If you’re a frequent player of Kingdom Come: Deliverance you probably get bored once in a while when playing the same game over and over again. This game has been out since 2018 and is awesome, but every game can use a bit of help from time to time. A great way to make your games more interesting is to add some great mods to the game for a whole new experience.

1. A Sorted Inventory

One huge thing that a lot of game developers seem to ignore is inventory organization, it seems like a lot of them want us to have to scroll and be confused when looking for things. Thankfully, A Sorted Inventory is a mod that changes the name files for every object that’ll pop into your inventory to keep it more sorted.

The creator went ahead and added tags to the start of the names to keep them where they should be and organize them so much better. It works best when your inventory is sorted alphabetically and makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for.

2. Bow Dot Reticle

If you find it difficult to aim your bow and arrow properly then you definitely need the Bow Dot Reticle Mod in your game. This mod makes it much easier to hit targets with your arrow by making a small yellow dot appear wherever you’re aiming making it so much easier than ever before to aim.

3. Bushes – Collision Remover

Have you ever been trying to get to a specific location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and had to find your way around a bush? In the real world you’d 100% be able to run through the bushes although it may be painful and prickly.

The Bushes – Collision Remover mod is going to remove the games “collision boxes” that are places where there are bushes that force you to not walk through them. This can cut down travel time by a whole bunch allowing you to make progress quicker.

4. Cheap Training

Training is key to becoming a better player in this game but the cost of training is just a bit too much in early game. For example, a beginner will be paying 60 for training which is just way too much. The Cheap Training Mod is going to give you options for getting cheaper training and being able to get better at the game.

With this mod you’re able to choose between 10% of the cost or 50% of the cost. This changes the beginner training to either 6 or 30 as opposed to the 60 in the vanilla game.

5. Cheat

For a lot of players this mod is a bit controversial because its all about cheating! There are a bunch of intense gamers out there who don’t believe that cheaters are good gamers but who cares what they think? Cheating makes games more fun and allows you to try different things!

The cheat mod is great because it adds a bunch of console commands for so many awesome cheats including:

  • Spawning NPCs
  • Teleporting NPCs
  • F5 Quick Save
  • Manipulate Money
  • and so much more

6. Coloured Arrow Feathers

After shooting all of your arrows its often impossible to find them in the grass and bushes after the fact because of their colouring. How annoying is that? Well, with Coloured Arrow Feathers you can have a much easier time with this and spend less time searching for this.

The best is that there are different versions where you can have the various colours, all blue or all red arrows to really fit your play style. This is so awesome! There is even a feature where your broken arrows will change to yellow so they are easily differentiated.

7. Durable Armours and Weapons

Your weapons and armour are seriously so important in your gameplay and can really be a make or break situation in the game. The very simple Durable Armour and Weapons mod is wonderful because its takes all of these things in your game and makes them last longer making you have an easier time in game.

8. Easy to See Herbs

There are herbs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that are almost impossible for you to see without searching for hours and hours. This includes Belladonna, Mint and Herb Paris and it seriously makes it take so long to collect these items.

The Easy to See Herbs mod changes the game files to make these more brightly coloured and retextures them so they aren’t hiding any longer. It’s so nice to be able to find these items without wasting a bunch of time!

9. Easy Sharpening

We’re not really sure why the developers made sharpening a tool so difficult and making it so you need to get the perfect angle for a really sharp weapon, but the Easy Sharpening Mod can help to fix that. This mod makes it so the ideal angle for sharpening larger so you can get an easy sharpen.

10. Freezes and Stuttering Fix

There are so many games where minor freezes and stuttering can completely ruin your immersive experience and take you out of it which is so annoying. The Freezes and Stuttering Fix will eliminate this annoyance in the game and make it so much more fun to play.

The way this works is the mod is going to limit your processor cores which will help in this and make it so Kingdom Come: Deliverance works so much more smooth.

11. Herb Gathering Increased Radius

When you’re playing KCD and going around collecting herbs there’s a small radius around your character that when you pick a specific herb every one in that radius is going to be picked as well. This means that if there are 3 of an herb around you it’ll grab all 3!

