Anyone who plays Stardew Valley knows that it is an incredible game filled with so much content that can keep you entertained for hours. However, there are some small aspects of the game that could be improved and modders have done a great job of fixing these issues, and making the game even better.

There are hundreds of mods for Stardew Valley out there, but we wanted to list 50 of our favorite mods that range from stuff like changing the appearance of your animals, to increasing the range of sprinklers, to making it easier to make friends. Adding these to your game can make you get reinvested in the game and want to play for hours on end.

1. Automatic Gates

When you are running around your farm, doing your daily chores you’ll spend so much time opening and closing gates and sometimes doing this incorrectly can cause the gates to be lifted and you’ll have to replace them. It’s even harder to move around through gates if you are riding a horse.

This automatic gates mod will allow you to just walk up to a gate (or ride on a horse) and have it automatically open for you to save you the click, making running around your farm and getting your daily tasks done so much easier. Seems like a simple mod but it really can improve your quality of life in Stardew Valley.

2. Automate

As you progress in Stardew Valley, you are going to get so bored of filling your machines and grabbing the output. You’ll have so many machines from furnaces to kegs to mayo machines running at all times and filling these can take up valuable hours of your day in game.

The automate mod allows you to place a chest connected to any machine and the machine will automatically grab items from the chest to process and then put the finished product back into the chest. This is a game changer.

You can have a crystalarium that is constantly producing a quartz and it will place it in the chest, then you can place a furnace on the other side and if there is coal in the chest, you’ll be able to produce refined quartz without any effort. This mod can increase how much you can get done in a day by so much, and make your farming so much more fun.

3. Babies Take After Spouse

No matter who you have a baby with in Stardew Valley, the kids come out looking exactly the same and that’s just disappointing. I’ve always wanted my babies to look like the other parent to make them more fun and have it actually matter who you have babies with.

The babies take after spouse mod will make it so that your kids look like their parents, making them so much cuter in game. You’ll see their hair colors matching the other parent (even for Emily and Abigail who have unnatural hair colors) which just makes it more fun to have kids in Stardew Valley.

4. Bathroom After 2nd House Upgrade

One thing that is always quite weird about Stardew Valley is that no homes in the game have bathrooms. Where are these characters going to the bathroom? You would think that as you upgrade your home, you’d get a bathroom at some point.

With the bathroom after 2nd upgrade mod you can get a bathroom in your home. Most of it is just for the aesthetics, since you don’t actually need to use the bathroom in the game. However, there is a small pool in the right hand corner that allows you to go inside and gain some energy back like the bath house. This is awesome if you have a long day ahead of you of planting new crops but don’t have any food to eat, or any money to spend. Super cool!

5. Better Artisan Good Icons

Something that has always bugged me in Stardew Valley is that the different types of wine and jam don’t have different colored icons. You can’t tell me that a bottle of potato juice and a bottle of beet juice would be the same color. It is just unrealistic!

The better artisan good icons mod allows you to have more unique and adorable icons that correspond with the color of the item. This really doesn’t matter much in the long run, however, it just adds so much cuteness to your inventory when collecting these items. You’ll see each one being the color of the item put into the machine to create it.

6. Better Ranching

When you have coops and barns on your farm, you are going to spend so much time collecting milk or wool and trying to pet your animals. The original system in Stardew Valley is pretty annoying because you can’t actually tell who has been loved and who hasn’t or who has milk to grab and who doesn’t.

The better ranching mod is awesome because it adds dialogue boxes above the animals heads that will show you if they need love by having an empty heart above their head, that will change when you pet them. Also, any animal that can create milk when they need to be milked, with have a milk icon above their head. This makes it so you can zoom through your animal care without missing anything and losing out on income or animal love.

7. Better Sprinklers Mod

Having sprinklers on your farm is the best way to make a ton of money since you can have tons of crops without ever having to put in effort to water them. This is the best way to automate your farm, but the sprinklers just aren’t the best and only cover a small area.

