Fishing is one of the most time consuming tasks in Stardew Valley but can be a serious money maker in your first year or two of playing. Unfortunately, the fishing mini-game is extremely repetitive and fishing loses most of its profitability after Grandpa’s visit. The mods on this list will completely revolutionize fishing in Stardew and make it so much more fun, and help you to reach that master angler level easily.

1. Auto Fishing

Have you ever been playing Stardew and watching a show or video at the same time and just wanted the fishing mechanics to do their thing without your effort? If you play like that, then the Auto Fishing Mod was made for you. This mod is extremely simple but it will auto cast your fishing rod so you don’t have to, auto catch the fish so you never miss one and make it so you don’t have to play the mini game.

Since you’ll auto cast the line and auto catch the fish you’ll have your character catch every treasure chest that appears, every catch will be perfect. This will help you earn mega money in your first few years when gold is scarce.

2. Fishing Chests Expanded

When you’re fishing there’s just a few things you can catch. There’s fish, trash and treasure chests but most of the treasure chests have some pretty boring items inside of them. The Fishing Chests Expanded Mod will seriously change up what you can get inside these chests when you manage to catch them.

In addition to the regular items like gems, artifacts and fishing lure that you’ll catch you may get things like furniture, decor and you can even get gold in your chest rewards. Makes it much more worth it for you to grab those treasure chests.

3. Teh’s Fishing Overhaul

If you’re looking for a single mod that will completely change fishing in Stardew, Teh’s Fishing Overhaul is the mod for you. This superstar mod allows you to change the options and configure seetings for everything from the chances of your character catching garbage, to how fish will behave allowing them to be easier to catch, to what chances you’ll have in finding treasure.

Possibly the best part of this mod is the perfect catch streaks and income increases. If you catch a bunch of perfect catches in a row you’ll continue to increase a streak and will start catching more and more valuable fish allowing you to earn a whole bunch of gold.

4. Improved Map for Fishing Farms

If you absolutely love to play on the Riverland farm because you love to fish, you’ll absolutely want to check out this Improved Map for Fishing Farms. This is seriously incredible because there is a ton more space with secret pathways for you to jump to different areas of the world.

There’s a beach shortcut in the bottom right corner, a secret woods shortcut in the top left corner, a minecart access area and access to the mines just from your farm. This pretty much makes it so you never have to put in walking effort when playing which is incredible.

5. Fishing Assistant

So many players are just absolutely wishing that they can avoid spending all of their time fishing so using a mod like the Fishing Assistant is key. This mod is simple and super useful and allows you to set your fish to auto catch or customize it based on difficulty. It even has an awesome option for you to get your character to auto-stop fishing when they are low energy so you don’t pass out.

6. Fishing Valley

Something that is just lacking in the game is a variety of interesting fish types and other sorts of water animals for your characters to catch. This is especially true if you are playing a ton of Stardew and always fishing and using crab pots, you can easily get bored with the fish types.

The Fishing Valley Mod adds over 50 types of fish including amphibians or aquatic reptiles which keeps it so much more fun. You even get a brand new area called The Albatross Fishing Resort where you can go after you repair the bus and you can catch all the new fish types at this resort.

7. Extreme Fishing Overhaul

The best types of fishing mods for the game are the types that change a whole bunch of things with just a single mod. The Extreme Fishing Overhaul Mod does a bunch of small changes to your fishing experience in the game. This mod will generate thousands of extra fish in random locations in the game making it easier to catch and just more fun.

The creator of the extreme fishing overhaul mods recommends that you use the level extender mod paired with it. This secondary mod will allow your character to get levels in skills higher than 10 making it even easier to catch fish when you hit levels like 20 or even 100.

8. Simple Fishing

Our next mod is the Simple Fishing Mod which makes one very small change by making the difficulty of the fishing mini game. So many players struggle with fishing and end up absolutely hating going fishing in Stardew Valley because the mini game is so annoyingly difficult, especially when you have a low fishing skill. Having a simpler fishing game will allow you to capture those fish easily and earn your fishing skill so much quicker than usual.

