Race mods for Fallout 4 are the way to go if you want more freedom in your game. Whether it’s an already existing race or completely new ones, these little pieces of software will give players a whole world full characters they can develop and play through!

And with so many options for race mods for Fallout4 out there today-it’ll take some time exploring them all before finding what suits best but don’t worry because we’ve got here everything sorted into categories just like journeys did back then -meaning no need trawling every website imaginable looking at different reviews and such. 

If you’re looking to add a new race or expand on the ones already in the game, then these race mods for Fallout 4 are the perfect place to start. As always, if you’ve got any suggestions, then let us know in the comments!

AnimeRace Nanakochan

What if you could turn your character into an anime? The Nanakochan mod is an awesome way to turn your character into something sleek and beautiful. The detail put into this race’s outfits, faces & expressions are just perfect! If you’re looking for some anime-inspired gameplay then totally get it – we can’t wait until more people try out these mods so they know how amazing everything looks in game!

This mod was created by hiyokomod, who is a follower of a Japanese cosplay culture and is currently creating a lot of great Fallout 4 mods!

AnimeRace Nanakochan CBBE Bodyslide Patch

With this Bodyslide mod, you can create the perfect body for your character. Whether it be thick or thin—you get to decide! If you know what you like and want from your gaming experience then we would recommend giving this mod a try because there really isn’t anything else out here quite like it yet-and we’re sure that won’t change anytime soon either considering how popular customization has become lately with games such as Fallout 4 where users are able modify every aspect about themselves inside-out, including skin tone, body type, body size etc. based off whatever preferences they feel most comfortable with.

It’s a great way to give your character some personality and we can’t wait to see what else the creator of this mod has in store for Fallout 4 players.

This patch perfectly accompanies the previous mod on this list and you won’t have any problems making them both work well together!

This mod was created by hiyokomod and guicool. If you feel like you’re getting a lot out of this mod, then consider donating to the creators right here!

AnimeRace Nanakochan Chinese

Now you can enjoy Fallout 4 in Chinese! This Nanakochan mod has complete high quality translations for every file, so don’t worry about weird translations that don’t make sense. It really is top-notch quality work and will make playing this game all day long worth it alone! If you’re a fan of anime games and looking for something awesome to spice up your Fallout 4 experience, you’ll fall in love with this mod.

This mod was created by ww222222.

AnimeRace Nanakochan Chinese Translation

What would you say if we told that there is another Chinese translation for the AnimeRace Nanakochan mod? Well, now thanks to this new Traditional chinese mod version by seikai15, EVERYTHING has been translated to traditional Chinese! To use it all you need are original files so keep them safe because they’re important.

This mod was created by seikai15.

AnimeRace Style Clothes – Chiisana Amai Koi

Now you can dress up your anime character in style! This mod adds a pack of clothes and outfits for both males or females, but they are highly original. They’re inspired by Japanese culture which gives them that extra something special to stand out from normal items found throughout the game world

The new outfit is purely awesome because it has an incredible design coupled with impeccable compatibility – all without having any graphical issues on top! You can wear it all and we know you’ll love it!

The only sad part is that the mod is being hidden for now; presumably to fix some back end bugs. But I’m sure we can expect it back up anytime now. So come back here to check for updates as we eagerly await this mod’s return!

AnimeRace Nanakochan – Zex Skeleton

This mod is an exciting way to make your character stand out in the game. The skeleton of AnimeRace Nanakochan will be replaced with something more cutesy, so you’ll have even less chance not being noticed!

With this mod, you can have a character that is truly unique in Fallout 4. The Nanakochan Anime Race MOD adds an entire new skeleton to the game with all-new animations and textures!

To get your desired appearance as one of these characters there are several options available which will allow players more customization when it comes down creating their own looks or choosing what traits they want associated while playing through the game.

This mod was created by Solus.

Anime Race Male NPC Patch

Want to play a male anime character? This mod features an original base model you can customize endlessly with lots of unique parts. You’ll get all the tools necessary for your customizations including classic heads and skins from different series as well!

And if that’s not enough, there are plenty more add-on packages available too so be sure check them out – they might just become favorites among many gamers around the world!

This mod was created by hiyokomod guicool jarainf and Cuba.

Custom Player Race

With this mod, you can change your character’s body to anything from a smaller or larger size and customize every part of it. You can change their body type, outfit and even customize the small details like jewelry or facial hair! It’s one of my favorite parts about playing through Fallout 4 – discovering how various items affect me in different ways each time I level up is really fun too.

