There are so many times in Stardew Valley when you’re trying to finish a recipe or complete perfection by shipping every item or you accidentally blew up something very expensive with bombs where you just wish you could search and spawn any item you want. Well, you can with the CJB Item Spawner Mod.

This mod will genuinely change your life in this game and can give you a serious head start with gameplay if you can just get a bit of money quick by selling 999 iridium bars or 999 pufferfish.

How to Use the CJB Item Spawner Mod

When you have the CJB Item Spawner Mod installed in your game properly it will allow you to just hit the i key on your keyboard and a new menu will pop open that allows you to spawn any items in the game. They come in stacks of 999 for any stackable items, or single stacks for items like clothing, decorations and others.

Why is this useful? Well, you can spawn rare items that you may never see like some of the farm random event items or spawn stacks of items to sell or use in recipes to get a jump start on your farm income.

Requirements for Use

Sometimes when using mods for your favourite games you need to have other mods installed to make them work properly. Unfortunately for Stardew Valley you always need to have another mod installed because you can’t launch mods without SMAPI so you will be required to download this mod to be able to use the item spawner.

Mods That Require CJB

There are tons of mods that are super layered and use other mods to make them easier to create and there are tons of mods that require you to have CJB installed to use properly. The following mods require you to have this mod for use:

Translations of This Mod

There are Stardew Valley players literally all around the world so it is important to have great translations to have international players enjoy it too. Thankfully, the UI of CJB doesn’t require a ton of translations but there are official versions of translated CJB mods to download: