Hair may not seem like something that needs to be modded in your favourite games, but it’s actually one of the most common types of mods for many players to download. This happens because so many players really just want to be able to create a character that resembles them and makes them feel like they can see themselves in the game.

These mods will require you to have some other stuff downloaded including, of course, SMAPI to make any of the mods work and you may also need content patcher for these to work properly.

1. Ace’s Non-Replacer Hairstyles

Our first hair mod that you absolutely need for Stardew Valley is Ace’s Non-Replacer Hairstyles. These hairstyles are gorgeous and feature a bunch of fun looks like bubble pig tails, built in bows, and way cuter short hairstyles than we get in the concerned ape vanilla game.

The best part about these hairstyles is that they don’t replace any of the existing options in the game so you can choose from any of these, but still have the vanilla Concerned Ape creator hairs as well if that’s what you’re feeling. This is also awesome because a lot of other modders may use replacer hairstyles so you can use this in addition to your others.

2. Ace and Lumisteria’s Hairstyles Bundle

Our next mod takes the hairstyles from two popular creators, Ace and Lumisteria, and puts them into a bundle so you can download a single file to get them all in your game at once. These hairstyles are very cute and really add some customization to your characters.

Possibly the best hair style in this pack is the space buns because there isn’t anything quite that cut in the vanilla version of Stardew Valley and it makes your character look really adorable.

3. Animated Hairstyles for Fashion Sense

If you’re looking for really great dynamic hairstyles for your game you need to try these Animated Hairstyles for Fashion Sense. These hairstyles move with the wind and change as your character moves around, making them so fun to watch as your character scurries around getting their tasks done.

4. Barber-Ella Hair to Dye For

The Barber-Elle Hair to Dye For Mod has some really great style options for your characters that are super simple and don’t have anything too wild. These hairstyles feature small variations so you can get the exact hairstyle you like instead of one you just tolerate.

5. Beard and Hair Pack

The beard options in Stardew are really simple and a little boring and don’t allow you to have a really long beard that just takes over the entire look. This Beard and Hair Pack is wonderful because it adds some really adorable masculine hairstyles and bears to match.

The absolute best thing about this pack is that the bears and hairs are connected meaning the bears are not a separate piece and you can still use your accessory slot for glasses or other accessories for even more customization.

6. Blueheart’s Hairstyles

So many of these mods are just adding interesting hairstyles to the game that don’t current exist and Blueheart’s Hairstyles Mod is awesome and adds some great emo options to the game. Most of the hairstyles in game currently don’t cover much of your characters face and I love the few that cover part of an eye, or an entire eye with the longest hair. There’s even one where it looks like half the head is shaved the other half isn’t for a unique look.

7. Brown Haired Jodi

There is just something about Jodi that feels like Brown Hair. It’s a lot like those people who say that different things are like colours, like a cold winter day is pink. Jodi is brown hair. This Brown Hair Jodi mod is awesome because it changes her form having a light red hair to being the brown haired woman we all need.

It honestly feels a bit like a Mandela effect because I swear Jodi has brown hair, but nope. The vanilla version of Jodi is a red-head but I think she deserves to be the beautiful brown haired woman she is.

8. Curly Hair Maru

There is something about Maru that just looks like she should have fun curly hair, but she has straight hair and it’s just not the vibe. The vanilla Maru is a little uninteresting and not the cutest version of herself, but we can change the with Curly Hair Maru.

Sometimes the mods we want to add to the game are super simple and just feel more like how we’d like the game to be.

9. Hair Hue

One complaint I have about Stardew is that the hair colours are a bit dull and don’t bring much excitement to the game. Even the bright colours like Emily and Abigail’s hairstyles are very boring and one dimensional. This Hair Hue Mod takes the hair colours in the game and brightens them up by a whole bunch so you can have more interesting colours and enjoy your hair in the game so much more.

10. Haley Portrait New Haircut

If you know anything about Haley, you know she’d never be seen dead with yellow hair. She’s a blonde and a very nice, beautiful blonde not this cheese coloured blonde we get in the game. The Haley Portrait New Haircut mod changes not only the colour of her hair but also gets rid of the little fly away sections of her hair to make it look much smoother and well put together.

