It feels like the Venn Diagram of people who love Stardew Valley and people who love anime is honestly a circle. There are so many incredible stardew valley anime mods that can completely change the vibe of the game and bring in parts of your other favourite anime franchises into this awesome farming simulator.

These mods are things like changing the appearance of the characters to give them an anime style, changing the look of things on your farm and so much more. You’ll be so excited to play the game with these anime mods you’ll never be able to put it down again!

1. Stardew Valley Anime Mods

Our first mod on this list is the stardew valley anime mod that changes every single villager portrait to an anime style. This is great because they have adorable facial expressions, wrinkles, and interesting details to their clothing that you just can’t get from the original style.

The marriage candidates for the female characters are all in bikinis with a bit of cleavage hanging out at the top which leaves them look very attractive but not quite an 18+ mod for stardew like many of the other ones out there.

2. Portrait Anime Styled

If you want to completely switch up how your characters look in the game you should try the portrait anime styled mod that will switch up all the villager portraits.

These types of mods are awesome because they are so simple but so effective in changing the look of the characters! These characters are heavily anime styled with with their eyes, their hair and their facial expressions being super stylized.

3. Female Wizard (Anime Version)

Depending on your storytelling in Stardew you may have moments when you wish that the Wizard was a female character instead of the vanilla male wizard. This does kind of kill fan theories that Abigail’s real dad is the wizard, but it’s still super fun in the game.

The Female Wizard (Anime Version) mod is a simple swap to the portraits for the wizard to this adorable little witch with a cute witch hat, a black outfit and gorgeous long purple hair.

4. Magical Anime Collection

Let’s be honest right now, the furniture in the vanilla game is very boring after your first few play throughs. It’s all pretty basic and uninteresting but modders have discovered how they can create custom furniture.

This magical anime collection is awesome because it adds 34 items to your game for furniture to decorate your farmhouse, your sheds, and even the world now with the outdoor decoration update.

This adds 18 sailor moon inspired decor items (my favourite show as a kid, so cute!), 3 magic knight rayearth dolls, cardcaptor sakura dolls, and so much more. You’ll be able to have these cute dolls all over your farm!

5. Anime Catboy Portrait Mod

Are you looking to change your favourite marriage candidate boys in the game into adorable cat boys? Me too.

This anime catboy portrait mod is going to give you the most adorable cat themed anime portraits for your favourite marriage characters and for some reason also applies to Demetrius because the creator loves him!

You’ll get to see Alex as a cute beagle, Shane as a dirty street stray cat, Sebastian as an unlucky black cat and it will just make you smile while playing. If you love mods like these, you may want to check out these stardew valley furry mods to add to your game too!

6. Seasonal Anime Portraits II

Has it ever bothered you that your favourite characters in Stardew Valley never change their clothes with the weather? They’ll still be in short dresses and t-shirts in the dead of winter, aren’t they cold?

Well, with the seasonal anime portraits mod they are going to get adorable anime portraits that actually change with the seasons so you don’t have to worry about them getting cold anymore!

7. Talkohlooey’s Portraits

Our next stardew valley anime mod is Talkohlooeye’s Portraits which is an incredible option for super detailed images. One of my favourite parts about this mod is the looks on the characters faces, they’re exactly what you’d expect.

Shane looks like he hates the world, Sebastian doesn’t smile and Sam is the perfect smiling little cutie you’d expect this pizza loving boy to be.

The best thing is that this mod is compatible with the absolute best stardew valley mod! The creator went ahead and made all of the characters from stardew valley expanded in this mod so you can expect to see even those characters icon’s change!

8. Anime Goth Haley

Many plays of Stardew Valley just aren’t a fan of the blonde Haley from the vanilla game, she’s a little bland if we’re being honest.

This anime goth haley not only changes Haley to be a more anime style but it also goes ahead and turns her goth which is a vibe and it makes me like her so much more.

9. Anime Eyes Replacement

If you are looking for something that will add a bit of anime love to your game without completely taking over the entire vibe, you should try the anime eyes replacement mod. These eyes are awesome with the looking super big and having that signature anime look that we all love!

This mod only applies to your character, so everyone else in the game will keep the vanilla default eyes, allowing you to add something for you but keep the rest of the game the same if you’d like.

10. Totoro Ghibli Anime Water Obelisk Retexture

Having the obelisks on your farm is a super flex, but imagine if they weren’t just tall objects and could actually be much more fun? With the Totoro Ghibli Anime Water Obselisk mod you’ll be able to change it up and have a Totoro statue hanging out on your farm.

This statue is seriously adorable with a small fountain at the bottom and Toroto sitting inside, when you character approaches and clicks they’ll warp straight to the beach!

Of course this is going to still be expensive in game with it costing 1,000,000g and needing a bunch of resources like iridium bars and coral. You’ll really struggle to get your first one but once you have it you’ll be so excited!

11. Cardcaptor Sakura Staff

Our final stardew valley anime mod is the Cardcaptor Sakura Staff mod which will replace your Lava Katana and Galaxy Sword with a beautiful pink staff from Cardcaptor Sakura.

This staff replacement is gorgeous with a pink handle allowing your characters to feel super adorable when swinging their weapons instead of having giant weapons with no flair.

If you pair this with a soft pink tools mod you can have all of the adorable tools and weapons you’d ever dream of!

Final Thoughts

Adding these mods to my game has made it so much more adorable and somehow convinced me to play more Stardew Valley which I didn’t even think was possible. These stardew valley anime mods are going to add so much cuteness to your game and add all new portraits to your favourite characters. Happy Playing!