The better sprinklers mod is awesome because it allows you to edit the shape that your sprinklers cover, allowing you to cover a bigger area and have more crops on your farm with less sprinklers. Another great thing that this mod does is show you the scarecrow range so you can place them intelligently and not waste any space or resources.

8. Bigger Backpack

When you are playing Stardew Valley you are constantly going to be running out of backpack space, even when you have 36 slots and a fully upgraded backpack. You may think that this is a lot of space when you are playing in your first or second year, but when you are going on a skull cavern deep dive later in the game, this just isn’t enough.

The bigger backpack mod allows you to go to Pierre’s General Store and purchase a 3rd backpack upgrade for 50,000g that will give you an extra 12 slots for 48 total slots. This is a gamechanger because you can bring all of your tools and still have over 36 slots just to collect items which can help you make more income and obtain more resources.

9. Chests Anywhere

There is honestly nothing worse than getting somewhere across the map in the game and realizing you forgot something really important back at your farm. This happens so often, and its so hard to stay organized with so many things in the game to try to keep straight.

The chests anywhere mod opens up a world of possibilities for you and can save you so much time. This mod allows you to access any of your storage areas (i.e., chest, dresser, fridges, etc) from literally anywhere. You just need to press the B key on your keyboard and it will let you transfer anything from storage into your backpack and vice versa, making it so storage is never a problem again.

10. CJB Cheats Menu

As someone who plays The Sims a ton, cheats are my favorite thing in so many games, but these don’t really exist in Stardew Valley the same way. There is so much potential for cheating in Stardew Valley from skill cheats, to warp cheating and so much more.

The CBJ Cheats Menu is an incredible mod if you want to edit parts of your game and just make things go smoother. You can add money to your wallet, change your skill level, edit the weather for the next day, freeze time, and so much more. This can allow you to control so many parts of the game and skip past a lot of the grinding in early game.

11. CJB Item Spawner

There are so many moments in Stardew Valley where you need one specific item but you realize you sold it yesterday or it is out of season and that’s awful. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to get any item in the game with just the click of a button?

The CBJ Item Spawner allows you to go in and find any item in the game and get your hands on one (or 999) of that item. This includes rare items too, so you can find literally any item you want with this mod. This is awesome if you just want to skip the first part of the game and progress more quickly, or if you just need one item really quickly.

12. CJB Show Item Sell Price

A lot of the time when playing Stardew, I can’t decide if I should hold onto something I don’t need right now or if I should sell it. Most of the time I just wish I could see how much the item would sell for if I decided to sell it, so I could make a more informed decision.

The CJB Item Sell Price Mod allows you to hover over any item in your inventory and it will show a sale price for both one individual piece of that item or for the entire stack that you have in your inventory. This is incredible because you can see how much money you expect to earn by selling items, and make decisions about selling items or processing them.

13. Dark Brown and Cream Colored Furniture

A lot of players have an issue with the aesthetic of both the furniture and the buildings in the game. There are so many furniture sets created by modders that can entirely change the look of your character’s home.

This dark brown and cream furniture set lets you add so many cute beds and other items to your home, allowing for further customization and cuter vibes than the game normally allows. These definitely fit a cottage core aesthetic that is extremely popular right now, so its an awesome set.

14. Deep Woods

Although there are many areas to explore in Stardew Valley, sometimes when you’ve played for multiple hours you are just begging for more. The deep woods mod adds a whole new explorable area to the secret woods for you to check out and find forgeable items and even iridium ore.

This is so incredible because any player who has hundreds of hours in the game always wants new areas to explore and new places to forage. You’ll find all sorts of flowers and other goodies in this deep woods too, keeps it interesting for sure.

15. Easy Fishing V2.0

If you want to make a decent amount of money in your first few seasons of Stardew Valley, fishing is a great way to do it. You won’t have much of your farm automated yet, and fishing is a consistent income that is relatively easy to do. However, doing the fishing mini-game over and over for difficult fish is a pain.

The easy fishing V2.0 mod allows you have an easier time fishing because it reduces the amount of movement the fish does allowing you to get the fish more quickly. This is really incredible for harder fish and especially useful for the legendary fish since they are going to move so much more.

