You can’t really deny that Blade And Sorcery is a great game. It has excellent reviews through and through and there aren’t many complaints with the game. However, even good games can be made better or more customizable. That’s where these 25 blade and sorcery mods come into play!

Check out the list below and you will most definitely find some great mods to make this game even better!

1 – Bazooka (U8.3)-Item Shooter And Explosive Item Framework

This mod is giving you the ultimate force to defend yourself from enemies. 

A Bazooka! 

You can shoot items, even explosive items, but also use automatic fire and multiple bullet shots. 

Make a grand entrance in your game and show your enemies who they’re really up against, because let’s be honest, what enemy wants to square up to a bazooka?

This awesome mod was created by Ebediam! Show him some love right here!

2 – Bickle’s Skyrim Weapons

Skyrim meets Blade & Sorcery! What could be a better combo? Pb&j maybe? Nah!

This mod is full of detailed weapons. The handling is very smooth which makes it a joy to fight around. You really cannot deny that a lot passion and love went into this mod!

And most excitingly, they used the highest quality retextures possible, so that this mod even looks good in VR. Can you really ask for anything else?

A creator by the name of Bickle made this awesome mod for all of us to enjoy, so be sure to send some love their way!

3 – Bone Holsters

This mod can be the game-changer for you!

It allows you to add a variety of armor pieces like about helmets, chest plates, armguards, etc. 

But it doesn’t stop there: With the armor weakness function, you can attack between armor gaps adding another bit of realness to the mod.

Additionally, you have the ability to cast the bone holster spell, which makes sure that anything you grab will be attached to your body, further helping you increase your defenses and even offenses.

And lastly, you can even set tis mod up to allow enemies to wear armor making your game even more challenging! If you’re up for that of course.

Mpe3us definitely put a lot of work into this mod so go ahead and send them some love over here!

4 – Bowtie’s Modder Utilities

This pack is not so much a mod by itself but a combination of functions and modules. 

You can use it to make your own mod if you like. 

It also gives you the option to only use some parts of it for a more neat operation. 

There are some mods, which need the Bowties Modder Utilities as a requirement. If you are running into that problem, then install Bowties Modder Utilities, or your other mod won’t work.

This is a valuable add-on giving you more flexibility and creativity!

Sirbowtie made this absolute gem, so send him some love right over here or get in touch with him over at discord @Bowtie#2605.

5 – Custom NPC Voices Framework

This honestly might be one of my favorite mods! It basically does all the dirty work so that you can install and customize NPC voice packs!

From Star Wars to Simpsons, you will find your favorite voices! There’s a huge list of voice packs you can add, so be sure to check it out, and I bet you’ll find one that you like.

It is yet another mod that will bring your game to the next level.

Once again, mpe3us did a great job with this one, so send him some love over here!

6 – Dark Chains (Telekinesis On Enemies And Force Choke) (U7)

And here it is, the mod you were waiting for! Now, you can grab your enemies via telekinesis and choke or crush their necks. 

The Dark Chain mod allows you to enhance your powers by giving you extraordinary abilities letting you live out that fantasy of becoming a Dark Lord! Now who wouldn’t want that?

Ebediam made this awesome mod, so be sure to send them some love here!

7 – Death Pit Fortress (U8.3 and 8.4 Beta)

Battle until death or die in the desert! This death pit has very narrow walkways and forces you to either use the environment to your advantage or die!

You have different options to prompt waves, either controlling the number of enemies you want to fight, fighting with space to move around, or use a  small area to fight in duels. 

Also, the updated version (U80) lets you test the gravity spell, so use your creativity and go wild!

This mod was created by Sushin, and they deserve all the love, so head over here to show your appreciation!

8 – Dismemberment (U8 and U9)

Sometimes it really isn’t easy to dismember someone. I mean, how much work do you have to put into this task?! The good thing though is that this mod will make the dismemberment process much easier.

And best of all, it also gives you the option to have your enemies still fight you, even if you took off an arm or leg. 