The Herb Gathering Increased Radius Mod gives you the option to increase this radius to gather more herbs at once. There are even different files so you can increase it by anywhere from 5 to 100 times larger making it so much easier to gather and avoid the annoyingly long animations.

12. Horse Armor

Our next mod is helpful for your horses and gives them way more armour to wear as you ride them around. The Horse Armour Mod is going to allow you to go and purchase or trade for new items for your house with different options.

These are extremely expensive items for you to purchase but will definitely be worth it for protecting your horses. The different options give you colour choices and protection choices and gives your horses a bunch of defence that they wouldn’t get before.

13. Instant Herb Picking

It seems like many KCD players are just like, can we not pick herbs? It takes too long because of the animation, they are super hard to find and its just a huge pain in the butt. The Instant Herb Picking mod is going to have you pick these up in less than a second compared to the super annoyingly long animation from before making it easy to collect herbs.

14. More Artwork Loading Screens

When you play the same game over and over you’re eventually going to get bored of the same old loading screens and Kingdom Come: Deliverance only has 4 loading screens in the vanilla game. The More Artwork Loading Screens mod is awesome because it increases that number to over 20 with a bunch of gorgeous artwork and screenshots from KCD so they fit into the game perfectly.

15. More Functions For Right Mouse Button

The right mouse button in KCD is pretty useless but the More Functions for Right Mouse Button mod is going to change it up and give it more usefulness. This will now let you abort/exit with your right mouse button, skip the introduction, close the help screen, close inventory or map and more.

16. More Random Events

Random events in the game are going to make it feel like each play through is completely different and you never really know what is going to happen. Annoyingly in the vanilla game these just don’t happen enough and some players may be looking for more of these to occur for a more immersive experience.

The More Random Events mod is going to vastly increase how often you see random events meaning that you’ll have a harder time travelling without encountering different enemies.

17. More Responsive Targeting

Fighting with more than one opponent at a time is a struggle in KCD and can be really hard since the targeting system is a bit rigid and makes it hard to move from one to the other. If this is a problem you’d like to see fixed, you can use the More Responsive Targeting Mod to get this better fighting experience.

When using this mod you are going to see improvements like loosened camera control, increased manual locking distances and slightly longer range for intentional locking to name a few. A must have if you want to have an easy time with multiple opponents.

18. More XP

The amount of XP you are earning when doing specific tasks can completely change how well you’re doing in the game and some players wish it was different. Some players may want it to be slower so it takes longer, while other players wish it was exponentially faster. Well The More XP Mod is great because it gives you four versions of the mod to either have you earn XP slower or earn it faster depending on your gameplay style.

19. No GPS

If you really want to challenge yourself to have a harder time with playing KCD you need to have the No GPS Mod installed. Why? Well, this mod removes your player marker on the map making you have to just know where your player is located and where you want to go from where you think you are.

There are two versions of this mod, one that just removes the player marker and a more complicated version. In the full version you’ll also have fast travel disabled if you choose to making it even more complicated to get around.

20. No Stamina Visual Effects

The mods created from Kingdom Come: Deliverance don’t have to be complicated to be effective and this one proves that. There are many players who are consistently bothered by the blue fade that is happening when your character’s stamina is low and the No Stamina Visual Effects Mod will completely remove that visual effect but it doesn’t have an actually impact on the stamina mechanics in the game.

21. NPCs Complain Less When Bumped

How annoying is it that an NPC can completely get in YOUR way and get annoyed when you walk into them? If you hate how dramatic NPCs can be when they get bumped you need the NPCs Complain Less When Bumped mod in your game.

This mod is going to make it so if you just slightly bump into them they are less likely to actually care, but they will have a reaction if you run right into them aggressively.

22. Perfection Reshade

One of the simplest ways to change the visual aesthetic of your games is to download a reshade mod. These reshades have an impact on the visuals of everything and make the game so much more beautiful and appealing to the eye. This Perfection Reshade is an awesome option because it really brightens up the game and makes it look so much better and adds a filmic sepia grade with DOP and some simple adjustments to the ambient lighting to make it better.

