BattleTech is a strategic Civil War game that is tremendously popular within the fan community. What people, including me, like about it is that it is challenging your sense of strategy and organization. However, even great games can be made better and with the help of some talented and passionate modders, even BattleTech can become a better game!

1. Advanced Difficulty Settings Menu

Have you ever been playing BattleTech and just wished you could make the game more difficult and more customized? Well, with the Advanced Difficulty Settings Menu mod you’re totally able to make it whatever you’d like.

This mod allows a player to change a bunch of settings that aren’t normally available to players so you can have a better experience. Having these options is so important for players who have been playing BattleTech for a long time because games can get stale and adding difficulty can really make it so much more fun to play.

2. All Equipment At All Stores

Having the proper items in any game can make or break you and getting items in BattleTech can be difficult, especially when you have to use the Black Market. The All Equipment At All Stores mod is simple and that helps you to get easy access to all items and mechs in the game. Therefore, the Black Market is completely unnecessary, letting you now concentrate on what is really important instead of searching around which can save you a ton of time.

3. Basic Panic System

Our next mod changes how your pilots are going to behave in the game and actually gives them some pretty intense emotional states. The Basic Panic System mod is going to make it so your pilots can be feeling normal, fatigued, stressed or panicked and it will impact how they are acting.

Every single time that a pilot gets hit by an attack they are going to have a reaction which is entirely determined by how strong the hit was and whether or not it could be detrimental for the pilot making the game feel so much more real. Thankfully, you can only go down in panic states once per turn so it doesn’t happen extremely quickly.

4. BattleTech Advance 3062

There is nothing better than absolute mega mods that change how so many parts of your experience operate. The BattleTech Advanced 3062 Mod is a big enough mod it has its own wiki page! BTA3062 is going to completely change your tactical and strategic experience in the game and you’ll never want to play without it.

Some of the things you can expect to see in this mod are new battle mechs, new vehicles and even new weapons and ammunition for you to use. Thankfully, there is a beginner’s guide for you to use to really get to understanding the game mod quickly.

5. BattleTech Enhanced – More Gear More Options

Having impressive gear when playing is a very important thing if you want to have success and you can find that with this BattleTech Enhanced: More Gear More Options mod. You can’t tell me there are any players out there who wouldn’t get excited about more gear options.

In this mod you’ll find gear options like more advanced shock absorbers, enhanced star league gear, small and large ammo bins and even leg stabilizers and experimental jump jets. Seriously, give this one a try.

6. BattleTech Extended 3025 – Commander’s Edition

Within most gaming fandoms there is a huge emphasis on mods being lore compliant and making sense in the grand scheme of the game and if that’s important to you, then BattleTech Extended 3025 is the mod for you. This mod is essentially an unofficial expansion to the game that fits in perfectly and completely expands your experience.

One awesome thing that this game does is affect difficulty and make it a bit easier at first with increasing difficulty to make it more balanced. You’ll also have a ton of different ‘mechs added and their variants will be lore compliant to make sure they work well in the game!

7. BattleTech Mod Manager

When you get really into mods for your favourite games your mods folder can quickly get out of hand and extremely hard to manage. The key to making this work is using a mod like the BattleTech Mod Manager because it allows you to see all of your mods at once and keep them organized like never before.

Some of the awesome features you’ll have in this is the ability to multi-select and multi-delete your mods with ease, seeing all of the mods by name so you can delete ones you no longer want or ones that are causing problems and so much more. It really does impact your use of mods and make you more willing to try out other ones like the ones on this list.

8. BattleTech Revised

Our next mod is the BattleTech Revised mod that will completely change your gaming experience. This mod has a focus on your gameplay experience with everything they do and really impacts everything include economics, maps and more.

The creators have gone ahead and modernized the weaponry, updated the ‘mechs and added so much to factions of the inner sphere, a seriously big change. It really adds to your in-game quality of life and makes you want to play more and really makes you have more choices to make for yourself.

9. BattleTech Sound Replacement Pack

Gamers who absolutely love games like Battletech love to get completely immersed in the experience and for a lot of us that involves the noises that are happen while we’re playing. The creator of BattleTech Sound Replacement Pack decided that they weren’t satisfied with the vanilla game sounds and wanted to change it up for themselves.

They added back the screeching PPC sound, added new weapons sounds to make it more fun to listen to. They changed sound effects for PCCs, ACs, MGs as well as LRM and SRMs which can make the game so much more fun to play.

10. Better Sorting

If you’re a player of BattleTech without mods you’ve probably done quite a bit of scrolling in both shops and the salvage selection screen that just feels like a waste of time, right? Well, if that’s the case the Better Sorting Mod was made for you.

With this mod you’ll find that all items that you’d normally have to scroll to find are going to be better prioritized for the player and easier to find. This may seem like a simple mod but when you’re deep in gameplay you’ll find that you want something like this at all times.

11. BT Commander Abilities

Having a strong commander in BattleTech can make your game so much easier to play and more streamlined but its just not possible in the vanilla game. Thankfully, with the BT Commander Abilities mod you are able to go in and have the learn every single skill that’s available.

This means you’ll get to learn gunnery, piloting, tactics and more so you can have the absolute strongest commander. This mod has also added updates that allow you to change affect mechwarriors in the files, change pilot tags, and so much more.

12. Commander Portrait Loader

Some of the most simple mods can have the biggest impact and being able to change portraits in game can really have an impact on how you’re feeling when playing. The Commander Portrait Loader allows you to load your own custom images to set as your commander. This means that you can take any strong figure you want to have as your commander and use their image!

Another awesome factor that this mod has added is the ability to choose their voice. There are 26 voices for you to choose from when starting a brand new campaign and it makes it so fun to customize your commander.

13. Community Asset Bundle

Sometimes having too many mods in your game at once can be clunky and hard to keep organized. Having a mod like the Community Asset Bundle can really fix that problem because this mod curates a bunch of different mod assets from different people who love BattleTech and puts them into one package for an in-depth experience.

An awesome thing that the curators of this mod do is they are consistently patching this mod to make sure that everyone’s creations are up to date and can always use their mod.

14. Crystal Clear

Visuals are such a big part of gaming and the visuals in BattleTech can often feel foggy or grainy which can really take players out of the experience and make it less fun to play. The Crystal Clear Mod is great because its going to make the picture so much more clear and enjoyable to look at.

This mod is completely configurable by the player and will make it look less grainy, and that’s not even the best part! There are many players who have actually reported FPS improvements when playing so it not only impacts visuals but gameplay speed as well.

15. Enhanced Star League Gear

Our next mod is the Enhanced Star League Gear mod and it focuses on how weak the weapons are when you are playing in star league. It’s honestly embarrassing how weak they can be and it just makes it not as enjoyable to play.

With this mod you are going to get unlocked star league gear for a better experience but even better, you’ll get fixes that will give you better weaponry. They even have some experimental features like dual heat sink, medium pulse lasers and more.

16. Haakon’s Ton Of Guns

If you’re looking for a mod that will add 18 weapons and 8 pieces of gear to your game, look no further. The Haakon’s Tons of Guns mod is the absolute best mod for adding these fun weapons for your gameplay to be mixed up and have more entertaining weapons to use.

Some of the weapons you’re going to find in this mod include multi-missile launches, plasma cannons, tyrannosaurus AC20 and even more. All o these have different abilities and specs so you can really choose which weapon type you like best. If you’re looking for these weapons in game you’ll need to look at different locations, they can be find in places like star league, the black market and even on other advanced planets.

17. Hangar Of MWO Stompiness

Our next mod is the Hangar of MWO Stompiness mod that uses MWO imports for extra stomp when playing in the battlefield.