9. Fishing Made Easy Suite (SVE Edition)

There are so many players who want an entirely customizable Stardew Valley experience and the ability to change settings with just about everything. The Fishing Made Easy Suite will allow you change settings on things like fishing difficulty, accessibility, farm pond fishing and even the ability to fish prismatic shards which are a very hard object to obtain in the game. This mod is entirely compatible with the Stardew Valley Expanded Mod which is one of the best mods for the game.

10. Fishing Trawler

There are certain types of mods that will add new gameplay and exciting new characters and the Fishing Trawler mod will add a new friend named Murphy. This guy hangs out on the end of the dock (the dock you get access to after repairing the bridge) and will allow you to go on a weekly trip where you can go fishing in bulk.

You will be playing a new mini game for fishing and can even get access to an angler’s ring on these trips and this even has support for a co-op farm. In addition, the creator has added a thing called ancient flags that you can put on your homes wall and use it to change the style of your fishing excursions.

11. Skip Fishing Mini Game

If you’re trying to catch a whole bunch of fish extremely quickly you may want to have the option to skip fishing mini game so you can jump from fish to fish faster without struggle. This mod lets you cast your line and as long as you hit the button at the right time when the fish bite you’ll catch it perfectly. All of these fish will be of perfect quality, you can still get treasure and catch the legendary fish with ease.

12. Fishing Minigames (Alternatives and Here Fishy)

When you end up playing a whole bunch of Stardew Valley you will without a doubt get sick of playing the same fishing mini game over and over. It’s so repetitive and boring but thankfully this fishing minigames mod will give you some options to have more fun playing and trying to catch fish. It’s configurable so you can have this mini game option replace the regular one or go right along side it for options.

13. Fishing Info Overlays

Anyone who has played a lot of Stardew Valley ends up spending a lot of time on the wiki to figure out what fish you can catch where. The Fishing Info Overlays Mod is great because it will show you a box in the top left corner where it will tell you what kinds of fish you can catch in each area and what percentage of chance you have to catch one.

To make this mod appear you want to have your character be holding either a crab pot or a fishing rod and it will come up, that way you don’t have to see it all the time if you’re holding a hoe.

14. Realistic Fishing

Some players are looking to make the game more difficult for themselves and if that’s you, realistic fishing is the mod for you. This mod makes fishing extremely realistic and even puts a catch limit of 10 fish per day on your character making it way harder to earn an income with fishing. Since this is a catch limit this mod even enables you to throw your catch back in the water to change your catch amount.

In addition to throwing in a catch limit they even add a persistent fish population which means that what yo catch each time you go fishing actually affects the population of fish that are in the water.

15. A Bit Lightweight Fishing (Without Rebalance)

Some mods are extremely simple but extremely helpful like the A Bit Lightweight Fishing Mod. This one just makes it so that your fishing resistance reduces by 25%. What does this do? Well, it makes every single fish easier to catch when playing the traditional fishing mini game so you can catch more fish and earn more gold.

16. Better Fishing and Beach Foraging

There are a lot of players that find the colours used in many of the objects in the game to be too bright and a little too unrealistic. The Better Fishing and Beach Foraging Mod changes the icons for all of these objects to change their colours and designs to make them a bit more toned down and easier on the eyes. This works awesome especially if you’re using a whole world recolour and can’t stand the overall look of the fish in mixture with those types of mods.

18. Desert Fishing Iridium Quality

One of the more annoying things about the desert in Stardew Valley is how small the desert lake is because this makes it almost impossible to catch iridium quality fish. The Desert Fishing Iridium Quality Mod slightly adjusts the size of the pond in the desert so you can stand at the absolute bottom peak and be able to catch an iridium quality fish by casting right into the middle of the pond.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to make a decent amount of gold in your first two years on your farm in Stardew Valley you have to go fishing since its so hard to earn a huge income without sprinklers. These fishing mods for the game are going to be so helpful in making fishing easier and making it so much more fun to go fishing and earn an income that way. Happy playing!