There are so many different ways to live your romantic life in the real world, so why not have more options in Stardew Valley? The multiple spouses mod allows your character to be married to as many of the marriage candidates as you want to all at once, even with you all sharing a bed.

Why limit your characters to a single spouse? That’s no fun for anyone! You can marry as many characters as you’d like including both male and female characters and even throw everyone’s favourite, Krobus, into the mix!

Multiple Spouses Mod

If you want to have your character be a lover of polygamy in Stardew Valley, the multiple spouses mod is an absolute must have in your game. This mod will let you date whoever you want while adding more and more partners whenever you please. It gives you extra rooms in your home and extra hobby spaces for whoever you marry, and even lets you have tons of kids if you want. Let’s go over each section of the mod in a bit more detail.


The aspect of romance in the game is pretty simple if you’re playing vanilla but this mod really changes up how it works and makes it so complicated and wonderful. The first thing you can do is date any villagers even when you’re already married and is even experimenting with allowing you to date non-marriage candidates but that still has some kinks to workout.

It lets you purchase a mermaid pendant or a void pendant when you are married, and even allows you to purchase the mermaid pendant when it isn’t raining. You are even able to have Krobus as your roommate and be married as well, completely changing the dynamics of the game.


In the vanilla game, your spouse will choose a different area to hang out in each day and this mod will randomly assign your spouses to these areas. This means you’ll have some outside, some doing farm chores, some hanging in the kitchen and some in their own rooms each day so you can have a variety of experiences.

This mod also changes how kisses work in the game and allows you to kiss not only your spouses but allow your spouses to kiss each other. It even changes the sounds of the kissing animations for a more realistic sound since you’ll be doing it so much you want more realistic sounds.


If you’re really trying to run a successful farm, it only makes sense to have as many babies as you possibly can. Thankfully, the multiple spouses mod allows you to have as many pregnancies as you want with as many spouses as you want. These kids are going to be differentiated from their other parent by each child having the colour hair that their parent had, so Abigail’s kids would have purple hair and Penny’s kids would have red hair. You can even have children with roommates like Krobus.

Spouse Rooms

The funniest thing you can see in this mod is that it just keeps adding more and more rooms to your home as you get more spouses so each spouse can have their own area. They just keep adding on to the right of the house as long as you want. Your spouses will hangout in these rooms on random days, no set schedule happens and some spouses will be in their rooms while others are outside.

Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack

One giant complaint that players had when the multiple spouses mod was released is that your multiple spouses would never actually interact. What a bummer. Thankfully, other modders took it into their own hands and added a whole bunch of hilarious dialogue between characters. This makes your spouses feel like they are actually all married to you together instead of being a bunch of randoms that just happen to live together.

Tia’s Multiple Spouses Dialogue Pack

After the first dialogue pack was released it was given support for additional packs. This creator Tia made a content pack of even more funny and cute dialogue between the multiple sources living in your home. If you were to have both of these mods in your game with multiple spouses you’ll soon be living your polygamy dreams inside of Stardew Valley.

Final Thoughts

Having as many spouses as you possibly can in Stardew Valley really adds some fun to the game and lets you get more gifts each day and lets you see more of the 12 or 14 hear events. This polygamy mod is well made and will totally change how you feel about the game. Happy playing!