Far Cry 5 is a pretty awesome game, and most people seem to really enjoy it. However, every game can use a little extra love especially when it comes to the weaker points of a game. That’s where these 15 best free Far Cry 5 mods come into play!

You see, with these mods, you have the ability to transform Far Cry 5 into the game that you wish it was from the beginning. Best of all, installing these mods costs you nothing!

So take a look at the list below and give these mods a try to truly play the best version of this game that you can play.

1. Resistance Mod

Here we have what many people consider to be the best mod out there for Far Cry 5! Honestly, give this one a try because it basically allows you to tweak and change the game to whatever you want.

Imagine being able to tweak all the annoying little bits of the game that you don’t like. Amongst the many features (and there are many!) that come with this mod, you have the ability to:

  • Get rid of those annoying forced cutscenes
  • Roam freely
  • Get a whole bunch of new weapons, outfits, and vehicles
  • Add some baddies after you have liberated a region. This is probably my favorite aspect of the mod since liberated regions can get really boring if you have no enemies to get rid of.
  • Play radio even after you leave your vehicle.

The resistance mod team did a great job with this one, and if you’re up for it, feel free to donate to them; they definitely deserve it!

2. Far Cry 5 Redemption

This mod changes two huge aspects of the game:

  • It alters the flow of resistance points, meaning that you can roam around the regions more, and are able to do whatever you feel like until you actually want to move ahead in the story. This won’t affect any of the missions until you are fully ready to take them on.
  • It lets enemies spawn even after you liberate a region. This is a nice addition as normally, the game is just empty after you have liberated all the regions.
Source: Nexus Mods

Other than these 2 major changes, you have several smaller positive improvements like faster parachute openings, and the ability to remove the startup videos.

Jvarnes did a superb job with this mod, so show him some love right here!

3. Viewmodel-Fov-Mod Far Cry 5

This is a very simple, but useful mod for those of us who are annoyed by the weapons being too far out of view. Installing this mod simply moves the weapons up a bit farther away from the screen so that you have a better view of them.

Show Schrotflinte12 some love over here for making this awesome mod!

4. Simple Realistic Reshade FC5

This is a very simple reshade mod that makes the game look A LOT better. The best part about this mod is that it doesn’t require much extra computing power as it was developed without the use of complex shaders. This means that even on less powerful systems, this mod should run without any issues.

If you’re up for it, let Crubino know how awesome this mod is by donating to him right here!

5. Winter Hope County

This is a very simple but cool mod where you have the ability to roam around Hope County during the Winter season. You can enjoy the snow and the wonderful feeling of Winter as you play through the game.

Best of all, it looks quite realistic as the developer did a great job with the texturing. Honestly, give this mod a try if you feel like experiencing the game in a different light.

One thing to add though, is that this mod pairs well with the Indian Summer Time package from the Resistance mod. This package makes it so that the sun is at a lower position, just like during Winter time. This little addition is great to really make this Winter mod feel realistic.

RealArmanIII did an awesome job with this one, so show him some love by donating here!

6. Player Beards Hairstyles and Colors

This mod is pretty self explanatory. It simply gives you the ability to change up hair color, beards, and hairstyles.

One of the best things this mod gives you is the ability to choose red as a hair color, something which the default game doesn’t have for some reason.

Other than that, you’re getting 11 new hairstyles for female deputy’s, and 6 new hairstyles for the male deputy (in addition to 5 new beard styles).

Give this mod a try if you’re looking for some options when it comes to hairstyles. It really is simple and does exactly what you want it to do!

xBaebsae did a really good job with this so feel free to show him some love over here!

7. Unreleased Variety FC5

This is a pretty awesome mod that lets you add released and unreleased weapons to NPC inventories.

Additionally, NPC properties for certain weapons were tweaked to make them more realistic.

And lastly, this mod allows Jacob to use his own MBP.50 which sets its targets on fire!

Give this mod a go! It’s fairly subtle when compared to some of the other mods on this list, but it’s just one more mod to help make this game better!

Schrotflinte12 does it again with this awesome mod, so send him some love over here!

8. Additional Perk Points

This is another simple but helpful mod that allows you to easily find some of the more hidden perk points in the game by plotting them on a map of Hope County.

One thing to note though, is that some perk points are very well hidden. So even if you go to the location listed on the map, you might have to look around a bit more to find them.

Seidenweber did a great job here so send him some love!

9. New Game Head Start

This is a very simple but useful mod that allows you to have a save file immediately after the prologue. With this, you get 40 perk points and $100,000, which makes for a nice head start!

This mod was created by khaos277, so if you like it, show him some love by gifting him premium right here!

10. Cult Millionaires

This mod makes for a fun experience where the cultists are all millionaires that carry up to $2,000 on them at a time.

So what does this mean for you? It’s probably time to kill them and cash in!

Cult millionaires was created by SsbbwLover, so feel free to show him some love over here!

11. Appearance Mods For Jacob Seed

Here we have a very simple mod that gives you some more options to change Jacob Seed’s look!

You have a nice variety of full outfits, shoes, tops, pants, hair, etc to pick from, ensuring that your version of Jacob Seed is unique to you!

One very important thing to note is that you do need to have the latest version of the Resistance Mod installed in order for this one to work!

xBaebsae created this mod, so you know it’s a good one! Send him some love right over here!

12. Wolf Companion (FFH)

Boomer is a great part of the game, but it wouldn’t it be awesome if you could replace him with a wolf?!

Well this mod let’s you do exactly that! A true wolf will now be your companion as you roam through the game, and let’s be real, nothing is cooler than that.

Once again, xBaebsae created this awesome mod, so show him some love right over here!

13. Custom Radio Station

This is a pretty cool mod that lets you add your own music into the game as a radio station!

It’s very simple and easy and honestly I love this mod because sometimes you just want to listen to your own music in the game.

This mod was made by RealArmanIII. You’ll have seen his name a few times already in this article. He makes some great stuff, so send him some love here!

14. Near Perfection Reshade Mod

This is honestly an incredible reshade mod and makes the game look amazing! The differences might be subtle at first glance, but it truly adds a new level or realism to the game.

JibsouX did an awesome job with this mod, so send him some love right here!

15. My Far Cry 5 Save (Story Complete)

This is a super useful mod by DerpyCanadian20, where you can simply use his save file to play the game. The story on this file is complete, and all companions are unlocked as well as all airplanes and most cars, so if all you want to do in the game is roam around, hunt, and complete side quests, then this mod is the right one for you!

Give this one a try and send some love over to DerpyCanadian20!

Final Thoughts

So here you have the 15 best Far Cry 5 Mods that you can get! Give these a try and I guarantee you will love this game even more. These mods will truly bring out the best in the game, and change it enough so that you won’t get bored with it either!