16. Elle’s New Barn Animals

Everything in Stardew Valley is extremely cute, and brings so much joy to players around the world. However, the animals in the game are a little bit boring sometimes. These animals have the potential to be so much cuter and give you even more warm fuzzy feelings when playing.

Elle’s New Barn Animals gives you new vibes to your farm by changing the visuals of the animals that are going to be living in your barn. This will change the look of all the animals (cows, goats, pigs, etc) making them a bit softer and happier looking. Although not necessary, this is a very popular mod because players love changing the vibe in Stardew.

17. Elle’s New Coop Animals

In addition to the barn animals being rather boring, there are also a bunch of coop animals that could use a make over to be a bit more fun, especially the dinosaurs.

Elle’s New Coop Animals changes all of vibes of your coop animals (chickens, ducks, rabbits, etc.) and makes them much more cute. There are even purple ones, how adorable! This can help you get even more attached to your animals and fall right in love with them again.

18. Elle’s New Horses

Elle really knows how to make great mods for Stardew Valley, and Elle’s New Horses does not disappoint. The default horse in the game that you can purchase from Robin is pretty boring, and doesn’t fit the kind of horse I’d want to ride around on if I had a farm.

This mod adds a few new horse types, and even one that has a rainbow tail and looks more like a unicorn than anything. This is my favorite option for a horse in the game because it just makes me happy and convinces me to work hard to get a horse so much quicker than the vanilla game.

19. Elle’s Seasonal Buildings

The buildings on your farm don’t change from season to season, meaning there are no cute decorations that fit the vibe of your farm. This is pretty disappointing and I just want the houses to be cuter and have a different vibe sometimes.

Elle’s Seasonal Buildings is a great option for this because it gives you options for all of your barn buildings and these will change from season to season. This makes the game much more fun because it makes it feel like time is passing and makes each season feel even more unique.

20. Enemy Health Bars

Sometimes when you are hanging out in The Mines or in The Skull Cavern you’ll be getting attacked by tons of monsters all at the same time. It would be super helpful to see which monsters would be easiest to kill in the moment, based on how much health they have left. It’s quite hard to figure out how close you are to getting rid of a monster in the game.

The Enemy Health Bars mod is incredible because it adds small rectangles above each monsters head showing you how much health they have left. You can see a green ??? bar at the top of monsters you haven’t yet fought with, and an orange bar showing how much health they have left.

21. Experience Bars

The experience bars mod will show you all 5 of your skills in the game in the top left hand corner with the current level you have shown as a number, and your progress to the next level in a bar beside it. It’s really nice to be able to see how close you are to improving your levels instead of just guessing if you’re close or not.

This is nice because you can see if you are super close to getting to the next level, so you can choose what to focus on in the game that day.

22. Farm Type Manager

There are so many interesting things that can happen in Stardew Valley and different things will happen on different farm types. The farm type manager allows you to go in a toggle interesting things to happen in any location in the world.

“Farm Type Manager is a spawning framework that allows players and modders to spawn customizable features from Stardew’s farm types. It can automatically create forage, ore, monsters, and large objects (stumps, boulders, meteors, etc) at any location in the game.”

23. Fast Animations

The animations in Stardew Valley are exceptionally cute and can bring you a lot of joy, the first few times. However, most of them take a really long time to finish and when you are eating things constantly or breaking geodes at Clint’s you’ll spend a lot of time waiting around for these animations to finish. The fast animations mod will make all of these animations happen in less than one second so you can avoid waiting around for animations to finish.

24. Flower Valley

Sometimes mods don’t change anything for your gameplay, but are simply aesthetic mods. The flower valley mod falls into that category and is simply gorgeous. This mod changes so many little aspects of the game and makes your farm absolutely beautiful.

This mod will change the vibe of all of the trees in the game, making them way more flowery and beautiful. In addition, it changes up the vibes of the buildings to have flowers on top as well as changes the look of the grass that is allover your farm to be much, much more beautiful.