Piepop101 created this beauty of a mod, so head over here to send them some love! And if you’re feeling generous, help support them on Patreon, because they definitely deserve it!

9 – Earthbending (U8.4B9)

This mode turns on the power of the earth! And now you can use it in your game, making this an extremely powerful mod!

Have you ever dreamed of firing rocks, rallying spikes from the ground, sending shockwaves, and even being able to combine all that into a powerful game? 

With this mod your dream has become a reality! Best of all, you’re provided with a tutorial as well; nothing can stop you anymore.

This mod is a collaborative effort by Davi3684 and LeoVanceMusic, and they knocked it out of the park here. So send them some love here and if you’re feeling generous, check out the Patreon page as well!

10 – Electrical

Blade And Sorcery is a pretty awesome game, but have you ever wanted to levitate, electrify objects, or use an electric punch?

If you are using the spell with telekinesis, the object you are bringing closer to you will be electrified!

Oli8t created this gem of a mod, so head over here to send them some love!

11 – Fantasy MegaPack (U7)

This is another mod by Sushin, and it is definitely not a disappointment!

The Fantasy MegaPack brings you more than 90 magical weapons. You will have a fantastic time trying out all the weapons and making up your mind which one might be your favorite. 

You might want to cancel any plans because the weapons offer a wide range of options such as magical and visual effects when firing and hitting or even let you change the weather and so much more!

This is truly a massive mod and will elevate your gameplay!

So send Sushin some love here and enjoy this one!

12 –  Fisher’s Elemental Firearms and NPC Gun Waves (U9)

Here we have a mod that offers you a gun framework, giving you tons of possibilities when it comes to firearms in the game.

You can make your own gun models, provide them to NPCs as well, and it will let you switch between different fire modes. Additionally, bullet shots will match the existing weapon spell as well. And, if you’re so inclined, this framework gives you the ability to even create your own gun mods within the game. How cool is that?

SwordFisherL42 created this beast of a mod, so if you like it, send them some love right over here!

13 – Ice Spell 2.2 (U8.4b8)

How would you feel about enhancing your magic world by adding ice as a weapon to your arsenal? Do you want to imbue your weapon with frost?

The Ice Spell mod lets you freeze your enemies, use sharp icicles with an astonishing aim to pierce them, and gives you the ability to fire an ice spike ring around you.

Those are just some of the many features available with this mod, so get ready to discover all that it offers you.

Davi3684 created this mod, so if you feel inclined to do so, send them some love right over here!

14 – Jedi Knight Map Packs (U9)

The map pack contains maps originally created for the Jedi Knight games 2 & 3, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy.  

You can now extend all the original multiplayer maps. The maps are ordered into different categories like Duel maps, Free-For-All maps, CTF maps. 

But that is not all. They also include crates, containers, barrels, and a number of other items, which can be moved around and picked up with telekinesis.  

So guess what? You’re about to spend a lot more time in Jedi-Land!

This awesome mod was created by Redline90 Wully616. They’ve put a lot of effort into this, so send them some love right over here!

15 – Katana Megapack

This mod might just make your day! Beautiful Japanese swords and daggers will enhance not only your game but your weapon arsenal as well. After installing this mod you’ll have access to a variety of Japanese weapons from several historical periods.

But the features don’t end there. All daggers and swords come with sheaths. They can also be carried and attached to your holsters. Your game will become authentic and exciting. It definitely is a must-have mod!

Siilk created this megapack, so send them some love over here, because they deserve it!

16 – Lightsaber Pack (U9)

No, we are not done with the Star Wars themes. This mod provides over 20 lightsabers to choose from, and they are equipped with ignition-, hum- hits, clash- and lock-up sounds. 

Your color choices are blue, green, yellow, red, purple, cyan, and white. And they made it all the more authentic because the majority of the models are from the Jedi Academy. 

This is truly another great addition to this game to really combine the best of our favorite Science Fiction and Medieval worlds!

