The world of Skyrim is a beautiful, breathtaking place with so much life in it. The air is full of little birds and butterflies! Water is teeming with life. The air smells fresh and pure from all the flowers that grow on trees throughout this open-world. But wouldn’t it be nice to use the magic and power of this beautiful world to your advantage? Here, you have the possibility to turn these harmless fish into devastating potions for your enemies or friends to use against them when they’re at their most vulnerable state (especially if that enemy isn’t too far away).

To get started here are our 15 favorite Alchemy Mods for Skyrim!

Apothecary – An Alchemy Overhaul

Take a sip of your favorite drink and feel the satisfaction as it goes down smoothly. Then, imagine that same beverage with an unfamiliar flavor – maybe bile or ash? If you’re anything like me when I played Vanilla SKYRIM , then these days are going to seem very foreign indeed! Fortunately though this isn’t just any old mod; Apothecary takes care our needs by normalizing all ingredients so they have a uniform effect on the player.

Additionally, It balances existing drinks while adding powerful new effects to the game with care for balance; this ensures players still level up faster than vanilla without any one item being too strong or weak – even if you’re making your own custom creations!

The Apothecary mod is designed to balance the existing drinks, foods and alchemy systems while adding powerful new effects. It also normalizes ingredients so that their values are more consistent with one another as well as reducing generic potion power levels for both players AND creatives alike! On top of all this amazing work done by its developers; The apothacker has been rebalanced accordingly too ensuring player level ups will still be much faster than vanilla gameplay!

And lastly, the team at Apothecary has spent countless hours developing and testing each effect. They’re not about to let a little bit of waste stand in their way! So when they find an effects that just doesn’t work, like one where all your opponent’s cards are placed on top or back three spots from where you played them–they get rid of it without hesitation because they believe every detail matters.

This mod was created by Simon Magus and DeltaRider.

Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments

The balance and consistency of alchemy has never been so good! This mod removes some cheat-like features, while improving the entire process. Healing in menus is no longer possible; however you can still use your pots to heal yourself or others if they are within range (range depends on how much health each person shares).


Creating overpriced potions like ones that heals for 100 souls instead of 20 dollars just isn’t appealing anymore because with this new update it would only cost 4 coppers – not 10 times more than what was before when using up all our inventory space trying out different combinations of ingredients to see what works best.

This mod was created by Skepmanmods.

Alchemist Compendium

The advantages of this mod are endless. Now, you can save your hard-earned money and time by looking up an ingredient in the reference book rather than wasting ingredients on failed potions!


I’m so excited I could hardly contain myself while writing these words—it feels like a huge step forward for alchemy enthusiasts everywhere who have been doing their extracts wrong all these years because they didn’t know what was true or false yet. Now, the “magic” of alchemy is finally an achievable step in your journey to become a master!

This mod was created by RGM.

Alchemy Redone

The Alchemy Redone mod for Skyrim offers a new crafting system that doesn’t replace the existing vanilla one. As such, both can coexist and you are able to choose whichever is more convenient from wherever your travels take place! The portable stations also allow players like me who prefer traveling with their own personal forge on wheels (I’m an adventurer by trade) get just what they need without having any downtime between tasks at hand – which means less interruption during playtime!


This mod was created by Quantumbutterfly.

Alchemy Ingredient Storage

Quality of life mods are a lot like alchemy ingredients: we all love them, but sometimes simplicity is what’s best. Alchemy Ingredient Storage allows you to sort your inventory much better than the vanilla game does–which means that whenever you enter home from an adventure or quest hub where people have been carrying around their goods in bags without organization for mealtimes while they’re on-the go! You’ll be able put away those pesky clutter satchels so easily now – not only will everything stay organized by category ( weapon storage , armor closet),


I’m also adding this one because it takes up such little screen real estate compared with larger mod-packs and you really won’t need to spend any time worrying about crafting or cooking with Alchemy Redone installed unless you want that!

This mod was created by Manilla Turtle.

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

This mod is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s cooking and alchemy systems. It provides an incredibly balanced experience throughout all aspects from collecting ingredients to making food or medicines, with no point where you feel like something isn’t working as it should be in the game world – which can happen if certain mods are used together!


This mod was created by kryptopyr.

Field Alchemy

Well, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your gameplay and make things more interesting then look no further. This amazing mod will give alchemy the opportunity that it always deserved: an immersive experience! No longer are we tied down by reality when doing our work; now anything becomes possible in Skyrim’s world of magic (and blade).


Field Alchemy allows players to harvest plants and craft potions while out in the field. This helps provide a way for alchemy to matter during quests, rather than just being a side activity.