25. Friends Forever

When playing Stardew Valley, you want to become friends with as many villagers as possible so you can learn recipes, get sent gifts in the mail, and see adorable cut scenes. However, there is an annoying thing in the game called friendship decay. Each day that you don’t speak to a villager you are going to lose some of your friendship points, eventually losing all of your friendship. This only stops when you hit max hearts (8 for single villagers, 10 for non-romanceable villagers) with a villager.

The friends forever mod is a beautiful one because it completely stops the annoying friendship decay that happens in the game allowing you to ignore villagers for a few days (or weeks, no judgement) without worrying about friendship decay and feeling like you wasted gifts on them.

26. Gift Taste Helper

One of the hardest things to remember in the game is which kinds of gifts your favorite villagers enjoy. For a while, before discovering mods, I had a notebook with everyone’s favorite gifts written down so I could become friends with them.

The gift taste helper mod lets you scroll over villagers on the calendar to see their favorite gifts at a glance, making it so easy to give someone their favorite gift on their birthday so you can get all of the friendship points that you deserve.

27. Happy Birthday

Something that I’ve never thought was fair in the game is that everyone and their mother gets a birthday and you are expected to give them gifts, however, you don’t get a birthday. The happy birthday mod lets you have one of your own.

On your birthday villagers will actually give you gifts, which is awesome because free stuff in Stardew is always a great time so you can sell it to make money, or just keep it forever to cherish.

28. Harvest With Scythe

This may be one of the absolute best mods for productivity in later game, when you have a giant farm filled with crops. Originally, you have to click each crop to be able to harvest it which is a time suck and takes forever, not to mention is so boring.

The harvest with scythe mod allows you to make use of your scythe to go over your entire farm and harvest everything with just a few clicks, saving you so much time and making your day to day farm life so much easier and more streamlined.

29. Hats Won’t Mess Up Hair

Sometimes mods don’t need to change huge parts of the game, just small annoyances that players are sick of dealing with. Whenever you wear a hat in the game, you risk your hairstyle being completely messed up because they will eliminate bangs and other parts of your characters hair.

The hats won’t mess up hair mod will take your hat and just place it on your characters head, regardless of their hairstyle making sure that their hair looks decent at all times.

30. Lookup Anything

One thing in Stardew Valley that can be kind of frustrating is that you can’t see much information about many of the aspects of the game. The Lookup Anything mod allows you to, well, look up anything. This goes into many layers where you can see all information about villagers, animals, and other random items in game.

Knowledge is power in the game, and knowing everything about everything can make you a more intelligent player and plan things way more streamlined than you would if you didn’t have that knowledge.

31. Loved Labels

If you want to get the best out of your pets and animals in Stardew, you really want to make sure that you are going in and petting them each day. This can get really annoying when you can’t tell who has been loved, and who hasn’t.

Sometimes the simplest mods are the most effective and loved labels really fits that bill. This mod will have your animals with a simple label that says either is loved or needs love depending on if you’ve pet them or not. This is helpful because it allows you to see what you’ve done already and not waste time going back in and clicking the animals a second time.

32. Mail Framework Mod

This mod has a lot of potential, however, it isn’t meant for casual players who don’t know how to edit mods themselves. The mail framework mod allows players to go in and change up what will be sent via the mail instead of you having to go get it.

There is a lot of potential in this since you can make it so that Clint will just send you any tools that you go and upgrade, saving you the trip.

33. More Hairstyles

There are a limited number of hairstyles in the game and when you have a ton of saves, you are going to get bored of the available hairstyles rather quickly. The More Hairstyles Mod will add a bunch of fun new hair styles for your characters to rock.

The creator also went in and lightened a bunch of the other, existing hairs so that they can look a bit more vibrant when you add color making sure that your character always looks great.

34. Multiple Spouses

Have you ever wanted to just marry the entire town? Well, the multiple spouses mod allows just that. It’s going to let you marry as many of the single villagers as your heart desires. This is fun because it adds multiple spouse rooms to the right hand side of your home, making a weird row of rooms that looks pretty silly.

