As a game grows older it can start to feel rather stale and repetitive to players who have been around for years and years. Dragon Age: Inquisition was released originally in 2014 and has given fans hours and hours of entertainment but there are so many small parts of the game that could be much better.

Thankfully, game modders have taken this one to a whole different level and have allowed for almost complete customization of the game experience for beginner to even the most seasoned players.

These changes start with things like character creation and making the most gorgeous characters to changing how looting operates and making your weapons better. These mods will make you gain a whole new level of love for this iteration of dragon age and you’ll want to play it for hours on end.

1. Ardent Blossom Misc Store

When you’re playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, you won’t be able to have access to Ardent Blossom until you reach level 19 which is the worst because it can be extremely valuable to you in earlier gameplay. Thankfully, the creator of the Ardent Blossom Misc Store was able to remove the level requirement making it available to any player.

Obviously having it available earlier is awesome, but there is more. This mod also provides you with the respec amulet, an infinite use amulet of power and so much more you’ll be able to go ahead and get so many awesome items from this store that weren’t previously available to you.

2. Armor – No Class Restrictions

There are so many different types of characters in the game including dwarfs, mages, and more and annoyingly you can only wear armor types that work for those specific races. The Armor – No Class Restrictions mod is going to take away class restrictions for your armor (not race restrictions unfortunately) and will allow you to wear different armor that you previously didn’t have access to.

Being able to wear different armor is fun so you can further customize your character because specific types of armor look better on different characters so you can have a character you love.

3. Assorted Hairstyles

One really cool part of the game is that you can really change up the look of your characters but there just aren’t enough hair styles in the game for you to choose from.

The assorted hairstyles mod is going to add in a handful of new hairs including a lower bun, a messy bob with bangs, and some great tousled hair looks for your characters to rock. It’s so much more fun to play games like this when the character is exactly how you want them to look so this is a must have.

4. Configurable Increased Inventory Capacity

As with a lot of games like this one inventory space is always lacking which leads to a ton of time being wasted running back to shops and trying to keep organized. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can maximize your inventory space to be able to have as much stuff as you want with you?

Well, this configurable increased inventory mod is amazing because it allows you to choose how many inventory spaces you’d like to have. There are options for 200 spaces, 400 spaces, 1000 spaces and even an absolutely ridiculous 5000 spaces which means you’d never run out of room.

5. Custom Body Models

When you’re playing through games like DAI you want to be able to make characters that you feel connected to and want to play with, and not just use the game’s defaults. This custom body models mod adds in some new body types for you to choose from when creating your characters.

These body models are currently only available for male and female elves, dwarf and human females and Qunari but it can still open up a world of possibility for you to create new characters, especially when you add in some eye mods and hair mods to really change up the look.

6. Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face Texture

As we’ve discussed a few times already, character creation when playing games is super important because you want to create characters that look like you, or that look like a vision you have in your head. Having custom eyebrows and face textures can really change how your characters look in dragon age: inquisition.

The Eyebrows 4 Women mod is incredible and adds 8 custom eyebrow options for your humans, dwarves and elves while also adding 16 different options for Qunari. If you’re also looking for eyebrows for your masculine characters, you can also check out eyebrows 4 men.

7. Fall Damage Nullified

If you’ve played the game for any amount of time, chances are you’ve fallen off a cliff or accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up falling a really long distance. This annoyingly can affect your characters damage and sometimes it can really impact your gameplay.

The fall damage nullified mod is awesome because it will take away all fall damage that your character would’ve experienced allowing you to fall on purpose if that’s something that you’re into, which can actually get you around the map quicker in a lot of cases.

8. HD Eye Textures

The default eyes that you get to have when creating your character are honestly very boring and don’t add much depth to your character. An eye with more texture can completely change the look of your inquisitor and is just a simple but effective cosmetic change.

This HD Eye Textures mod will completely change how your inquisitors eyes look in the game and will impact all eye colors making them look brighter and more alive than ever before.

9. Immersive Starting Armors

When a lot of players start a new play through of dragon age: inquisition they find themselves with boring armor at the beginning that just doesn’t allow them to be fully immersed into the role play and feel like their character’s armor and clothing make sense.

The immersive starting armors mod is going to change up the appearance of your starting character’s mercenary coat to a different type of armor so that you can get a different feel for the game right from the beginning. This may seem simple, but it have a deep impact on how you feel while playing the beginning stages of DAI.

10. Increase Inventory Capacity

Okay, I know we already talked about an inventory capacity mod, but it’s such an important thing in the game that I wanted to give you options. The first inventory mod gave you preset options (200, 400, 1000 and 5000) this mod is going to let you choose any inventory number between 60 and 32767 which is a ridiculous amount.

This increased inventory capacity mod is awesome because you can just pick whatever level you want and be able to save so much of your time in game not having to think about your inventory. Just be aware that you need to apply this to a brand new save file.

11. More Banter

One really fun part of playing Dragon Age: Inquisition is listening to the banter that is happening all around you. However, the game kind of stifles this enjoyment by not having it happening very frequently and this means that you may miss out on a lot of the funny banter that characters are participating in while you’re running by.

This mod will make it so that banter happens much more frequently and can make it so that you hear a wider variety of the banter that is built into the game. Installing this mod can seriously make the game feel fresh and new because you’ll get to enjoy some new top bantz.

12. More Healing Potions

Healing potions are one of the more useful items you’ll get your hands on when working through this game because they can improve your health and give you piece of mind when walking around that you aren’t going to run out of life. Unfortunately, the game only allows you to walk around with 8 potions at a time until you purchase the more healing potion perk.

