to both of these adorable characters.

11. Sebastian Post Flower Dance Apology

Sebastian is a bit of a jerk when it comes to the Flower Dance, even if you’re married to him. This is a serious character flaw in him and it has always bothered me that he can just be a jerk and there be no mention of it.

With the Sebastian Post Flower Dance Apology mod he will start apologizing to your character after this dance if you’re married.

This mod is a necessity if you want to be married to Sebastian because it makes him actually feel like a decent human being again.

12. Sebastian’s Baby Recolor

Whenever you have a baby in this game the baby never really looks like the parents and since the baby never gets older than a toddler you have to be okay with how they look forever.

With the Sebastian’s Baby Recolor mod you’ll get a baby that has the same colour hair as Sebastian when you marry him and decide to have children.

This adds to the realism in the game by making it really feel like you and Sebastian had a baby together.

13. Taller and Cuter Sebastian

When it comes to the way characters look it always comes down to personal preferences. Some players like taller characters, some players want shorter characters, some want long hair, some want short hair, it really depends on your personal likes and dislikes.

With the taller and cuter Sebastian mod his entire look is tweaked just a bit. He gets a little bit taller than traditionally which is nice because he’ll be taller than your character which many players like.

He’s also going to get a skin overhaul where he’ll look a little more pale which just makes sense for someone who spends all of the daytime on their computer and only goes out at night.

Sebastian also gets a nice little hair cut allowing you to see at least most of both of his eyes and making his hair shorter. Definitely a cute version of him!

14. Sebastian’s Garage

Whenever you marry a character in Stardew Valley there is a small area to the right of your farmhouse that becomes their hobby area outdoors. In the vanilla game when you marry Sebastian it will just have his motorcycle sitting here with no cover.

Adding the Sebastian’s Garage mod will switch this up and add a full garage in that area for Sebastian to hangout in.

This mod just adds to the realism of Sebastian’s life because he would definitely much rather have a garage to put his motorcycle in than just work on it next to some bushes.

15. Soft Sebastian

There are many furry mods for Stardew and, of course, Sebastian has been made into a furry with this mod.

If you have the Furry Overhaul Mod in your game you may not be a huge fan of how Sebastian looks, but you can use soft sebastian to make him look a little more huggable by giving him a small tummy.

16. Shorter Haired Sebastian

Sometimes the best mods are extremely simple, just like this shorter haired Sebastian mod. This is just a subtle change to how his hair looks but doesn’t change the overall vibe of the character.

In the vanilla version of the game Sebastian’s hair is very long on one side completely covering one side of their face and going down past their shoulder.

With this mod the hair will still cover the eye but won’t go all the way down to his shoulder making him look a little more put together.

17. Sebastian Girl

One of the more common types of mods for characters in Stardew Valley is gender bending. With the Sebastian Girl Mod you’ll get to have a female basement loner girl who spends all their time on their computer.

This is perfect if you love Sebastian’s storylines but you don’t want your character to marry the male version of Sebastian or if you just want to add more female friends to the game.

Final Thoughts

Sebastian is a pretty polarizing character in the game, either you love him or you hate him. With these Stardew Valley Sebastian mods you’ll be able to improve him and make him one of your favourite characters in the game. You’ll get to see his dad, change his hair, and make his dialogue so much more interesting. Happy Playing!