The best Skyrim furry race mods listed here have been chosen by us to be amongst the best of the best! This means that they are essentially choice picks that should be considered by anyone looking to expand their Skyrim experience with an extra dose of awesome.

So if you are a lover of Skyrim Furry Race Mods, then this is the list for you!

Below, in alphabetical order, you will find the best of the best Skyrim Furry Race Mods. Enjoy!

Cats of Skyrim

This mod replaces the appearance of all playable races with that those from Khajiit, whether they are adults or children. The character’s body posture and movements remain unchanged while animations are carried over to match their new look; voice clips will also be included in this updated package so you can hear how your favorite characters sound when playing as one! There is more than just skin deep change here though – facial features like hair styles/beards etc., face tints (including markings) plus attire depending on what kind of kid we’re talking about allow for some customization options at play here.


With Cats of Skyrim installed, the player can encounter feline NPCs in addition to one another race. These Khajiit characters will be both hostile and non-hostile, usually wearing armor or other clothing that should not be available to the player at their current character level.

This Mod was created by Fluffy.

Feminine Khajiit Textures

The animal kingdom is filled with beautiful creatures, but none are as sleek and sexy as female Khajiits. With this mod you can play them without worrying about their appearance- it will give your character a more attractive look that makes her seem just like one of us! There’s two primary sorts (Grey Cat or Leopard) plus an option if furry is what counts most toward gender confusion in game engines.

With this mod installed, Khajiit will look more feline with sharper teeth and nails, plus fur with longer hair on their arms which can provide additional cues if you got it up close. For the female characters, breasts are smaller than what is expected by default due to adult content guidelines for Nexusmods.

Forbidden Luxury- The Fur Traders Legacy

The fur trader’s legacy is a grisly mod that allows players to skin other people and steal their furs, making it somewhat related (but not technically) to the other ones on this list.

This is an exceptionally macabre mod for Skyrim, so if you’re looking for something to explore the darker side of life, this is definitely it! Players are given new options to skin unarmed civilians and buy their furs, with each fur having a different value.

The more valuable skins require players to be at certain thief levels before they can be purchased/stolen. This mod also introduces new armor and weapons, making it a worthwhile download regardless.

It takes cues from one of the gamebooks “Confessions Of A Khajiit Fur Trader.” This Mod includes everything needed by seasoned traders such as tools like Dead Drop Falls book which can be found inside your sanctuary at home base once you’ve completed every main quest objective

Hides may be burned in order convert them into ash or sold off for quite an tidy profit depending on what race the player belongs too as well as their attribute bonuses from certain skills such as cooking food over fire using pottery ovens found throughout Skyrim under Clay heading at various farms/Haunted Manor quest locations etc.

Download the Feminine Khajiit Textures Mod on Nexusmods.

However, note that as of right now the download is not available. So we hope that in the coming future this mod will be available again because it was honestly a lot of fun!

Furry Age of Skyrim

Have you ever wanted to play as a furry in game? Now is your chance with this new mod! With it, all the playable races have been changed into animal forms. In addition there are some cosmetic changes too like what animals their clothes resemble and how they look generally when wearing those outfits- so if furries aren’t already part of gameplay then don’t worry because everything else stays exactly same no matter which gender or race select chooses during character creation process… unless one opts out completely by selecting “no”.

The following things were left untouched: hair, beards, face tints, in-game text and descriptions, racial statistics and abilities in order to make the mod compatible with other modifications. There are several new races too, making the list of possibilities much longer.


The mod is very well scripted and seems to be bugless and no issues at all were found with it. All that is left for you now is simply download this awesome mod and step up your gameplay!

This mod was created by Trado – Fluffy – Jelly – Mickyan – Wolf of the Azar – ArcicCarnage – KrittaKitty.

Furry Age of Skyrim Expanded

With this mod, all humans in Skyrim are transformed into furry’s. They are quite well endowed and have impressive features to match their new fursona! You can be one too- like a Dremora ( Panther style) or Snow Elf. The change is only aesthetic so it won’t affect gameplay at all. The new races are fully integrated into the game world by using the same animations as the other animal race’s. This is a great opportunity to play around in Skyrim as something unique and different, but if you don’t want to go furry then no biggie because this mod does not affect gameplay or change anything important!


