If you’re looking to really change your experience when playing Stardew Valley or are just needing to mix up your gameplay, this mod is entirely for you. In this mod you’ll find amazing things like new characters, new storylines, and so much more.

What is Stardew Valley Expanded?

Stardew Valley Expanded is a really intense mod that adds so much more gameplay and locations for you to go through. This expands the useable land in the world for both farming and exploring and completely changes the story up and lets you have a more interesting experience.

Some things you can get to experience are an expanded Joja Mart Story, New Cut Scenes, New Characters, New Locations and even new fish to catch!

Who Created Stardew Valley Expanded?

Stardew Valley Expanded was created by a modder named FlashShifter who can be found on twitter @FlashShifter where they often post update information. Thankfully, they post updates to their mods often and you can support them on Patreon here.

Update Farm Types

With this mod there is an incredible new farm version as the default Grandpa’s Farm that adds so much new stuff to your farm experience. This gives you some great farmland, different landmark locations, new shortcuts and so much beauty. There is also a new remastered farm for multiplayer play throughs.

New Characters

One of my favourite parts about this mod is that it adds a whole bunch of new characters for you to talk to including both marriage candidates and just regular townsfolk which opens up the game in ways we could’ve never dreamed of. The new marriage candidates are:

Being able to marry new characters is so fun because watching the same cut scenes over and over can get really boring and repetitive. There are also non-marriage candidates that we’ve never seen before:

There are also changes to other characters we already know allowing you to talk to more of them and giving them more dialogue to make them more interesting.

New Locations

The biggest and best part of this mod is that is really expands the world and brings in so many new areas for you to enjoy. There are new parts of the world all over that range from farms, to vineyards to regular homes and you can find so many goodies around. Below you’ll find just some of the new areas you can explore in this mod!

Jenkins’ Residence

The first location is the Jenkins’ Residence which you’ll find in Pelican Town to the right of the general store and this is where both Victor and Olivia are living. This house is much larger than any of the regular homes we’re used to in Pelican Town and has an actual bathroom, a library, a cellar, and so much more.

Blue Moon Vineyard

The next location we have is the Blue Moon Vineyard which you’ll find below Jodi and Haley’s homes but you’ll need to head to the beach to walk up some stairs to get there. This location is where Sophia lives and has a full vineyard out front. There are a number of wonderful forageables that appear in this area as well.

This location is also a place where you can purchase vineyard wine which is great for gifting or go ahead and buy some quality sprinklers to use on your farm. There is even a water area at the bottom where you can fish and catch a whole ton of fish!

Shearwater Bridge

A big way that this mod makes the world much, much bigger is by having a nice long bridge that connects the two sides of the world and allows you to go to Grampleton Fields and the Old Community Garden from Pelican Town.

Old Community Garden

A big complaint that a lot of players have about Stardew Valley is that there just isn’t enough space to plant crops on your farm. Well, expanded allows you to have use of things like the old community garden to plant items.

You are going to need to unlock access to this one though by entering Pelican town in your second spring between 6 and 6 on a sunny day and Lewis will tell you to clean it up and use it to grow more things and take advantage of the area for the betterment of the town.

Emerald Farm

There is a competitor in the world for you and that is Susan at Emerald Farm which is located up by the railroad. Thankfully, most of the items grown by Susan are shipped off to other locations by train!


Since SVE is such a large and in-depth mod there are quite a few of other important mods you need in order to be able to have the full experience. You’ll need to have all of these input into SMAPI and run the game through that to make it work. The following are the mods you’ll need:


This mod is so wonderful that we want everyone in the world to be able to be able to enjoy it, and thankfully there are a bunch of awesome translated versions of this mod available for you to download. They are separate files and may not be updated in the same ways, but are a great option for non-english speakers. The ones that are available at time of writing are:

How to Install

Since Stardew Valley Expanded is a huge mod and the installation can be a bit complicated with SMAPI, we can look to a great video from Captain Oden to help you install the mod.

How to Support The Creator

Since this mod is extremely intense and in-depth, we want to support the creator of it in any way we possibly can. Thankfully the creator, FlashShifter, has made that extremely simple to do. The first option is to go ahead and donate directly through their PayPal account, if you don’t want to do that and would like to support more consistently you can also support them on Patreon.