The Skyrim series are some of the most popular games out there currently. And with updates being continually released and new versions of the game in the making, many people are eager to try out mods that enhance their gameplay experience. And that includes one of the most popular mods for the game; the Skyrim UFO: Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod by fLokii . This mod is an excellent follower mod that accomplishes what others don’t. So if you’re interested in learning more about one of the best mods out there, then read on and find out what it’s all about, its features, where to download it, and what updates have been made to it!

What is Skyrim UFO: Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO)?

UFO is a mod that aims to improve the followers in Skyrim, by making them smarter, more reactive, and overall better companions. Every single vanilla follower has been overhauled and received new commands and outfits. There are also several optional files that add even more followers to choose from. All of this is in an effort to make each follower (and the player) feel much more like a partner in adventuring and less like a servant.

UFO is a stand alone mod that can be used along side other mods without issue. UFO only changes the followers themselves, not their original dialogue or other quests. This means that you can still use UFO with your favorite companion expansive mods such as Inigo, Vilja, and so on!

Below you’ll find some of the features included in the Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod!

Improved dialogue

Various dialogue branches are available with this mod that give you greater control over your conversations with followers. Each follower’s personality is taken into account as well – some will be shyer than others and require more coaxing.

You have the ability to make followers forget spells that they learned, dress differently, forget any friendly hits, train in order to level up, and so much more.

There are many dialogue branches available, and each branch direction depends on the personality of the follower.

UFO also adds a new dialogue option for all NPCs called “Will you follow me (follower menu)?” and allows players an alternative to using spells or console commands to make any NPC available as a follower.

There are many new follower commands available with the UFO mod. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Follow me (lets you lead NPCs around, including housecarls)
  • Wait here (in case you don’t want them to follow you inside a building or cave)
  • Remove weapon (to make your follower remove their weapons and armor so they won’t drop it)
  • Follow and Sneak (for stealth kills)
  • The list goes on and on! These customized commands help to promote teamwork between the player and followers.

Increased Follower Limit

One of the features of this mod is to increase your follower limit past the default number. This will allow you to have 15 followers (not including dogs) at one time. This greatly increases your attacking and defending ability.

Improved Riding

All followers have their own custom riding package and will ride if they find a horse around. Eight horses can be found across Tamriel, including at stables or major cities! You and your followers also get the privilege of Fast Traveling with these UFO mod horses as long as you are all riding them.

Additionally, as long as followers are mounted, they will not look for conflict with other NPCs. However, they will defend themselves and the player if they are being attacked.

Improved Group Commands

Group Commands allow you to send followers to locations, follow the player, get out of fights, or stay in your location. You can tell them where to wait, what spells they should use if any, and which follower is their current target. There are many option menus available for group commands. They range from telling a follower not to attack certain types of enemies to telling them when they should heal themselves or cast support spells.

Players are also able to tell their followers if they are taking too much damage by right clicking on said follower’s health bar.

Improved Housecarls

The Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod also adds a new perk where all housecarls can be assigned as followers. You can also make any follower a housecarl by making an optional file available for download from the UFO mod page.

This all comes together to allow you to truly have your housecarls as followers, and it will fix the “Can’t set home” error.

Additionally, housecarls will actually move around the house and do different things. And with the latest update to the mod, they will move in with you when you purchase a house.

Removal Of Level Caps

For those of you who feel like it is too easy to level up your character past the default maximum, this mod removes that. Therefore, levelling up with either “Shout” or all the other spells/abilities will not be halted by a level cap. This is an optional download on the Ultimate Follower Overhaul webpage so if you don’t feel like removing this cap, you can simply continue to use the default maximum.

Dual Wield Option

All followers can dual wield (not including housecarls). This allows for players to add more diversity when choosing a different follower to bring along. And for those sneaky players, dual wielding daggers is the best way to make your follower out-perform all other non-magic followers because they can sneak attack.

Dual casting spells with melee weapons or bows is also an option. If you are playing as a mage and want to take advantage of both magic and melee combat, this mod gives you the option to do so.

Improved Gender Animations

One issue players have with Skyrim is the random gender animations that play on some NPCs. Some of these animations are more noticeable than others, but overall they can be quite annoying.

Followers do not use these animations anymore, resulting in a smoother follower experience. This mod allows for better duos with followers and the player because it makes them look better.

Improved Sneaking

Followers will not sneak unless you tell them to. This adds more freedom to the game for players who do not want their followers stumbling upon traps or getting themselves killed because they decided to take on a group of enemies by themselves. The only time when they will engage in combat while sneaking is when they are being attacked.

Endless Bow/Arrow Spawning

The endless spawning of bows and arrows has been removed because it can get a bit annoying having to constantly loot enemies after your follower kills them. Players now have the option of choosing how many arrows they want their followers to spawn with, and if you want them to carry a bow or not.

The ability to choose where a follower spawns their ammo is another reason this mod is great for both ranged and melee players.

Where to Download Skyrim UFO Mod

You can find the download page for Skyrim Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod here . There are also screenshots, videos, and more to help you decide if this mod is right for you.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties using this mod, please read through the “read me” file included with the download before asking questions or reporting problems.

Skyrim UFO Updates

This mod has gone through quite a few updates and patches since its original release. These updates include bug fixes, game edits, and game play changes to improve the follower experience.

Below you will find just a few of these updates and how they improved the mod. If you are interested in learning about all updates and patches, including more notes, then feel free to head over here, and make sure to scroll down to the bottom updates section.

Update AIO1.2i

This update essentially just slightly changed the name of the mod from UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul AIO to UFO- Ultimate Follower Overhaul in order to remove inconsistencies with compatibility of existing patches made by other modders.

Update 1.2h

This update essentially just fixed a relatively minor dialogue related bug that was present in the game. Custom dialogues now work without needing to save/load.

Update 1.2e

This update mostly just focused on optimizing and fixing some back end related issues. No major gameplay changes were made here, but it did help make the game run a bit smoother.

Update 1.2d

This update included a lot of miscellaneous fixes that helped tweak some voice commands and AI related patches.


With mods there are often other requirements to use this mod or other mods that require a mod to be used, thankfully, for the UFO mod you don’t need to have anything but the regular game. However, there are a handful of mods that actually require this mod to be used:

Skyrim UFO Translations

An amazing thing about the modding community is that various players are just wanting to make sure everyone can enjoy their favourite mods in any language. International players have a hard time finding great mods, so these translations are a necessity. The UFO Mod is translated into the following languages:

Donate to the Creator of The Skyrim UFO Mod

The worst thing about people who create mods for video games is that there is no easy way for them to earn an income from the really hard work that they do. The creator of this mod, fLokii, definitely worked hard to create this extremely popular and in-depth mod and deserves support. If you’d like to support fLokii you can go ahead and do that on their paypal.

Final Thoughts

If you’re getting a little tired of the vanilla Skyrim game, and want to spice things up a little bit, then make sure to give the Skyrim UFO: Ultimate Follower Overhaul Mod a try so that you can have greater control over your followers! I mean, who doesn’t want 15 followers as opposed to just the one right?