Getting your hands on the More Healing Potions mod you will be able to seriously increase the number of potions you a re able to carry around to whatever level you’d like from 1 to 99 which can make the game so much easier.

13. More Inquisition Levels

Throughout your gameplay when doing a ton of tasks in the game you are going to be progressing through these inquisition levels which can help you out by giving you incredible perks when you’re working on war table missions.

This more inquisition levels increases the number of levels you can have in your play through to be infinite so you can get as many perks on the war table as you please making everything easier.

14. More Loot

Loot tables are a huge part of playing DAI and there are over 400 loot tables in the game, however, sometimes you just don’t get enough from them and of course we’d like to get more when dealing with enemies.

The More Loot – Remade mod is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to configure how loot you’ll get including items like armour, weapons and even gold to higher levels so you can progress more quickly in the game.

15. Multiple Romance Mod

Romance and flirting is a fun aspect of playing the game and its annoying that you aren’t able to fully enjoy all of the characters at your disposal. Sometimes you just want to be able to go around and flirt with everyone you see, and that shouldn’t be a problem.

The Multiple Romance Mod goes in and stops a romance check that happens in the game that can stop you from really flirting with characters if you are already involved with someone else so you are able to and flirt away as much as you want.

16. No More Fog of War

The fog of war on the map can be extremely annoying when you’ve played the game for a while, making it really hard to see what’s going on unless you clear the fog which can impede your progress a bit.

The No More Fog of War Mod is awesome because it changes the default state of the map to never have the fog of war so you’ll never again need to clear it or worry about it at all.

17. Outfit and Formal Attire Replacement

The creators of mods are so wonderful because they are able to create so many simple mods that completely change the look of your character. This mod is going to change your characters default outfits for both the formal attire and skyhold pajamas.

The outfit and formal attire replacement is going to give you options to replace your Skyhold pajamas to something that more suits the vibe you’re looking for as well as giving you the option to have a different formal wear outfit.

18. Quicker Looting

Looting is something that you are going to be doing a decent amount of in the game, and annoyingly there is a rather long animation that goes along with it that can eat up some of your valuable time.

The quicker looting mod completely disables the looting animation so that you no longer have to have your character bend over to loot which means you can get it done so much quicker and move on.

19. Rare Weapons

There are a ton of weapon options in dragon age: inquisition, but a lot of them are somewhat useless. They may be beautiful and look super cool, but honestly they have low levels and aren’t really that useful.

This Rare Weapons Mod is attempting to change over some of the schematics for weapons to make some of the more rare weapons that you may find more useful so you can have something a bit more fun.

20. Redcliffe Crafting Supply

The people who create mods are great, and can create things that can completely simplify so many parts of the game and this mod does just that. The redcliffe crafting supply mod will go ahead and take some of the base game crafting materials in tier 3 and tier 4 and add them to a shop that is in the redcliffe village.

This adds items like metals (i.e., dawnstone, dragon bone, etc), cloth, leather and more to this shop so you are able to just go ahead and purchase them instead of going in getting these items yourself. There are even options for you to choose different versions so you can choose how much the items are going to cost from free to normal rates.

21. Schematic Spree

The schematic spree mod is going to go ahead and stock some of the shops that are in Val Royeaux with high-level schematics for an extremely low price. This gives you an opportunity to go ahead and purchase a ton of stuff for super inexpensive prices and if you want even sell them to make a huge profit.

It is probably important to note that in the creator’s notes it does state that this isn’t a mod that you should keep in your game, it should be a mod that you add then buy some schematics and then get rid of because it has many conflicts.

22. Search Radius Increased

There are tons of items out in the world for you to find and the search function will help you find them, but sometimes the radius of the search just isn’t big enough or items aren’t detected because they may be right behind a wall.

The search radius increased mod will go ahead and improve the side of your radius as well as make it so your character will be able to see the items that are normally outside of the capabilities of search so you can have an easier time finding resources.

23. SK Hair Pack

Crafting a gorgeous inquisitor is a fun aspect of the game and having more options for character creation can really change up the look of your inquisitor.

This SK Hair Pack is a really fun set of hair styles that include shaved sides, cool braids and buns and more and are really gorgeous in game. These are going to make your character so beautiful!

24. Skills Revamped – Rogue

There are certain abilities in Dragon Age: Inquisition that just aren’t as useful to the player long term because they aren’t as powerful as they could be so a lot of players just end up avoiding them and ignoring them entirely.

The skills revamped mod will take the rogue abilities and make some minor tweaks to them so that they can be a bit more useful and actually fun to use!

25. Upgraded Armor Schematics

Your armor is a really important tool to have in the game and some of the armor schematics just aren’t good enough. You’ll get your hands on armor that looks awesome but has poor schematics and that’s just a huge disappointment.

This upgraded armor schematics mod is going to go ahead and change a bunch of the tier 1 or tier 2 schematics and upgrade them to be level 4 so that the armor is more valuable to you!

26. War Table – No Waiting

A great way to have some fun in the game is to play the war table missions but these usually require you to wait a bunch of time before doing another one and moving on. This war table no waiting mod completely eliminates any waiting time so you are able to go and binge through a few missions in a row.

This is incredible because it can get you so much further in the game without having to wait because time is valuable when playing dragon age, so skipping that required time is a game changer.

Final Thoughts

These mods really cover so many aspects of dragon age: inquisition and can completely change how you play the game. They cover everything from character creation, to looting, to weapon schematics and they have been a complete game changer for my play through. Hopefully you found something useful in this list, happy playing!