The vanilla version of Stardew Valley is extremely safe for work and family friendly, but there are thousands of players out there who are wanting a more NSFW version of the game to enjoy. Thankfully, there are dozens of modders who have created nude mods for the game that can completely change your experience in game. These change stuff from the characters in the game to even weirder stuff like statues and scarecrows to show more of their bodies.

1. Alex Lifts Naked

Our first mod on the list is with everyone’s favourite Stardew athlete, Alex! The Alex Lifts Naked mod makes it so whenever Alex is in his room working out he’s doing so without a shirt and without pants. This is fun because honestly Alex spends a lot of his time working out in the comfort of his room so it only makes sense that he has the option to do it nude.

2. Naked Bachelors and Townspeople

Our next mod will apply to all of the male townspeople in the game and makes them walk around naked so you can see chest and lower areas at all times. This even applies to George when he’s sitting in his wheelchair. Having all of the bachelors and townspeople walking around naked makes it feel like you’re living in a nudist community, not so much a safe for work Stardew.

3. Naked Farmer

The Naked Farmer mod applies only if you are playing with a male character and will give you options to be naked in the game. This mod actually gives you multiple penis options to choose from and gives you options to wear a shirt with no pants, pants with no shirt or just go completely nude.

4. Sandy Nude Version

Our next mod is a popular nude mod type for Stardew Valley where modders take the portraits for your favourite characters and make them nude. The Sandy Nude Version mod will take the gorgeous Sandy from the Calico Desert and give her a large breast portrait and honestly might make you want to visit her more often.

5. Nude Mermaids

When you head over to the mermaid boat at the night market in Stardew Valley, the mermaid will have a bra on and many players would prefer an option with a nude mermaid. The Nude Mermaid mod changes it so the mermaid has larger breasts instead of the pink bra. It also changes it so that the attendants for the mermaid boat are topless as well.

6. Hebe’s Nude Maru

Maru is one of those characters in Stardew Valley that is easily forgettable for a lot of players. She spends a lot of time at Harvey’s clinic or in her room in the mountains doing her inventions so its hard to really get acquainted with her. The Nude Maru Mod is going to make her a lot less forgettable. It’s also one of the few nude mods where you don’t have giant breasts.

7. MRTZ Naked Season

Our next mod is the MRTZ Naked Season Mod that changes the portraits for a bunch of the female characters in the game. These are the portraits that you see when you’re talking to any of these characters and it might make you much happier when you see boring characters like Caroline without a top on in their portraits.

8. Nude Bundles

This next one is pretty funny and takes the simple nude portraits that are usually just images of resources and items and adds nude images of different characters to each of them. With the Nude Bundles Mod you’ll see characters like Robin in the carpenter bundle, Marnie in the fodder bundle and so many more of our favs with nude images when you visit the community centre to complete bundles.

9. Nude Leah and Marnie

If there are just a few characters you’d like to see nude in the game, these types of mods are great for you. The Nude Leah and Marnie mod takes the two characters who live below your farm and changes their body type and gives them much larger breasts. Marnie will be nude when working in her shop as well as when she’s walking around town, and Leah will be nude when working on her sculptures or drawings and when she’s around town too!

10. Nude Scarecrows

If you’re looking to enjoy some nudity on your farm, you definitely need the Nude Scarecrows mod. This mod changes the regular scarecrows that are pretty boring and turns them into the women of Stardew Valley that you usually see walking around the world and turns them into nude scarecrows to put on your farm. Not only will these replace your scarecrows and protect your crops but they’ll also keep you smiling when you leave your farm each morning.

11. Nude Robin and Sandy

Our next pairing of nude characters are Nude Robin and Sandy who are fan favourite characters for many players. This mod is going to change what you see any time you visit the Carpenter’s shop or when Robin is just walking around the world and will also change what you see when you go to Calico Desert to visit Sandy at her shop.

12. Nude Abigail

Our next mod changes everyone’s favourite gamer girl, Abigail. The Nude Abigail Mod is going to change the way Abigail looks with both her portrait having large breasts and her looking absolutely beautiful and also changes what you see when Abigail is walking around the world, working at her dad’s store and more.

