Hunting and fighting monsters is a fantasy most of us keep beyond our childhood. MHW is the game to live this fantasy out, very conveniently, without getting harmed! And Monster Hunter: World does a truly great job with letting us live out that fantasy. But sometimes you might want to spice the game up a bit. In that case, MHW mods are the key to bringing the game to a new level of excitement!

That’s why below, we have included the 15 best Monster Hunter: World mods that you can install today! Check them out, because you’re sure to find something suited for you in this list.

1 – All Items in Shop (with DLC Support)

Here we have a very simple but very useful mod that adds every single item in the game to the store. This includes decorations, streamstones, and unreleased DLC items, making the total number of items a staggering amount. I mean, you can literally have thousands of items ready in the store!

Elliottbw is respo0nsible for this gem, and he continually works on it and updates it, so send him some love right over here!

2 – Cuter Handler Face Model (Post-Iceborne) aka
  Make Handler Cuter Again

This mod lets you control skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, longer hair, shorter hair or whatever your heart desires when it comes to appearances!  Most notably, you’ll see that face textures have changed giving characters a smoother complexion.

UberGrainy has put a lot of work into this and continually fixes any issues that come up with this mod, so send him some love right over here!

3 – Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub (Iceborne)

It might not seem like much at first, but this mod truly is some game changing QoL. After installing you’ll notice that it’s a whole new experience seeing NPCs in the hub as it finally starts to feel like more of a community. This mod actually gives you a reason to want to head to the Gathering Hub.

So, to be more specific, this mod adds a lot of the important NPCs to the hub, like Vendor Smithy, Resource Center, Sailor, Tailraider Safari, Elder Melder, and Researcher. The only one you might miss is Poogie!

MHVuze created this game changer, so be sure to send him some love on Twitter, or if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to him right here. He most certainly deserves it!

4 – MHW Costume Armor (Transmog)

Here, we have a user-friendly mod for the armor and clothing category. Do you care to make a fashion statement while you’re hunting your monsters? If you want to swap out the hideous set of armor and find something more visually appealing all the while keeping the original stats, then this mod is for you!

ModsPalPueblo created this gem, so send some love to him over here! He’s worked very hard on this, so donations would be greatly appreciated if you want to support him!

5 – MHW Damage Meter

Damage Meter is a simple tool you can use to monitor the damage that you and your team do to monsters.

You might ask, why do you want this mod? Well, simply put, sometimes there are players who are more of a hindrance than anything. They deal low damage, and then just run around not doing anything useful. These are not team players. So this mod helps you find out how much damage you did, and how much damage these other players did. This is helpful, because now you can avoid these types of players in the future!

Hqvrrsc4 created this mod so send them some love here if you like it!

6 – MHW Mod Manager

Are you tired of clicking through thousands of files just because you want to delete certain mods? Or do you find it complicated to keep track and manage all your files? This mod is all you have ever asked for!

This is a very simple and user-friendly mod manager which makes your work so much easier and quicker, letting you get back to the game you love!  

BoltTheMan created this super useful mod, so send him some love over here if you feel like it’s useful to you!

7 – MHW Transmog

MHW Transmog gives you the chance to adjust your appearance by choosing the armor of your choice. Best of all, other players can see your change in appearance!

FineNerds is the fine gentleman behind this mod, and after 643,000 downloads, it’s well loved by the MHW community! So be sure to send some love and donate to him over here!

8 – Monster 3 Star Weakness Icon Indicator for Iceborne
    (Hi-Res – four corners)

Fighting monsters can be tough business. One thing that can make it easier is having their weakness displayed right there on the icon. That’s where this mod comes into play!

This super useful mod was created by PlayMan, so send him some love over here if you’re enjoying it!

9 – Orion Neo Custom Outfit (Bodysuit Scarf Shorts and Heeled Boots)

This fun mod lets you heavily customize Orion layered armor in the game. Have fun customizing with the following features:

  • Longer and thicker legs
  • Wet skin
  • 10 chest sizes
  • 6 leg sizes
  • Chest physics
  • Hi-Res textures

Once again, UberGrainy knocks it out the park with this mod, so send them some love here and consider donating to them if possible!

10 – Overlay That Shows Lots And Lots Of Stuff

This mod is an overlay, giving you the opportunity to see a whole bunch of different attributes like:

  • Endemic life
  • Monster’s behavior
  • Stamina
  • Rage
  • Team damage
  • Map timer
  • and many more!

HelloWorld created this mod, so send them some love over here if you like it!

11 – Performance Booster and Plugin Extender

We all can use a boost once in a while, and your MHW game will work like a charm with this mod because it enhances the game performance and has your plug-ins run accurately.

You might ask how it does this. Well simply put, this mod removes a whole bunch of unnecessary code that does nothing to the general gameplay. It gets rid of all of that bloated mess, and leaves you with a lean, mean gaming experience!

AsteriskAmpersand & Moonbunni created this masterpiece of a mod, so send them some love right here! And, if you’re feeling generous, consider supporting them on Patreon because they’re always developing new mods and are quick to offer updates and bug fixes!

12 – SmartHunter – Overlay

This mod does not only show you a variety of widgets for your monsters, teams, and players; it also gives you the option to learn and contribute since it’s open source. Another cool feature is the option to create and issue your own translation, which makes communication a lot easier with your friends abroad! 

Rootelement made this awesome mod, so send them some love right here, because they deserve it! And if you’re feeling extra generous, then consider donating to them through Nexusmods.

13 – Souvenir’s Light Pillar

Souvenir’s Light Pillar helps you to spot not only your monster drops but also other souvenirs by using a spotlight on them. If you’ve ever tried to find dropped material in the Hoarfrost, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible, especially with a cheaper monitor.

This is going to make it so much easier to spot souvenirs, so definitely give this mod a try if you’ve ever been frustrated by this part of the game.

This mod was created by 2hh8899! Send them some love if you find it valuable, and consider donating to them through Paypal!

14 – Stracker’s Loader

Stacker’s loader is a required tool to assure the functionality of other mods for this game, and you need to keep it up to date. No. 1 modding rule: Read the instructions and go from there to properly set it up. 

The most valuable feature of this mod is that it lets you reinstate your nativePC functions. 

Stracker created this super useful mod, so if you’re up to it, consider donating to them here, or just sending them some love over here!

15 – World of Transmog

You are right in the middle of your game and feel that the one weapon on your male character would look so much better on one of the female characters. Up until now, you were out of luck, but if you install this mod, you are one step further to your perfect customization. You can swap armors and appearances, even use unplayable pieces. However, the big drawback is that only you can see the changes you make.

Consider sending Hakim3i some love over here for creating this fun mod!

Final Thoughts

The modders in this article possess a true passion for enhancing this incredible game! Mods make games so much more fun and often even enhance the performance of the actual game. They let us browse through different game options, exchange experiences in forums, and keep discussions lively.

And if you were looking to spice up the game a bit, then these MHW mods are the key to bringing the game to a new level of excitement!