23. Perkaholic

Obtaining perks is a great way to make your gameplay easier in KCD and this Perkaholic Mod will be great for getting perks you never thought you needed. It adds extra perks to bow, pole arm and unarmed skills. This is awesome for making it more fun to play!

24. Remove Those Stupid Trails

Something I didn’t know is that a lot of players are annoyed by trails on arrows when you shoot them! If you’re one of those players than you might want to download Remove Those Stupid Trails since it will… well, remove those stupid trails! It makes it a bit more visually appealing to shoot them since the trails are a bit weird and unrealistic.

25. Restore Halberds

The Restore Halberds Mod is going to allow you to once again use polearms as your weapons! This mod will expose the experience bars that are normally hidden which is awesome and turns the polearms into your primary weapons instead of an oversized weapon. This is perfect because it will allow you to repair or sell these weapons as well.

26. Richer Merchants

When playing the game you may run into merchants who don’t have any money to purchase items from you or anything to trade with you and it can really cause issues. You’d think if they’re merchants they’d be able to do their jobs, right? Well Richer Merchants is here to solve this problem and make it easier for you to make trades and earn items.

27. Roads Are Dangerous

If you’re a player who is looking for more of a challenge you may want to look into Roads Are Dangerous. This is a great mod for increasing the number of ambushes you’ll experience and even adding new types of enemies to fight during these ambushes. Having ambushes happen more frequently will really test your game prowess and make you experience some chaos.

28. Sectorial Lock Picking

As we all know the vanilla lock picking system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an annoyance and most players hate it from the start. The mechanics just aren’t correct and make it too annoying to participate in. The Sectorial Lock Picking mod will make it so much better by giving it sectors and making it easier to see where you need to hold the yellow circle in gameplay.

29. Stay Clean Longer

The hygiene mechanics in the game are a fun addition because we all know that surviving in this way would make you dirty, but many players just feel it happens too quickly and who wants to get clean that often? By downloading the Stay Clean Longer mod you’ll be able to go longer before you need to get your player clean which is extremely helpful

30. Translucent Helmet Vision

If you find that the helmet vision is too dark around your characters eyes you may want to try out the Translucent Helmet Vision mod. This mod gives you options for how intense you want the opacity in your helmet vision to be which is great so you can have it be customizable.

If you’d rather go more intense and completely remove the idea of helmet vision at all, you can even try the No Helmet Vision mod that will just make it so you see normally when wearing a helmet.

31. Trough Washing Deluxe

Who said people can’t get clean in a trough? Huh? The Trough Washing Deluxe mod will allow you to clean yourself extremely thoughrouglly in a trough just like you would inside of the bath house making it easier to get clean more often without having to always go to the bath house.

32. Unlimited Saving

Many players are just annoyed by games that don’t allow you to save whenever you’d like. Like what if you really need to stop playing in a certain moment but you’re going to lose all progress if you get up? Just not cool, but the Unlimited Saving Mod is going to allow you to save the game whenever you’d like including times that you wouldn’t to before so you can stop playing whenever or back up your gameplay at all times.

33. Unlimited Weight

A huge deterrent to having a ton of stuff in your personal inventory is the weight limits placed on you. A character can only carry so much at a time so you have to be smart about it and get rid of things that you don’t want to sometimes. Thankfully, the unlimited weight mod exists and can help you with this.

This mod is going to change the weight limit value to 999,999,999 so there’s literally 0 chance you’d ever run out of weight limits. Using this allows for you to hold more stuff, and even heavier stuff without having to worry about this at all.

34. Very Unintrusive Reticle

If you find yourself often getting distracted by the vanilla reticle in KCD you may want to download Very Unintrusive Reticle. This mod changes it from the larger reticle you’re used to and makes it into a very small grey dot that’s almost invisible but just enough for you to be able to see and use it with ease.

35. Volumetric Fog Enabler

Our final mod on the list is the Volumetric Fog Enabler mod that just turns on a feature that developers decided to leave disabled when creating the game. This fog feature actually makes the game just a little bit more beautiful and definitely more realistic to the eye.

Final Thoughts

There mods are going to seriously make your gameplay so much better in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and unfortunately will make it so you can’t play without these mods ever again. Hopefully you found some stuff you enjoy and will love playing with these. Happy Playing!