There are tons of characters that we all love in Stardew Valley and it seems like Abigail is one of the most popular. She’s known for her gorgeous purple hair, her love of video games and the fact that she loves to hangout in a cemetery.

She may be a bit of a weird character in the game but she is loved, but she can be even better depending on which Stardew Valley Abigail mods you add to your game!

You can change her aesthetic, turn her into a ghost or add new storylines and interactions. It will really make the game so much more fun!

1. Abigail’s New Style

Although Abigail really is known for her fun purple hair but there are definitely some players out there that wish it wasn’t purple. With this Abigail’s New Style mod you can have a pink-haired Abigail in your game.

This is a very vibrant hair colour and will change both her portrait image and her sprite to make sure she always has pink hair.

Thankfully, having pink hair does keep her in line with her personality and storyline and she can be the pink haired gamer girl of your dreams!

2. Ghost Abigail Sprites and Portraits

I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to have Abigail be a ghost, but with the Ghost Abigail Mod it is definitely an option.

This mod will change both Abigail’s portrait and sprite to have a very dead looking skin tone so she looks like a ghost which really adds to her storyline and makes her an even more interesting character.

3. Sebastian, Abigail and Farmer Polyamory

Are you wanting to have your cake and eat it too? I guess, have your Abigail and eat your Sebastian too? Wow, that was weird.

Well, with the Sebastian, Abigail and Farmer Polyamory mod you can add some heart events to the game when you’re dating both Sebastian and Abigail at the same time.

Pair this with a polyamory mod and you’ll be able to enjoy the love of both of these characters forever!

4. Abigail Replacement Portrait

Every person who uses Stardew Valley mods has a preference for how they like to have their characters look. There are dozens of portrait mods out there and a lot of them feature entirely different versions of Abigail.

This Abigail Replacement Portrait adds a bit of weight to Abigail by rounding out her face and showing off some cleavage, she has a more rounded nose and a cute smile. The creator even went and changed the style of her hair giving her more personality and modifying her accessories!

5. Abigail Spanish Wedding Dress

When you marry any of the female characters in the game they are going to be wearing a very basic white dress. The only issue is that Abigail doesn’t seem like the type to wear white on their wedding day.

She’s definitely a black wedding dress type of lady.

The Abigail Spanish Wedding Dress mod is going to give you a more traditional Spanish wedding dress for your big day.

This mod even has specific head pieces that change depending on the season, which is so fun!

6. Vanilla Gothic Abigail

When we’re downloading mods for our favourite games we don’t always need them to be making wild, sweeping changes. Sometimes the best changes are the subtle ones that just make things more fun.

The vanilla gothic Abigail mod is a simple one that just changes Abigail’s portrait and sprite to be a bit more gothic.

With this she’s going to have a black chocker with an upside down cross hanging from it, black lipstick and some cute bat clips in her hair. It really makes her look match her personality.

7. Girls into Boys – Male Abigail

There are so many mods out there for you to change the gender of characters in the game and this one turns Abigail into a male character.

This character’s name isn’t Abigail however, it is now Abaddon.

The dialogue is all changed to work for a male character and now you can have the purple-haired gamer boy of your dreams in the game.

8. Maid Dress for Abigail

Our next mod adds a maid dress for abigail turning her into many people’s fantasies. This is a great mod for once you’re married to Abigail to make it feel like you and your new wife are trying to mix things up.

For many players this mod may be a slippery slope to adding a bunch of 18+ Mods to Stardew and there’s no shame in that!

9. Abigail and Juliet Prank Jojamart

If you’re looking to add a bit more fun to your game with some funny dialogue between Abigail and the cashier at Joja, you need Abigail and Juliet Prank Jojamart!

This mod adds 4 unique dialogues from Abigail, some of which include Juliet. These are going to have you thinking that Abigail is a bit more of a criminal than ever before.

We all know that Jojamart deserves whatever they get so this is a must download.

10. Abigail Revised – Seasonal

One small thing that has always annoyed me in the game is that characters are wearing the same outfits in the heat of the summer that they are wearing in the middle of winter.

With this Abigail Revised – Seasonal mod you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the seasons in game.

This mod not only gives Abigail a shorter and cuter hair cut, and even an up-do in the summer time, it also gives you all new outfits.

You’ll see Abigail’s style be so extremely interesting with scarfs and hats in the winter, and cute tank tops in the summer time. It really adds some realism to the game.

11. Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement

Have you ever gotten to the point in the game when you can get yourself a horse to zoom around the valley more quickly but you wished it was a centaur that was half Abigail?

Oh yeah, totally, me too.

This Abigail centaur horse replacement mod is hilarious and changes it so your character is able to ride a centaur version of this character.

The horse half of the body is a very dark purple with a purple mane to match Abigail’s purple hair and of course the top half is Abigail in a bikini top.

12. Plump Abigail

Why is every single character in this game super skinny? There should really be more representation in both race and body types to make the town feel more like real life.

With the plump Abigail mod you’ll get to have a super beautiful version of Abigail that has a chubbier portrait.

She honestly looks so beautiful in these images and her facial expressions end up being a whole lot cuter this way!

13. Abigail Sprites Remastered

There are two things about Abigail visually that often annoy players in the game. The first thing is the fact that she has bow legs that are super far apart and weird looking, and the second is her bow which makes her feel super young compared to her personality.

The Abigail sprites remastered mod is going to remove these two visual annoyances and make Abigail a more visually appealing character for you to marry in the game.

Those bow legs are super annoying there’s a mod to remove them from every single character!

14. Abigail’s Real Dad

Did you know that there is lore in the Stardew Valley universe that makes many players believe that Pierre isn’t really Abigail’s dad?

Yup, you heard that right! Many players believe that The Wizard is Abigail’s real dad because of the purple hair and some of Caroline’s dialogue.

The Abigail’s Real Dad mod will change Pierre’s look so he has purple hair to match his daughter and will change it so The Wizard has white hair instead so there is no question of who is the real father.

15. Brunette Abigail

Another way to eliminate the questions about Abigail’s real dad is to use brunette Abigail to change her hair colour to make it look like Pierre really is her dad!

If you don’t care about that bit of lore you may just want to change the hair colour for Abigail because you prefer a brunette look to her purple. Whatever your reason, this is a great mod!

16. Taller Abigail

There is a huge portion of the Stardew Valley fan community that believe that Abigail exudes tall girl energy.

You can definitely achieve this with the taller abigail mod and it will satisfy all of the tall girl Abigail desires.

17. Turn Abigail Into Chicken

The second I saw this stardew valley Abigail mod it immediately had to make the list. Who would’ve thought it would be extremely fun to turn Abigail into a chicken?

Do you realize that turn Abigail into a chicken allows you to actually marry a chicken!

This completely replaces Abigail including when she’s playing instruments in the dark, when she’s playing video games in her room, and all interactions you’d have when married! Definitely a must have if you want a silly version of Stardew Valley.

Final Thoughts

Abigail is definitely one of the more popular characters in Stardew Valley, probably because of her purple hair. Even if she’s perfect there are still different things we can do to change her up with these stardew valley abigail mods that will totally make her even better. Happy Playing!