What would you do if I told that there was a way for your character in Skyrim to have an exotic spotted hyena-like companion? Well, this mod will give it all sorts of new possibilities! You can play as one with their own set of features and abilities. You can also befriend one too! They come in several different colors to choose from, not only the normal brown spotted kind. This mod comes with its very own set of armor and weapons too- nothing overpowered. They’re all pretty much lore friendly meaning that they are balanced enough for anything that you put them against in gameplay.


This mod was created by Wolf of the Azar.

Lykaios Race

The Lykaios Race Mod lets players play as a nomadic tribe that has no permanent home, living in the coldest and most inaccessible regions of Tamriel.

They are strong hunters who track their prey with ease thanks to being resistant from illness or any other conditions like age for example!

You will have access not only by changing your facial markings but also talents which can be useful when hunting game such us bears; it would make sense if there were something similar inside this race, maybe not the same but at least similar.


Their skin color is light blue with white markings which can be seen all over their face and body plus- they have a couple of tattoos and piercings too. The race has its own set of armor and weapons, plus you can change your fur between 5 different colors: black, brown, light brown, white and blonde.

This mod was created by BadPup.

PELTAPALOOZA – Pelts of Skyrim Expansion

This mod will add an entire wardrobe full of fur coats, jackets and hats to your list. All you have do is find some warm-weather clothes in game that are made from animal hides – like proper wolves or bears!

The expansion includes retextured versions all those lovely pelts we saw last time around but with more variety than before; now there’s lambskin leathers as well if ranching was just not enough because who doesn’t love farming?


The mod also adds new recipes to the game for hides and leathers, but be careful; you can’t buy them in shops because it’s illegal! You will need to figure out how to make them by yourselves (it won’t be hard). The pelt collection does not affect gameplay at all.

This mod was created by Gamwich.

Playable Fox Race – Fennec

You can now play as a furry fox in Skyrim! The Fennec is based on their natural habitat, the woodlands.


They are known for chasing rabbits and playing tricks to get them out of hiding places where they camouflage themselves well with trees or other plants that offer protection from predators. The foxes will almost always be shy towards anyone they have not met before, but once they have been tamed by the player or another NPC, they will become a loyal companion never to be separated from their master.

This mod was created by Jelly.

The Lungaris

The Lungaris, a race of rabbit people found only on one island near Valenwood. These agile and stealthy individuals are known for their fast wound-regeneration rate as well sharp senses; they have difficulty studying magic but make up in skill with bow or blade when it comes down to fighting enemies head on!


Their home is an archipelago with many different islands- one of these contains their city, so you will be able to find it easily. It’s not just one island you can visit though; there are actually three different ones which you can go to if that makes any sens. The race does not require Hearthfire in order to work properly.

This mod was created by Mickyan.


This mod adds the Vaalsark, who are a canine-like race found in Skyrim. They don’t have any real world animals as their base, but instead they’re based on what could be perceived from the sounds made by various canines during evolution over time or through artificial means such like training for military purposes where dogs were used extensively alongside humans which gave rise to this type of creature we know now!


This mod was created by Wolf of the Azar.


Vukasin is the third and final playable werewolf race available in Skyrim by means of a mod. It features custom-made fur patterns, eyes and an amazing ability that increases health regeneration rate at night (perfect for those long battles).


The Vukasin race has its own home too; it’s located near Bonechill Passage. If you’re looking for an ideal spot to start your werewolf adventures in Skyrim, then this mod is perfect for you.

This mod was created by ArcticCarnage.

Final Thoughts

The modding community is full of talented and experienced people who put in a lot of effort into making mods that will change how you play Skyrim. These are just some of them; there are still more if you never stop searching. Finding the most suitable option for yourself is not an easy task, but at least now you have 12 different Skyrim Furry Race Mods to choose from. No matter which one you pick, it can be guaranteed that you will have fun with no limitations whatsoever!

Thank you for reading this article; hopefully, this information was useful to you.