There is even a new long bed where you can sleep with all your spouses at the same time, its an interesting way to live, so go for it if it makes you happy.

35. No Fence Decay

Building fences is really important for not only the aesthetics of your game, but also for keeping animals in certain areas, and keeping everything organized. However, fences in the game are annoying since they are going to decay quickly especially if you are just using regular wood fences.

The no fence decay mod lets you use whatever type of fence you want to use without worrying about decay time, since the hardwood fences are the best but are the hardest to create. With this you can use just regular wood fences which means you can save your hardwood for more important tasks.

36. No More Bowlegs

Once again, there are certain things that aren’t meant to improve your gameplay, just to change small aesthetic things about the game. A lot of players are annoyed by the bowleg look that may villagers have. This happens on Leah, Abigail, and Maru and makes them look extremely odd when they are just standing around doing nothing.

Using the no more bowlegs mod will put their legs back together and have them stand without looking like they are turning their hips out and being a little weird. This applies to their animations as well.

37. NPC Map Locations

If you’re someone who has played a lot of Stardew Valley, you’ve probably been on the wiki trying desperately to figure out where a specific NPC is located at that moment, and you just can’t seem to find them. This happens to the best of us and is such a pain.

Using the NPC Map Locations Mod will let you open up your map and see exactly where each character is at the current moment, meaning you won’t have to go and search for them like you normally would. This makes it easier to give your villagers gifts and become friends with them and definitely helps for quests.

38. Part of the Community

Something that bothers a lot of villagers is how hard it is to grow your relationship with villagers, since the only way to do it is to talk to or gift to villagers. This makes it so that it takes so long for you to go in and make your characters have full hearts with you.

The part of the community mod is awesome because it adds other ways for you to earn friendship. For example, you can buy something from a shop and you’ll gain friendship with that shop owner. You can talk to a character and anyone who is in ear shot will also gain a bit of friendship. You’ll get friendship with all villagers anytime you ship an item you have yet to ship. This is seriously game changing for building friendship!

39. Portrait Anime Styled

Sometimes you just really want to make the characters have a vibe that you find more attractive, and that’s what this mod is for. If you love anime styled characters than you may love this.

The portrait anime styled mod will change up all of the villagers pictures to have this very specific vibe that so many players love. Elliot looks so gorgeous as an anime character, but he’s always gorgeous no matter the vibe.

40. Range Display

You can miss out on a lot of profit if you don’t know the range of your sprinklers, scarecrows, bee houses, and more. You may miss a single tile and a crow will go and grab that or you’ll miss out on watering that location for the day.

The Range Display Mod will allow you to hit F2 to cycle through all the different types of farm equipment to see its range and see how much it is going to water or protect as a scarecrow so you don’t make any mistakes.

41. Save Anywhere

My least favorite part of Stardew Valley is that the game is only savable at the end of the day when you send your character to bed. This sucks because sometimes you don’t have the time to devote to an entire day, but you don’t want to stop playing.

The save anywhere mod allows you to go and save your game no matter what time of day it is, or where you are in the world making it so you can play half days or just save before you go into the mines justt in case you die and lose sometimes awesome.

42. Simple Crop Label

Sometimes you really need to know which crop is growing in a specific location, but there is no way to see this in the vanilla game. Seriously, sometimes the simplest mods can help you so much.

The simple crop label mod will let you hover over any of your crops to see what type of crop you are growing in that location which is good for farm planning or for making decisions about what to grow.

43. Skip Fishing Mini-Game

Fishing is a really profitable early game task that you can do, but oh my goodness, the fishing mini game is time consuming and seriously annoying. If you decide to spend an entire day fishing you are going to be doing this mini game upwards of 20-30 times and that is just so irritating.

The Skip Fishing Mini-Game Mod is awesome because it allows you to avoid this mini game and also always get the treasure chest since you don’t need to even work to get it. This can help you to earn more money early on when you don’t have a high fishing skill so your fishing bar is so small, plus you’ll get more artifacts for the museum from treasure chests.