This mod also adds a few equipment and weaponry items that are need for the new ‘mechs but you won’t be able to find these in the shops or black market, only on the battlefield. It is definitely important to note that for this mod to operate properly you are definitely going to need both Modtek and Battletech Performance Fix.

18. Loot Magnet

Honestly, the salvage system in BattleTech makes absolutely no sense sometimes and can really stifle my enjoyment of the game. Darius, what are you even thinking? How is a BattleMech given the same weight in salvage as a Box of SRM Ammo? Make it make sense!

Thankfully, the loot magnet mod is here to save the day and make the experience with salvage much more balanced and in-depth. This mod actually gives you more of a negotiation process which makes the game feel more interesting and changes your options based on your allegiances and ratings which feels super realistic and fun.

19. Mod-Tek Firing Line Improvements

Sometimes you can be trying to fire at something (or someone) and think you have the perfect shot trajectory but you actually miss and it’s devastating. The in-game mechanics for this aren’t the greatest but the Mod-Tek Firing Line Improvements mod is going to make it way easier to aim right where you want to go.

With this mod the lines for aiming are going to appear as two separate colours so they are easily distinguishable and they even add a hotkey to your game that allows you to change the colours just in case the current colours are blending too much into the surroundings.

20. Rogue Tech

If you are looking for a mod that makes your gameplay easier, then this one is not for you. The main purpose of the Rogue Tech mod is to make the enemies even deadlier and make your gameplay exceptionally harder than before.

These enemies aren’t like what you see in the vanilla game, they’ll kill you and don’t care who stands in their way and go ahead and kill them too. A great thing is that there is a sandbox experience so you can go in and play without it affecting your other areas of gameplay at all times.

21. Real Hit Chance

Our next mod is Real Hit Chance which gives you a more realistic understanding of your likelihood of actually succeeding at hitting a target. This calculation also takes to hit roll correction into account so it’s a really realistic likelihood and can help you make decisions about wasting shots.

Real Hit Chance only makes changes to the UI and does not actually increase your ability to hit targets or change anything in your gameplay it just gives you a more interesting perspective on when to shoot and how.

22. Streak Missile Launchers

Are you in the mood for some short range missiles in your game? Of course you are! The Streak Missile Launchers mod is a great option for adding in some fun missile launchers for a different attack experience.

With this mod you’ll get 3 types of streak launches including SRM-2, SRM-4 and SRM-6 and they even add in some visual effects for your targeting lasers which is an always welcome addition.

23. Turbine

As games get older they get slower and that’s just a fact of life. BattleTech isn’t a new kid anymore and can often load resources relatively slowly and it seems like the developers aren’t doing a ton to fix this. Thankfully, with mods like Turbine you can turbocharge your game load times.

24. Vanilla Plus

The Vanilla Plus mod is a great choice if you want to just add a bunch of stuff to your game all at once. This mod adds over 100 newly modelled ‘mechs to your game which is a ton. You’ll also finding newly modelled vehicles, turrets, and even more ronin pilots.

Unfortunately, this mod is no longer updated which is unfortunate because it is a great addition to your game, but it is still up for downloading and doesn’t appear to be broken.

25. XLRP – Extensive Lore and Rebalancing Projekt

There are some mods that just blow all others out of the water and the XLRP (Extensive Lore and Rebalancing Project) Mod is one of those god tier mods that is a game changer. There have been over two thousand modified tiles for BattleTech in this mod which includes new ammo types, weapons, vehicles and so much more.

You can definitely tell how much passion and love went into creating this one. They even go in and rebalance a ton of the parts of the game from the very beginning to make it a better experience and really make sure that every aspect fits in with the games lore and makes sense in the vanilla game.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt these mods enhance the enjoyment of your time when playing BattleTech. But that is not all; they also bring it to the next level. A few of them will put your strategic skills to the ultimate test, but hey, we cannot have it too easy, can we? Happy Playing!