This mod was created by MrJack.

Harvest Overhaul Redone

To make the game more enjoyable, this mod increases how many ingredients you can harvest from plants. Now instead of getting just one flower or maybe none at all – there’s a chance for an abundance! You will never have to throw anything away ever again with these changes because no matter what kind of plant it was that died under your blade; now they’re sure worth harvesting since every single branch offers its own reward when cut down by player hand (or axe).


This mod was created by Lyu.

Increased Enchanting and Smithing Potion Duration

Maybe you’ve been in a situation where, while enchanting multiple items and renaming them all to something cool like “Enchanted Plate Boots,” you realize that there’s only 30 seconds per dose. That can feel tight if your goal is maximum productivity!


The mod fixes this by changing some alchemy ingredients so Fortify Enchanter or Smithing lasts 5 minutes instead of just one minute–enough time for almost anything we want our crafters/enchanters do without having another drink first!

This mod was created by Zaflis.

More Growable Plants

More Growable Plants is a new addition to the selection of plantables in Hearthfire. With this expansion, players can now grow Jarrin Root and Nirnroot as well! Both plants are found exclusively on peak areas near villages or towers – perfect for those looking forward their next adventure with friends around an open fire pit at home while sipping cocoa by candlelight after dinner…or not?


Additionally, with this mod you can grow Blueberry, Elves Ear, Frost Mirriam, Garlic, Gleamblossom, Green Apple Tree, Red Apple Tree, Saltrice, Soul Husk, Sugar, Stoneflower, Tomatoes, and Yellow Mountain Flower.

This mod was created by numberland and Dracula420.

Poisoning Extended

Whether you’re a stealthy poisoner or an action hero, this mod will help make your adventures more fun. You can see what kind of toxins are on the blade and add them or remove them at any time!

This mod extends and improves the poisoning experience in Skyrim, giving you more options for applying poison. When equipped with a weapon that has been poisoned by one of our custom arrows or bolts (available through this download), as well as when drinking from potions additionally given to players during character creation, the player will gain a new effect called “poisoned”.


You can choose a poison in your inventory, and immediately apply it to either hand- Weapon if you so desire. Once done the UI will show what kind of toxins are being deployed with an icon for each type as well! There’s even widgets on screen that allow users quick access without opening up menus or checking back after every few seconds – perfect when under fire from multiple opponents at once .

I’m so excited about this mod and I hope other people get interested in downloading it too because then we’ll have even better games than before!

This mod was created by Kalivore.

Respectable Inventory: Well-Stocked Alchemists

Well-Stocked Alchemists has made it possible to purchase every type of alchemical recipe in the game with a complete stock. This was done while maintaining vanilla rarity ratios and minimizing imbalance, so you’re sure not only find what your looking for but also won’t run into any issues when browsing vendor inventories!


This mod was created by michaelrw.

Skyrim Alchemy Fixed

With this mod, you can enjoy the benefits of alchemy without feeling like it’s silly and unfair. The new system makes sure that players will have something rewarding for their hard work in game while not being too disruptive or complicated – which would make things less interesting compared to how they were before!


This mod was created by ChocolateNoodle.

Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul

The Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul mod adds more than 3,500 new plant locations to the game so you can collect plants where ever it was previously impossible. This QOL improvement will make your world seem like an AlteredEngine version of itself with all these unique and gorgeous visuals around every corner!


This mod was created by mobiusbelmont – DarShonDo.

The Great Book of Alchemy

With the Great Book of Alchemy mod, you can find all your needs for alchemy recipes in one place. This means that there’s no need to search through menus or try and remember which book has what recipe on it! The newest addition was released just last week so make sure not miss out by getting this great tool today

This new expansion provides players with every single ingredient they’ll ever need – even some plants whose uses may surprise them at first glance (but let’s face facts; nobody really knew how useful these things could be). It also comes complete with a crafting guide wherein you can find what you need for specific tasks as well as a library so you can review all of your recipes at any time.

This mod was created by Gyo.


Skyrim’s Alchemy system is a beautiful and complex crafting mechanism, but it suffers from imbalances traits that reduce the skill to nothing more than an easy profit.

It’s time we change this! In our list of top 15 Alchemy Mods For Skyrim above you found balance improvements as well diverse new ingredients for your experiments with both sides in play: before now only one side was available at any given moment – either fire or water would do if whirlwind wasn’t working properly? Not anymore thanks these versatile additions which allow players across all platformer genres be able use their skills effectively without having to worry about any limitations!

I hope you all enjoy our list of Top 15 Alchemy Mods For Skyrim! Were these helpful?