Something that always completely changes your output in Stardew Valley is when you’re finally able to make the very exciting trek to Robin’s shop and purchase a stable and your very first horse.

These horses are able to get you moving around the town so much quicker and if you pair that with a horse flute you’ll be able to have your horse with you at all times.

With everything in Stardew Valley you are able to make it even better by adding mods to your game. These Stardew Valley horse mods will make this creature either more adorable, more useful, or change it from a horse to something completely different!

1. Elle’s New Horses

One of the most popular Stardew Valley modders is Elle, who creates beautiful animals and textures for your game. This Elle’s New Horses mod is awesome because it changes the boring and basic textures for your new horse to something way more adorable.

There are so many to choose from with this mod too, from a gorgeous white horse with rainbow hair to spotted horses that almost look like cows you can definitely find a horse that you’ll love to have in your game.

2. Moped Scooter Horse

Have you ever wished you could ride through Pelican Town on something other than a horse? Me too.

This Moped Scooter Horse mod is hilarious because your character will now get to ride around town on a moped instead. If you pair this with a faster horse mod your characters will be zooming so quickly down the road and around the farm.

3. Horse Whistle

With the 1.5 Update we are able to collect Qi Gems to purchase awesome rewards like the horse flute that allows your character to summon their horse to any area outdoors.

With the horse whistle mod you’ll be able to just press the V key on your keyboard without the horse flute purchased and it will still function and bring your horse to any area outdoors.

This is amazing because it doesn’t take up any space in your inventory which is often scarce and you don’t have to wait until after you’ve finished the community centre, made it to ginger island and collected all the walnuts!

4. Flowers for Horse Mane and Tail

Not all mods need to change how the Stardew Valley horses function, sometimes they can just be to make them prettier!

If you want your entire world to feel more beautiful, including your horse, you should definitely download the flowers for horse mane and tail mod.

This mod adds 16 different versions of flowers for your horse to wear on both their mane and their tail to really make them look beautiful.

Just the little bit of extra colour on your horse really makes them more fun without totally changing the look of the traditional horse.

5. Faster Horse

Are you looking to zoom around Pelican Town on your horse? Are you sick of your horse moving slow and feeling like you may as well be walking? Well, faster horse is here to save the day!

This mod is going to greatly increase how your horse moves and make them zoom so quickly through the world allowing you to run your errands quicker and get through your farm in record time.

6. Better Horses

Our next mod is Better Horses that takes your favourite real-life horse breeds and translates them into the Stardew Valley universe.

We’ve got Friesian horses, Norwegian Fjord horses, and so many more. These are so fun because it makes your horse so unique compared to the default horse in the game.

7. Upgraded Horse – Friendship and Speed Levels

We get relationships with just about everything in Stardew Valley but for whatever reason there is no relationship building with our horses. Why is that? How weird.

With the upgraded horse mod you’re going to be able to build a friendship with your horse over time that will allow you to actually get your horse to move more quickly if you play it correctly.

This mod opens up the ability to feed your horses meals and when you do this your horse will move quicker depending on how much friendship you have. It will gain +1 speed for each heart you have with your horse, capped at 3 hearts so you can really get a movement improvement.

8. Horse Flute Anywhere

Why can’t I bring my horse inside people’s homes in this game? It feels a little mean to leave my horse outside so often all alone!

With the horse flute anywhere mod you’ll be able to bring that horse to your next shopping spree at Pierre’s or your next appointment at Harvey’s!

This mod makes it so once you get the horse flute from Qi toward the end game you’ll be able to use this anywhere and yes, we mean anywhere, allowing you to really bring them everywhere with you.

9. Real Life Horses

Didn’t find the real-life horse you wanted with the better horses mod? Well, you should try the real life horses mod to add even more horse options to your game.

This mod will add 8 horse types to your game for you to enjoy which is so fun. They’re all very simple horses without a ton of embellishment which is awesome because some players love simple textures instead of rainbows and crazy colours.

10. Ponyta (Horse Replacer)

There are a huge group of Stardew Valley players who also love Pokemon and want to have the best of both worlds by adding Pokemon characters to their game.

With the Ponyta Horse Replacer mod you’ll be able to swap out your boring ol’ horse for a Ponyta for your game. Riding around on this animal is going to be so much more fun especially when its gorgeous mane and tail swings in the wind.

11. Flame Horses

There are a number of stardew valley horse mods that are super realistic and bring real-world horses into your game, but what if you want something that’s out of this world?

The Flame Horses mod gives you five horse options to choose from to get a gorgeous black flame horse into your game that will look so cool on your farm and running around the world.

These horses look so cool when you’re galloping around the world with their flame tail and mane making it look like you can take over the world.

12. Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement

Our next mod really does exist for every character in the game if you look for it, but there is an Abigail mod to turn this girl into a centaur.

The Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement mod will take your horse and turn it into a beautiful half horse, half Abigail. This creature has a black body with a purple tail to match her gorgeous hair, with her being in a bikini top.

13. Secretariat

Our next mod is another one to make your horse move more quickly so you can save a bunch of time when travelling around the world.

The secretariat mod will let your horse move much quicker and even allows you to edit the files to adjust the speed increase depending on what you want. That means you can really get your horse moving quick!

14. Pegasus Horse

Why have a boring horse when you could have a pegasus horse?

This gorgeous horse replacement has a beautiful pastel pink mane and tail with a beautiful white body and some adorable light grey wings.

You’ll be the talk of Pelican Town when you ride by Pierre’s General Store on your pegasus!

15. Rainbow Unicorn

Why have a horse when you could have a rainbow unicorn? This mod will replace the boring brown horse you’d get from Robin’s with a beautiful unicorn that you’ll be able to ride anywhere you’d like.

16. Horse Friendly Town

Have you ever been driving around Pelican Town and wanted to take one of the many short cuts through town but you quickly find out that this is not a horse friendly town?

There are numerous zones in the map where your horses can’t go and this has always bugged me when I’m trying to get around.

With the Horse Friendly Town mod there are numerous areas that are going to be expanded to allow your horse to walk around in them instead of having to take the long way, making you get around so much more quickly.

17. Elf Centaur Horse Replacement

If you’re looking for a mod that will make your horse feel more mystical and magical, you may want to download the Elf Centaur Horse Replacement mod.

This mod is going to swap out your traditional looking horse for a beautiful centaur who is half horse, half elf. The elf half has two options one with blonde hair who is always eating a carrot, and one with grey hair who has their hands up in their hair.

These are fun to drive around town and can make the game feel so much more interesting than just riding a regular horse.

18. Obon Horse

Sometimes there are mods that are created and maybe didn’t need to be but still just make me extremely happy.

This Obon Horse mod is going to change out your horse for a giant eggplant or aubergine. The way this looks is just so hilarious and the fact that your horse’s head is swapped for an eggplant, I just can’t handle this without laughing.

Final Thoughts

Getting a horse in this game is a big deal and makes your player much more productive. These Stardew Valley horse mods are really going to change how your horses look, how fast they move, and allow you to build friendship with them which is game changing. Happy playing!