Stardew Valley is an extremely family friendly and wholesome game that you can enjoy. You’ll earn income through farming and make friends with all the townspeople. But what if there were 18+ mods for the game that can totally change the characters and experiences as you walk around Pelican Town? Well thankfully modders have created a bunch of fun adult mods for Stardew that you can download and enjoy in your own game.

Xtardew Valley

The next mod adds a ton of adult themed content to Stardew Valley and is called Xtardew Valley. With this mod you’ll see random villagers having relations with each other in random locations in the world including at The Spa, in the secret woods and around other random locations in Pelican Town. This makes these characters feel much more real and well rounded and less like their lives are super wholesome and boring.

Buxom Cleavage Portraits

The simplest way to turn Stardew Valley into an 18+ game would be to add some cleavage to your favourite characters or make them entirely topless with large breasts and that’s what Buxom Cleavage does. This mod will change every portrait for the female characters to have large breasts.

Sexy TV

The traditional television shows in Stardew Valley don’t have the most interesting visuals, but the sexy TV mod changes your characters in home television to have images of Robin and Lodi on it with their breasts in full view.

Dog and Cat Girl Leah

There always comes a time when Marnie comes to visit and asks if you want to adopt a cat or a dog based on what you chose in the character creation screen, well what if that animal was actually an undressed Leah? This is now an option with the Dog Girl and Cat Girl Leah Mod. This will replace the regular adorable farm animals you can have with Leah and allow you to pet and water her as you please.

CP – The Only One For Me

If you’re a huge fan of either Sebastian or Abigail and they are your favourite characters to date or marry, this is the mod for you. The CP – The Only One For Me Mod adds over 3000 lines of dialogue for these characters that is a lot less wholesome than we’re used to. It will add swear words and adult content that make it feel like you’re talking to real representations of Abigail and Sebastian.

Pony Girl Haley

There’s a traditional horse you can purchase from Robin to get around the valley much quicker but what if that horse was actually Haley? With the Pony Girl Haley mod you can actually have your character ride around the world on top of Haley. Enjoy watching her blond hair fluff in the wind as you ride her to the mines.

Valley Girls

The Valley Girls Mod changes the way that all female characters behave in Stardew Valley, making it so they are undressed all the time. They will walk around everywhere completely undressed including when Caroline and Jodi are talking in the town square. They will also often be seen having fun all on their own inside of their bedrooms or homes.

H*rny Bachelors

The H*rny Bachelors Mod is going to take all of the male characters in the game and have them be undressed pretty much all the time. Imagine a world where Pierre is hanging out behind the counter at The General Store but he’s actually undressed, what a world that could be. All of the male characters in the game will be undressed and even have the opportunity for pleasure when they want to.

Nude Scarecrows

If you’re trying to create an entirely 18+ Stardew Valley farm, you need to have some nude scarecrows in your game. These are made from all of the female characters in the game with their heads being as Concerned Ape intended and the rest being not so much his vision. You can place these all around your farm to keep the crows away and protect yourself from losing crops.

Undressed Portraits for Leah & Penny

If you’re a fan of the two red heads in the game you’ll absolutely love this mod that adds new undressed photos for both Leah and Penny. These two characters are loved by many players and are probably the prettiest of all the girls in the game.

High Resolution Sexy Haley

Just like with undressed portraits of Leah and Penny we have a version of undressed portraits for Haley. This blonde Stardew Valley character is a most loved or a most hated Stardew Valley marriage candidate, but we all know that she’s a gorgeous woman and this can be enjoyed by so many players.

Attractive Hairy Clint V1.3

There are a lot of people out there who think Clint is the best looking character in Stardew Valley and since you can’t marry him he’s just eye candy. The Sexy Hairy Clint Mod changes the Clint we’re used to seeing into a shirtless lumberjack god for you to enjoy when you go to break geodes or purchase resources.

Attractive Alex Muscular Sprite

Alex is one of the more conventionally attractive male characters in Stardew Valley, he’s an athlete so you know he has muscles under that green jacket he’s normally wearing. The Sexy Alex Muscular Sprite mod will change the way Alex looks as he’s hanging around his home and even outdoors by putting him in a tiny speedo with his muscles out for everyone to see.

More Sexy Dwarf

Possibly one of the weirder adult mods for Stardew Valley is More Sexy Dwarf this takes the character who hangs out in the mine cave and adds some quite large chest to this regularly wholesome character.