For those who want even more customization options for their characters in games likeFallout 4 , there is an extensive list available with clothes that come complete with descriptive readouts so they know what kind/color everything will be on top (including gloves).

This mod was created by Slateblu1.

Player Race Framework

So you want to make your own character? Well this mod is perfect for that! It lets users customize everything about their appearance, from models and textures all the way down into armours. You won’t have any problem whatsoever with what’s going on in-game either since it disables known rules of gameplay entirely which means anything goes – even if something seems inaccessible or impossible at first glance (like a bug).

There are tons of options for skins/textures so no matter what type of game play style you prefer; roleplaying, adventure, map-making, platformer etc., there will be something for everyone!

This mod was created by SleepingGuru.


We all have a favorite character who we wish could be real. Well, now your dreams can come true with this mod! This will let you customize everything about them from their appearance and skillset- even giving each of those parts its own set color for added diversity in style options or making something special like new race customization available too so that there’ll always something different going on when playing as yourself.

All you have to do is click a couple buttons, and you’ll be well on your way!

This mod was created by lazyradly and FancyPants.

Vulpine Race

Hey, everyone! The vulpine is one of the most popular furry races in video games. There’s just something about their cute muzzles that people love so they want to play as one – and this mod does an excellent job at introducing them into your game alongside other great customization options like complex facial expressions or animations for each individual tooth row on display when you get up close with these animals (which should be seconds away).

You can even have custom textures applied during gameplay if desired; there are no limits here except imagination which might make every new encounter more exciting than ever before!

This mod was created by OrbieBell.

Vulpine Race CROSS Techmask

The vulpine race is known for their cunning nature and sharp senses. To celebrate this unique bond, the mod creators have created an innovative mask that adds to your character’s own expression with the black sliding glass base model but also comes in many color options!

You can craft this at the Chemistry Station – just bring up all of the materials together on the menu screen and have them be assembled by hand into one awesome wearable accessory piece (or collectible item!).

This mod was created by Tanya Sapien.

Vulpine Race Glowing Eyes

Glowing eyes are a must-have for the perfect vulpine. Honestly, this mod is just simply fantastic! It transforms your character’s eye color into shining gems that look threatening and deadly at night or in dark places like caves–especially when you want them to be more secretive about where they’re going off-roading with their vehicle because it might not go so well for those who don’t know what was coming up behind them after all.

There are tons of options available: blue-, grey-, red/green mix-and even brown which makes everything seem darker than usual if applicable (think complexion).

This mod was created by Tanya Sapien.

Vulpine Race NPC replacer

This mod is a great way to make all of your human companions and random NPCs into furries. You’ll get new outfits for them too! This expansion on MunkeeBiznizz’ original Vulpine Race replaces every single character in both the main game as well as any DLCs that have been released so far with this furry group.

This makes it easier than ever before decide who you want by when playing through various stages from start-to finish without having trouble finding someone suitable due their appearance being off model or something else wrong like most mods do these days. Great stuff!

This mod was created by Chip Fox.

Vulpine Race Scouter

The Scouter mod brings the savagery of huntresses to life. With this device, your character will have an extraordinary ability that allows them track prey with unmatched precision and see in dark places where others cannot go! It’s available for both males AND females so you can match its style perfectly no matter what kind or gender you are playing as.

A unique feature about these glasses is their color options: there aren’t any black lenses because every person has his/her own preferences when it comes down choosing how he wants his vision altered; some might want more light while others prefer less so it’s up to you!

This mod was created by Tanya Sapien.

Vulpine Race Tail Tuck

The Vulpine Race tail tuck mod for Fallout 4 is a simple way to solve the problem of having your furry tail hang out when running around. It’s not always convenient, and sometimes it can feel weird with one swinging behind you while you’re walking outside of combat.

This mod is designed to add a simple clip feature that will allow you to fold your tail back when it’s not in use. It’s all animated, but not flashy or overwhelming at all – it looks great, to be honest!

This mod was created by PaladinBoyd.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of options available for Fallout 4 players who want to get a little more creative with their character. There’s nothing worse than playing as someone you don’t identify with, so if you’re tired of the same old races, try out one of these cool mods and see what happens! They’re all over Nexusmods and they’ll give your game an entirely new feel that will make it much more enjoyable in the end. If none sound appealing or match what you had in mind when creating your custom character build, take a look at our list: we’ve got something for everyone!