Stardew Valley is one of the best farming simulator games of all time, but the characters are people and for any furries out there this just isn’t what you want. If you’re seriously looking into changing all of the characters in the game (including yourself) into a furry instead of the regular villagers, these three mods are your new must haves for playing Stardew.

1. Stardew Valley Expanded Furry Conversion

If you’re a huge fan of the Stardew Valley Expanded Mod then you’ll want to download this conversion for sure. It takes not only the original characters from Concerned Ape and turns them into furries but also takes the SVE characters as well. These characters are absolutely beautifully done and will have you living your furry dreams.

Before you download you will need to have 3 mods already, the first being SMAPI which you need to run any mods for Stardew Valley, but you’ll also of course need Stardew Valley Expanded and the Anthro Characters mod we are about to discuss.

2. Anthro Characters + Genderswaps

The best mod for turning Stardew Valley characters into furries is the anthro characters mod because it will take every single townsperson in Stardew Valley and switch them out for gorgeously designed characters. These ones are super fun and will make the game feel so much more playful and enjoyable and a real escape from life.

In addition to having all of the characters changed into anthropomorphic characters, this mod also has the option to download gender swapped versions of all of these characters and it makes all of the previously female characters very handsome.

If you’re super interested in the gender swap aspect of this mod, make sure you read the instruction in-depth so you get the characters you want and aren’t disappointed. This is especially important because downloading Stardew Valley mods can be a bit confusing.

3. Anthro Farmer

Playing with all of the other characters in the game being anthropomorphic without your farmer being the same is pretty weird, so it’s way more fun to have your character as a furry as well. This is so awesome because it gives you different animal face types and goes into details with how each piece of clothing will look on your characters.

The details in this mod are wonderful because there are special nose types for you to choose from, different face types and using these will really have you fitting in if you pair this mod with the character mod as well.

Final Thoughts

There are millions of Stardew Valley players out there and not all of them want to be playing with regular human characters, the furries out there deserve representation too! These mods will entirely change how you play Stardew and make you feel so connected to your characters. Happy Playing!