Redline90, LewnaJa, & et2020 worked hard to create this mod, so send some love over here if you enjoy it!

17 – Magic Weapon Effects (U8.3)

Do you want to create a magic sword for yourself? This mod provides the framework for attaching magical and imbuing effects to your weapons. 

It is all up to your creativity to make your weapons a magical affair using the tons of possibilities this mod provides. You can add different effects to your weapons, such as ice, fire, color, explosions, and so on.

So have at it, because there are a ton of ways for you to customize the game with this mod!

We can thank Davi3684 and Sushin for putting a lot of hard work and passion into this mod. So send them some love to show your appreciation!

18 – Medieval MegaPack (U9)

Do you need more variety when it comes to your weapon arsenal?

This mod offers you over 100 authentic Medieval Weapons based on Medieval European models.
NPCs will have access to the same weapons making your game a more realistic and challenging experience.

This awesome mod by Sushin is another must-have mod for the medieval fans, so send them some lover right over here!

19 – Retractable Claws

Discover your Wolverine personality and top up your game! This mod gives you a claw for your right and left hands, creating blunt damage when you retract them.

Slice and impale your enemies just like Wolverline would! This is honestly one of my favorite mods and will be one of your favorites too, especially if you’re into X-Men.

YuriBtw created this awesome mod, so send them some love over here!

20 – Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Slugga has brought you a collection of tweaks, such as a more realistic locational damage, better ragdoll physics. 

Knockouts have been reworked, the archery got an overhaul, throwing physics are enhanced, just to name a few. All of these overhauls are also made to work with other mods, giving you a seamless gaming experience.

Slugga17 put a lot of work and passion into this so send them some love over here!

21 – Star Wars Hero Fights 

This is the ultimate mod for Star Wars fans! It lets you play Heroes vs. Villains, and you can choose between your favorite characters. Most of your favorite characters will be there, like, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Wind, Yoda, Anakin, Darth Maul, , Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, just to list a few. 

What many people love about this mod is that it’s bringing their Star Wars dreams Blade & Sorcery. What a combo!

Apct17 created this incredible mod, and they deserve all the praise, so head over here to make their day!

22 – The Outer Rim 

If you love the world of sorcery and have a passion for Star Wars, Outer Rim is the mod you cannot miss. It introduces a variety of lightsabers, blasters, and other Star Wars-themed content for the Blade & Sorcery game.

You might even forget that this is not a Star Wars game! It really is the perfect addition for an amazing gaming experience.

Kingo64 put a lot of work and heart into this, so send them some love over here!

23 – Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir v1.0 (U8.3)

The god of thunder! In your game! Can you ask for more? Slam it into the ground to send lighting outwards or call lightning from the sky.

Basically, this mod lets you act just like Thor!

Awonja made this awesome mod, so send them some love here!

24 – Time Stop spell (U9)

Do you ever feel like Blade & Sorcery could be better if you could control time? Well, if so, then your wish has come true, because with this mod you can stop and unstop time whenever you want.

Why would you want to do that you might ask? Simply put, why not? You can find some really creative way to target enemies, and watch the carnage as you resume time in the game. So give it a try, because it’s loads of fun!

Lilhusky created this timeless mod, so if you like it, then consider sending them some love right here.

25 – World Wars Weapons Pack

Handguns, rifles, grenades, you name it; all authentic US and German weapons from both world wars are accessible when you install this mod!

A few other things you can do with this mod are:

  • You can detach and attach a bayonet or scope to the rifles. 
  • You can throw the bayonet as a dagger. 
  • When throwing grenades, you can add fire and add the gravity spell. 

This is a pretty intense mod and took a lot of effort and dedication to complete, so be sure to send Vlodak some love for making this one!

Final thoughts

For most of us, Blade and Sorcery is a near perfect game. But there are always things that can be added to our favorite games to make them even better, or more personal to our tastes.

That’s where these 25 mods come into play. In this list, you are sure to find more than one mod that suits you.

So give them a try, and let us know how you like them!