13. Nude Statues

The next mod on our list is the Nude Statues Mod that changes up a lot of the statues in game and makes them have nudity as well. This changes all of the statues that you’d see at different events, and also changes the statue that you get fromLeah after getting some hearts with her. I’m just not so sure that the snowman needs to have breasts, but that’s an option here too!

14. Lost My Pants

The Lost My Pants Mod allows you to have both male and female characters that you create to be nude. This means that your farmer will be nude and may risk getting a sunburn in places they definitely don’t want. If you don’t want your character to be entirely nude you also have the option to make it more of an Adam and Eve style and have a small leaf covering their areas.

15. Nude Penny and Pam

Our next mod takes the two characters who live inside of a trailer together and makes them nude. Maybe a bit weird to pair together a mother and daughter, but the Nude Penny and Pam mod is going to have you want to visit the trailer a bit more often. It honestly makes sense with Pam being a drunk that she would be naked all the time, so it tracks.

16. Nude Animals

The Nude Animals mod takes nude content for Stardew Valley to a whole new level. This mod is going to replace your animals like your cows, sheep and pigs and turns them into naked women. This also includes your horse that you ride around town meaning your character can jump right on them and ride that naked character all around town if they please. They’ll be naked both inside the barn and outside when walking around and you get to milk them just the same.

17. Nude Slime Girl

Who knew slimes could be sexy? The Nude Slime Girl mod changes those rounded slime bobs into a whole different type of experience when you slay them. Those giant slimes that you fight have large boobs that bounce as they move around and have smaller breasted slimes inside of them when you destroy the big ones. This makes the trips to the mines and skull cavern a whole new experience!

18. Nude Valley

Our next mod is Nude Valley that just takes every single character in the game and makes them nude all the time. Thankfully, this doesn’t include Vincent, Jas or Leo so its just the adults. This means that everybody including both male and female characters will be nude, so if you’re looking for one mod to download to get everything done at once you definitely should download this one.

19. Nude Female Farmer

It just makes sense that with all of these character nude mods that we have one for our characters as well and the Nude Female Farmer will give you the option to make your Stardew farmer be nude at all times. Just make sure they aren’t swinging their tools in weird ways as they might chop off a boob.

20. Nude Mode for 1.4

The Nude Mode for 1.4 Mod is going to make it so your farmer can be nude but won’t affect any of the characters in the valley. This is one of the more family-friendly nude mods because there are no visible genitals or breasts on the characters, just making them nude. You’ll want to choose either skin 24 or 23 when creating your character to make this one work.

21. Jodi Buxom Nude Portrait

Jodi is a very adorable character in the game and is a great mom to Sam and Vincent but she deserves a better life. This Jodi Buxom Nude Portrait mod is going to change Jodi’s portrait to have her being nude with half of her breasts being right there for you to enjoy!

22. Marnie Buxom Nude Portrait

Our next mod is a portrait mod for everyone’s favourite bad shop owner, Marnie! Marnie is never at her shop and it is one of my biggest annoyances in the game. The Marnie Buxom Nude Portrait mod is awesome and changes her portrait from wear her regular outfit to just having large breasts and being nude.

23. Nude Krobus

If you’re got Krobus as your roommate in the game, you may want him to be a bit more busty or big bootied and this Nude Krobus Mod is the mod for that. This will give him a very large but and even some small breasts so he fits right in if you have the rest of the world being nude as well.

24. Nude Jodi

This Nude Jodi mod will be taking everyone’s favourite in-game mom and turning her into a large booty woman for your enjoyment. Since Jodi in this mod has a large bottom it’s quite funny when she’s standing at the sink and going ahead with her dishes that she often does and you’ll definitely enjoy it. It really fits with her lonely soldier’s wife aesthetic that she has in the first year of the game.

25. Nude Sabrina (Female Sebastian)

Did you know that there is an entire group of the Stardew Valley fandom that wishes Sebastian was a woman? Well, with the Nude Sabrina mod you can get that experience. This mod is going to change Sebastian from a male to a female and make sure that they’re nude at all times. Having a female Sebastian is an interesting concept and gives her a very interesting personality.

Final Thoughts

There you have it friends! These are the absolute best nude mods for Stardew Valley and can really create a great nudist experience in the game. Just be careful that if your farmers are nude they don’t hurt themselves with their pickaxe or axe. Happy Playing!