11. Kats Brighter Hair

There are a ton of fun colours you can make your hair in the game since we have the options to use colour sliders, but a lot of these colours aren’t vibrant the way we’d want them to be. This is always very disappointing if you want a really bright colour of hair like pink or blue.

Kat’s Brighter Hair mod takes those hair colours and gives you options to increase the colour hues by 25, 50 or 75% so you can completely customize these options.

12. Natural Hairstyles

One thing that Stardew really doesn’t do well is representation, especially with their only being two POC characters in the game. This translates to the hairstyles you can pick for your character with there being so few textured hairstyles for you to use.

The Natural Hairstyles Mod is awesome because it adds 56 natural hairstyles for your character to have that include styles like afros, locs, puffs and more giving you so many options.

13. Penny With Long Hair

The vanilla version of Penny in the game has a nice set of bangs and a twisted low bun that makes her look extremely stuck up and more like a teacher than someone you’d want to hangout with. The Penny With Long Hair Mod makes her look a little more playful and adorable and like someone you’d want to hangout with.

14. Prismatic Hair Bow

There are so many fun Prismatic clothing items that change colours as you wear them and make it much more fun to wear clothing. You can get prismatic hats, pants and more to really customize your outfit. This Prismatic Hair Bow lets you have a fun hair style for a more feminine look than most of the other magic or prismatic items.

It is important that you know that this item will entirely replace the Magic Cowboy Hat that can be purchased from the desert trader with this bow, so you can’t have both!

15. Repaint Baby

The Repaint Baby Mod is a simple one that makes your babies in the game look a bit more interesting. The biggest key to this mod is that it gives your baby a bit of hair and this hair actually takes after your spouse, for example if you marry Penny or Leah your baby will have red hair and be absolutely adorable. Just a small mod that makes it feel like these are actually your spouses kids instead of the same generic babies each time.

16. Shardust’s Hairstyles

Our next mod is a set of gorgeous hairstyles called Shardust’s Haristyles that has 24 new hairstyles for you to add to your game for your character to enjoy. These hairstyles are awesome and feature so many details and are very common real life hairstyles. There’s some great curly hairs, braids and even a messy bun which is very relatable.

17. Simper Hair

Every single person who plays Stardew Valley has a different preference for what kinds of art styles they enjoy. The Simpler Hair Mod takes the current art style and makes it much more simpler for a bit of a cleaner look in the game. It also takes the colours you can choose with the sliders and just makes them a bit more vibrant and interesting to look at.

18. Stardew Barber

Have you ever been playing Stardew Valley and really wished there was somewhere you could go to change your character’s look? Well, the Stardew Barber Mod allows you to go see Tate the Barber at his Barbershop and go change your hairstyle.

This also changes the portraits of a lot of the bachelors to have a new more interesting haircut and these characters will also take trips to the barber and you can see them there. It’s really fun having a new place to go and a new barber character to be your buddy!

19. Streak Hairstyles

When you look at the real world there are so many fun hairstyles out there with fun colours and definitely some fun streaks. With the Streak Hairstyles Mod you can have dark hair with a fun coloured streak in the front for a bit of flair for your character.

The way these hairs work is that the front streak of the hair will change with any sliders and is entirely customizable so you can choose your streak colour. However, the back dark black part of the hair isn’t changeable at the moment and will stay black no matter what. So you can’t do blonde hair with a streak for example.

20. SVE Character Hairstyles

The Stardew Valley Expanded Mod is one of the absolute best for the game but you can’t get access to any of those hairstyles for your personal character. With the SVE Character Hairstyles Mod you can have all of these ones available to you from SVE and have so many adorable options for your character. Possibly the cutest one is Olivia’s hair and it makes me so happy seeing it in game.

21. Toddler With Twintail Hairstyle

One big complaint about kids in Stardew Valley is that they are just so boring and honestly not very cute. If you’re looking for a hair mod that will improve the way your kids look then you need the Toddler With Twintail Hairstyle Mod. This mod not only adds some adorable pig tails for your toddlers but also has the colour of their hair taking after their parents, so if you have Abigail as your spouse they will have purple hair.

Final Thoughts

Hair mods are one of my favourite ways to totally customize a character in Stardew Valley or change the look of the villagers to be more like someone I see them as. Customization is so important for making characters that look like you, or how you want them and hair is a huge part of that. Happy Playing!