There are so many wonderful mods out there for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, honestly, you could completely change up how you play this awesome game and Magicka Sabers is one of those small changes that will mix it up for your next play through.

If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars and love to bring that into different parts of your life and hobbies this is a must have mod for you so you can really enjoy these lightsabers in a different way.

What is Magicka Sabers?

Magicka Sabers is an awesome mod for your weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that was first uploaded onto Nexus in December 2011 and has been update a few times since. This mod will allow you to have lightsaber themed weapons to make it feel like you’re actually bringing in a piece of the Star Wars universe to your play through.

To use these items you are able to craft any of them at a blacksmith forge and can also temper them at a grindstone which adds gameplay with these sabers. Your character will need to have the deadric smithing perk if you would like to actually be able to craft these items.

Where to Download

Thankfully this mod is available on Nexus Mods which is a very well respected and useful mod website for you to find the best mods for all of your favourite games. If you think this mod is something you’d be interesting in downloading, go ahead and download it on Nexus Mods.

Magicka Sabers Updates

There have been a few updates to the mod that have added a few interesting changes that can help you enjoy the mod even further. The first update was the 0.2 update that added the following:

  • Added different sounds for drawing your saber and swinging your saber
  • Changed the saturation of the colours
  • Increase the value from a low 1250 gold to 2000 gold
  • Added both craftability and temperability

After this update there was one more update the 0.3 update and with those one we got a few more fun things including the following:

  • Added a loop sand and two hand versions
  • Change mods to use vertex colours
  • Added draw and sheath effects

Unfortunately, after the 0.3 update we have gotten no new updates to this mod which is incredibly disappointing and we probably won’t be seeing any more updates in the future.

Who Created Magicka Sabers?

One question many people have when it comes to mods is who are the people who create them? Where did they learn all of this information? There is so many people who are creating these incredible mods that need to be loved and paid for their hard work.

Unfortunately, the creator of this mod, Kraunik, hasn’t been heard from on Nexus for a few years with their last activity as of writing this taking place on November 23 of 2019. They also haven’t added any real information about themselves on their nexus profile but they have been given hundreds of endorsements and tens of thousands of profile views.

Are There Any Requirements?

Thankfully, this mod only requires you to have the base game for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is great because you don’t need any other mods or downloads to be able to use it. However, this mod is actually a requirement for you to use a bunch of other mods including:

Is it Available in Other Languages?

One beautiful part of sharing mods on the internet is the ability for them to be shared with others and be translated into other languages so you can use them even if you don’t speak english as your first language. Magicka Sabers has been translted into Italian, Spanish and Czech so you can enjoy it if you speak these languages and you can find them below.