There is nothing more frustrating than having the perfect leek in your inventory and going to try to gift it to George and not being able to find him because its Sunday and he’s at Pierre’s by the shrine. Or you can’t find where Leah is currently working on her art since it changes season to season. These are universal struggles for Stardew Valley players and really the only useful solution is the NPC Map Locations mod!

What is NPC Map Locations?

NPC Map Locations is an extremely helpful mod that when you open up the map to see all of the locations in Stardew Valley you can see the tiny heads of where characters are in that moment. Normally when you are looking for different characters in Stardew Valley you just have to either wing it and hope you remember their schedules or you’ll need to open up The Wiki to be able to find their current scheduled location for the day which can eat up time. Using this mod can save you so much time so you can gift those characters to earn friendship hearts or talk to them each day or to finish quests.

How Do You Use It?

This mod is extremely simple to use and will show these characters images whenever you open the map. When you open up the map you’ll see it and all of the characters either staying in one spot if they are currently not on the move, or the images will move around with the characters as they travel.

You also have the simple option of scrolling over top of any of their player images and it will come up with their names (as well of the names of other characters who may be there whose images you can’t see behind them), the location they’re at and the time these locations are open.

NPC Map Locations Settings

The best thing about modders is that they are always thinking about ways they can make their mods better and small details players may be looking for. With this mod you get the option to choose specific settings that you may enjoy and that may make you have a better time with the mod.

Your first option is to show all villagers always, show villagers you’ve spoken to that day, or hide villagers you’ve spoken to making it easier for you to find certain ones that you need to speak to. You can also set it up where you only show villagers that have a specific heart level so you can choose just villagers above 4 hearts if you’re only working on friendship with a few villagers at a time.

Another amazing option you have with this mod is to use it as a small map in the top left hand corner instead of only getting to see it when you open the map page. This can make it super duper easy for you to jump around and find characters to quickly without having to really think or open any menus so you can make friends easier. You can even hold down ctrl on your keyboard and right click on this mini-map to move it to a mover favourable location if you aren’t a fan of top left corner.

Where to Download NPC Map Locations

The best place to download many of the mods we talk about is Nexus Mods where a lot of creators upload them. This website will have all of the installation instructions, usage constructions and more information on the basics of the mod. You can download NPC Map Locations Here or use the button below to head over there.

NPC Map Locations Requirements

With mods you always need to make sure that you know what mods you need to have to use them and mods that are going to require these mods to function. For you to be able to use the NCP Map Locations mod you are going to also need to have SMAPI Installed in your game in order to get it to work. In addition to that you will need to have this mod installed if you want to use any of these 3 mods:

Donate To The Creator

All of the mods that we talk about here at modding magic are entirely free and these creators are not able to earn a solid income when working on these projects. This is a real bummer and a lot of them end up having donation links you can click on to donate to them on websites like paypal. Below you’ll find the link to donate straight to Bouhm who is the creator of this mod!

Final Thoughts

This mod will seriously diminish a huge annoyance in your gameplay and can make it so much easier for you to find every single one of your favourite characters. You’re going to be able to make friends so much more quickly than ever before. Happy Playing!