Harvey is everyone’s favourite doctor in Stardew Valley and is one of the many marriage candidates that you can choose from. He’s honestly one of my favourite characters and such a sweetheart once you get to know him but there are always ways to improve these characters.

With some Stardew Valley Harvey mods you are going to be able to change his vibe, remove his moustache, make him a more interesting character and so much more so you can have more fun interacting with this little cutie.

1. Harvey Refined

Our first mod is a necessary one for people who love Harvey. For whatever reason in the vanilla game Harvey is a little messy looking. He has messy hair, weird glasses and an ill-fitting jacket.

This man is a doctor, he presumably has money and works in a small town so he definitely has the time to comb his hair.

With the Harvey Refined mod you’ll get a much cuter version of this adorable doctor. It combs his hair, changes his glasses out for smaller ones that make him look more put together, they make the jacket better fitting and they remove the bow legs that make him look like he’s standing weird.

2. Harvey Apologizes

There are certain heart events where you get the option to side with George or with Harvey but if you side with George, Harvey is a bit of a jerk.

With the Harvey Apologizes mod you’ll get a letter in the mail the next day letting you know that Harvey is sorry for how he reacted during this time and makes you feel more like he’s a good dude again!

3. BIG Harvey Dialogue Expansion

If you only choose to have one stardew valley mod from this entire list, this is the one you should get.

The BIG Harvey Dialogue Expansion mod is going to add 500+ new lines of dialogue to this single character. 500 lines for one character! That’s an insane amount of new stuff to read and this will seriously improve Harvey as a character.

These new lines of dialogue are awesome because they vary depending on what day it is, what season you are in, how many hearts you have with Harvey, and more.

It will really help you with the repetitive nature of the dialogue in the game and keep you interested in actually talking to this character.

4. Replace Your Cat With Harvey’s Moustache

There really are some weird mods that exist in this game and this one is wild. Someone went and decided what if my cat was actually a moustache? Then after asking that question they decided to make it happen.

The Replace Your Cat with Harvey’s Moustache mod will literally make it so your furry friend is really a moustache that can balance a red ball on top of it.

This means that you’ll need to water and pet your moustache and you’ll see them walking around your farm each and every day. One of the weirder ones, but definitely hilarious.

5. Harvey’s Better Moustache

There’s always been something weird with Harvey’s moustache and it honestly feels like a moustache that was grown by a 16 year old. Harvey deserves better.

With the Harvey’s Better Moustache mod it will swap out the thin and light moustache that Harvey has for a thicker and more rounded lip hugger that makes him seem more adorable.

6. Harvey Marriage Expansion

If you’re planning to be (or already are) married to Harvey in your game you absolutely must have the Harvey Marriage Expansion.

The first thing this mod is going to do is give you a brand new (and adorable) 12 heart event with Harvey to add some more to the story. It also adds nineteen new lines of dialogue for Harvey to say to you after the two of your are married and he’s living on the farm.

7. No Glasses or Moustache Harvey

The glasses and moustache that the vanilla version of Harvey has seem to be very controversial in the community and there are a bunch of players who wish they didn’t exist.

With the No Glasses or Moustache Harvey mod you can have an adorable version of this man without having his moustache and glasses make him less attractive to you if that’s what you’re into.

8. Bearish Harvey

For most people having just a moustache is a hard look to pull off and makes some characters rather… creepy. The Bearish Harvey mod is going to give this character a full beard to make him much more approachable.

Something about a man with a beard is just so attractive and Harvey having a beard makes him feel like he’d give you the best hugs and treat you right, not just be a weirdo.

9. Harvey Hates Apples

Sometimes creators make mods just because they make them laugh, and that’s what happened here.

Have you ever heard the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, what if the doctor hates apples?

The Harvey Hates Apples mod literally just makes apples one of Harvey’s hated items. That’s it.

10. Harvey No, Those are Poisonous

This mod honestly just made me laugh so I had to include it in this list! Have you ever noticed that outside of Harvey’s doctor office there are a bunch of red mushrooms hanging out?

Wouldn’t you think that a doctor would know that these are actually poisonous and can harm any person or animal that may happen to eat them? Well, the Harvey No, Those are Poisonous mod will swap out those red mushrooms for the way better and more delicious purple ones that are safer to eat.

11. Chubby Kawaii Harvey

If you’re a fan of anime mods for your favourite games and want to bring some of that vibe to Harvey then you should try this next mod.

The Chubby Kawaii Harvey mod will change this adorable doctor into a Kawaii themed, chubby faced portrait. You have options for a Harvey with glasses or without glasses depending on your preferences too, allowing for further customization.

12. Harvey Personality Mod

Harvey may be a great option for a husband but let’s be honest here, he’s a little dry. He loves to have conversations about doctor related things like telling you to get out of the sun which just isn’t the most romantic.

With the Harvey Personality Mod you’ll get a much more interesting version of this character by removing the doctor talk, adding regular and marriage dialogue that’s more diverse and interesting.

It also enables the ability for Harvey to send you gifts in the mail as well as letters which can help you out because he sends you some goodies.

You’ll also see him have a more varied schedule with him interacting with other NPCs and spending time doing other tasks than being a doctor and being boring.

13. Harvey’s Baby Recolor

When you have babies in Stardew Valley they sometimes come out looking like neither of the parents and you’re left wondering who’s kids they are.

The Harvey’s Baby Recolor mod will allow you to have your babies actually look like your new husband. Since your kid’s never grow up past a toddler age it’s important that they are cute and look adorable walking around so this mod is a must have if you’re planning to marry Harvey.

14. Harvey by Pinzol

If you’re not a fan of the traditional Harvey look you may want to download the Harvey by Pinzol mod to change his look and make him look like a hotter, younger version of himself.

This mod gives you options to have a version of Harvey who just has his moustache removed but keeps some glasses, or a version with no glasses and no moustache who looks so much younger.

They also change the front-on portrait of Harvey making him look slimmer and way more attractive!

15. Doki Doki Dialogue

One of the best mods for improving your favourite marriage candidates is the Doki Doki Dialogue mod.

The main purpose of this mod is to improve the experience when choosing a character to be romantic with because after a while the dialogue gets super repetitive and you can get bored easily.

With this mod you’ll get fifteen new pieces of dialogue focused entirely on making you feel special and allowing you to enjoy your romantic experience more!

16. Harvey Girl

With every character in Stardew Valley you can go ahead and download gender-bending mods to change them to the opposite gender.

With the Harvey Girl mod you can switch it up and turn the town’s doctor into a female character who has red classes and fun hair clips but still decides to wear that same green jacket.

This is a great mod for storytelling purposes, for getting married to a female Harvey or just to make the town a little more feminist by having a female doctor in charge. Definitely a fun way to change the game!

Final Thoughts

Harvey is one of the safer choices for a marriage candidate in Stardew Valley, he’s a doctor, he’s sweet, and he’s a very nice husband. An overall great guy but with these Stardew Valley Harvey mods you can really improve your game and make him even better and a more fun choice for a husband. Happy Playing!