44. Skip Intro

Although it is quite cute, the Stardew Valley Intro is way too long and a lot of players wish you didn’t have to wait through it each time.

The Skip Intro Mod allows you to just go straight to the load screen so you can start playing more quickly instead of waiting and waiting for the game to load.

45. Skull Cavern Elevator

One of the best parts of the regular mines is that you are able to use an elevator to go down deep and skip the beginning levels each time you go, something that does not exist in the Skull Cavern.

The Skull Cavern Elevator mod will let you skip down levels in the Skull Cavern by 5 at a time, which is incredible because the lower the level, the better the rewards. You’ll find much more iridium ore at the lower levels so they are much more valuable.

46. Stack Everything

For whatever reason in game, there are specific items that do not stack even if they are the same object. This happens for fruit tree seeds and types of fishing tackle. This is annoying because you can’t bring a bunch of these items anywhere with you without it taking up your entire inventory.

The Stack Everything Mod allows you to carry more of these specific item types so you can have more room in your inventory for the things that will make you money.

47. Stardew Valley Expanded

If you’re looking for a mod that does a lot, then Stardew Valley expanded is for you. This mod changes so many aspects of the game, it is hard to even talk about all of them here. The first incredible thing it adds is 24 new NPCs that you can interact with, with 200 new character events. That’s wild just by itself.

You’ll also find all of the regular areas in the game, like the forest, looking different with small patches where you can grow crops and small places to hangout. You’ll see new farm maps, and just so much more. It’s a crazy cool mod that you need to download and experience at least once.

48. Timespeed

When playing Stardew Valley you have no control over how time flows in the game, which is pretty annoying. The timespeed mod allows you to do whatever you want to time in the game like freezing time, speeding it up, or slowing it down which is helpful if you have a lot you want to get done in a day but just don’t have enough time.

49. Tractor Mod

Clearing your farm takes a lot of time and definitely a lot of energy in the game, especially in that dreaded spring after a long cold winter. The tractor mod gives you an option to purchase a tractor garage from Robin’s shop for her to construct where you can drive a tractor around your farm to clear things quick.

The tractor is a pretty expensive late game item that costs you 150,000g and needs 3 types of resources which are 20 Iron Bars, 5 Iridium Bars, and 5 Battery packs to construct the garage.

50. UI Info Suite

UI Infor Suite is one of those mods that every player just needs to have because it will give you so much information. The first part of the information you’ll see is if you’ve pet your dog or cat that day, which is helpful. You’ll also be able to hover over any machine and see how long it will be until that item is done processing.

You are also going to be able to see the range of your sprinklers when you place them so you can see how far they will work. Plus, you’ll be able to see how close you are to filling another friendship heart with each villager. So many useful things come with this mod that you just need to download it!

51. Variant Anime Portraits

We definitely wanted to add another portrait mod to this list because so many players love these types of mods to change up how the villagers look in their portraits.

The variant anime portraits mod is really fun because it adds adorable anime looks to your villagers which look so great on all of the villagers.

52. Wear More Rings

There are numerous useful rings in the game that will increase your ability to do things in the game. There’s rings that will help you see in the dark, to collect items, for fighting and much more. Unfortunately, you are only able to wear two rings at a time in the regular game.

The Wear More Rings mod allows your character to wear SIX rings at a time, so you can have a ton of the benefits without having to prioritize which are most valuable.

53. Winter Grass

There is nothing worse than having a farm filled with grass on Fall 28, forgetting to scythe it so add it to your silo and it all being gone on Winter 1. This is something that happens to me often. You don’t even have the option to grow new grass in the winter in the vanilla game.

The winter grass mod is a great one because it gives you the option to grow grass in the winter so that you can have it on your farm and scythe it to add it to your silo so you can feed your animals!

Final Thoughts

There are so many incredible modders in the Stardew Valley community who are creating seriously useful items to make the game way more fun and make you have an easier and more fun time in the game. These people are doing such great work, and can make you so happy. Hopefully you enjoy this list of 50 mods for Stardew Valley, because I’ve enjoyed playing with all of these mods over the past few weeks! Happy playing!