There are small sprinkles of magic all throughout the Stardew Valley universe, from an entire Wizard living in a tower to magical statues that teleport you to other areas of the world, you can’t miss the magic. However, there are so many players who are just looking to add more interesting magic to their game and hoping for a more in-depth magical experience.

These magic mods for the game will completely update your experience and add so many layers of the mystical to your gameplay making it so much more fun. From teleporting furniture to improve lore and magical pets there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Magical Family

Some of the best mods for Stardew Valley add so much more gameplay including new NCPs, gameplay and dialogue and Magical Family is one of those mods. Just like Stardew Valley Expanded you’ll be super impressed with this mod and really enjoy it. This mod will add two new characters to your game, the first one being Valerie who is a marriage candidate and her mother Dezerie.

There is an entire storyline with these characters all about Valerie’s story will teach you about a mystery behind someone’s disappearance, definitely a lot to discover that’s going on with these two.

2. Magic Tarots

If you’re looking for super interesting looking items on your farm, you may want to download Magic Tarots. The magic tarots mod will give you new items based on the relationship you have with Wizard. These items are tarot saplings that you can plant on your farm as a tree and will put beautiful tarot cards on the ground of your farm.

In addition to these tarot trees you can also get these fortune cards in your mail at random times that will give you motivation and be really adorable to get in the mail. There are actually 22 card “trees” to be collected, which is so fun!

3. Magic Furniture

Teleportation is the key to success in Stardew Valley and can really streamline your productive days. The Magic Furniture Mod adds a few more purchasable items that will teleport you to your favourite locations. You can add these items to your home or your farm and be able to teleport to locations that don’t have traditional teleportation statues.

The furniture items include a Magic Archway that takes you to the train station, a Magic Tree that takes you next to the community centre, a Magic Carpet that takes you to the travelling cart and finally a Magic Statue that takes you to the sewer.

4. Magic Junimo Pet

Are you trying to make your farm feel more interesting? Well, you can trade out your cat or dog for a magic junimo pet that will hangout around your farm and need to be watered each day. The day after you complete helping hte junimos you’ll get one on your farm the next day and be able to have it as a pet which is genuinely so fun.

If you’re the type of player who really doesn’t want to wait until then you have the option of searching for “escaped junimos” that have left the community centre and you can get this magic junimo earlier than normal.

5. Magical Crops

If you’re looking for some more interesting crops to enjoy in your game, you may want to download Magical Crops for some new goodies. This mod makes it so you have some new quests and events with the Wizard to get your hands on these crop seeds and once you’ve earned the seeds for the first time you’ll be able to just purchase more from The Wizard.

The seeds you’ll be able to get your hands on include King Parsnip, Lucky Roll, Slime Plant, Sunset Drops, Balanced Plant, Cake Plant, Invisible Plant and Inexistent Plant. These are all super fun looking and can make your farm look so much more interesting than regular potatoes and cauliflower.

6. Magic Valley

The main reason why so many Stardew Valley players go ahead and download mods is because they are looking for things that ease the processes. The Magic Valley Mod will add so many features that will make your experience in the game easier and give you stats and information to help you make decisions.

Some of the features you’ll get to enjoy include items like quick information displays that give you information that you need to make decisions, friendship information management for both characters and animals, and maps for your farm and ginger island. It really helps to magically change your gameplay!

7. Lumisteria’s Magic Field

Fighting monsters is a very fun and challenging part of Stardew Valley and can really challenge you in new ways, but sometimes going to the mines is a lot of work and you may just want to fight the monsters without mining. The Lumisteria’s Magic Field Mod will add a new location, The Magic Field, and in this area it will attract a bunch of monsters that you can fight.

You’ll find the entrance in the mine and you’ll need to pay some gold in order to enter the magic field and the monsters will appear between 6 and 11 each night giving you something to do after a long day of other tasks int he game.

8. Magicscepter

One of the most expensive items you can purchase in Stardew Valley is the Return Scepter which is an item you can purchase from Krobus for 2,000,000g which is an obscene price for what it is. All this item does is brings you can to your farm at will. The Magicscepter Mod takes this item and makes it so much more worth the expensive price you’ll pay.

This gives you the ability to choose where you want the scepter to bring you and includes the farm, the beach, the mountain, the desert and even your farm on ginger island which is incredible so you don’t need to pay the fee to get there anymore. This eliminates the need for the giant warp tools on your farm.

9. Magic Tree Roots

Players who are looking for a more magical vibe on your farm definitely need the Magic Tree Roots Mod because it adds these wild looking trees that just feel like you’re on an entirely different planet or magical realm. These trees aren’t going to help you in the traditional gameplay parts in the game but will bring you some fun new items to get from the trees.

These trees need to be purchased from shops like Sandy, Krobus, Robin and Willy and all bear different items. These include things like Air Essence, Fire Essence, Moon Passenger and more. You’ll be able to learn so much about these fun items and its super fun to see these weird trees on your farm.

10. Pebble’s Pastel Magical Tools

Our final mod on this list isn’t really magical but they’re just so cute and feel magical when you use them so it deserved to make the list for me. The Pebbel’s Pastel Magical Tools Mod is a super simple one that re-skins your weapons to make them pastel pink and yellow for a very feminine and adorable aesthetic. This mod adds these colours to everything even down to both scythes and the panning tool you get from Willy after removing the glittering boulder.

Final Thoughts

These mods are going to completely change your experience in Stardew Valley and make it feel like so much more of a magical place. You add a whole new magic family, a magic junimo pet and a set of magical tools and you’ll be having the absolute best time in the game. Happy Playing!